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Friday 21 May 2021

My First Birthday Without Her

This past week was my birthday and to be completely honest, it was horrible. I didn’t expect it to be as hard as it was. I fell completely apart at midnight and stayed a weepy mess until 1 o'clock. I wanted my mom, that’s all I wanted. It was strange and painful, she had been there for 33 years, she was there at minute 0, having a milestone without her was unbearable and hurt so much.

It didn’t get any better as the day went on. I spent the day alone, in bed crying. It was probably the hardest day I’ve had. I assumed her birthday would be hard, I hadn’t given mine much thought and I guess in hindsight it makes sense, I just wasn’t prepared and it really caught me off guard.

It’s now a couple days later, and I am feeling more myself and I am not such a mess and I have regained some composure. I am hoping that melt-down isn’t a yearly thing because…. Yikes, I don’t think I can do that again. I am very glad I wasn’t working.

Anyways, I am going to go before my eyes start leaking again. I just wanted to get my thoughts down. I googled how I was feeling, never do that by the way, I didn’t see a lot. It was all about celebrating their birthday and I wanted anyone else who is feeling the same way I did. To know it’s ok and normal, and understandable. Anyways, as always, my dears, stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch


Friday 3 July 2020

I Am Back

Hey Strangers, it has been a while, I know. Apologies for dropping off the face of the Earth for a few months, but life got a little too real and writing made it more real. I just couldn’t handle more real, real was bad enough.

 Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re aware there’s a pandemic going on. The world is crazy right now. Those of you who has been around for a while know my mom is sick. She is classified as “clinically extremely vulnerable” and has been ordered to “shield”.

In a cruel turn of fate, I am classified as essential worker. Working in transport, apparently, I am critical to the supply chain. I had a lot of guilt about this. I was going to work, day in day out possibly getting exposed and coming home and potentially passing god knows what on to my mom. I thought for many months, I was going to be the thing or reason my mom died. It was a lot to handle and I wasn’t doing the best job of handling it. That’s for sure. But I am in a better place with everything now. I just needed some time to work out a “new normal” and luckily so far, no virus.

I have a lot to catch you up on over the next few posts, so make sure you come every Friday to hear all the gossip. You guys have been amazing through this. Thank you for hanging around and all your concern. As always, stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch  


Friday 28 February 2020


There is an interesting side effect from living on the opposite side of the planet from most of your family. It’s when family members die, you don’t instantly feel grief, you get pissed off. It’s a strange coping mechanism or maybe it’s just human nature. You see when you live on the opposite side of the planet you don’t find out about deaths in a normal nature, you find our on social media. And then you get mad, really fucking mad.

My Aunt Joan died a couple of days ago, she’s one of the only people on my mom’s biological side of the family I actually liked. I spent summers there, she held the family Christmas party every year. She was one the only good people on that side of the family. And as you can guess I found out she died on fucking Facebook. Got to love family, right.

Anyways I am on holiday this week, and I am sober, so I need to go fix that. As always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch  

Wednesday 12 September 2018

I Am Not OK

 Just a tiny disclaimer; I am posting this out of order as well. Just trying to sort my head out before I have to face the world tomorrow and head back to work.

Let’s be honest, it is no secret that I’m struggling at the moment, between work and my mom, my ability to cope has been more then pushed. So, when my mom’s latest test results came back, and her function was down another 3%, I broke.

It’s funny because I’ve always kidded that I’m a sane crazy person, and that’s what this has been. I can see the warning signs and I know what I am doing is unhealthy, but, the will to do anything else just isn’t there.

Simple things like eating; I’ve eaten gummy bears and a packet of vegi chips in 4 days. I have food in, I could make soup in 2 minutes. Yet I walk to the kitchen, decided fuck it, and get back into bed. I don’t have the will or want to make anything.

Personal care is another thing that’s gone out the window. I haven’t washed my hair this whole 4 off. I haven’t done any skin care in weeks. I’ve been wearing next to no makeup, if any when I am out of the house. I know that doesn’t seem major, but given my collection this is very out of character.

I have also withdrawn socially. I haven’t wanted to do anything this 4 off other than lay in my bed. I have done, maybe 5000 steps in 4 days. I haven’t answered any messages, taken any calls, I haven’t even opened most the messages on my phone. I just haven’t wanted to deal with people.

The ridiculous part is I know cutting myself off is horrible. The night I found out about my mom’s results, in the wee hours I was laying in bed shaking, in floods of tears, really not in a great place; I picked my phone up and started typing, I was trying to distract myself.  Typing and deleting, picking stupidly long words that can’t be spelled. Not really thinking, I did this on Steve’s Snapchat, forgetting Snapchat tells you when someone is typing, he must have spotted this and called me out for it. Rather than answer he’s what’s up questions, I chose to go for a walk, in the rain, in my pjs at 5am. The sad part is, I didn’t even dry off when I got home, I took my shoes off and got straight back into bed soaking wet. All that rather than try and reach out. To be fair, I am sure he wouldn’t have given a fuck, nor would I have blamed him. He’s just a baby and my mental breakdowns is my issue not anyone else’s.

I know none of this is ok, but I have made some smart decisions as well; I’ve cut out drinking and caffeine. I am writing, not posting everything, but getting it off my chest. I am trying to be smart in where I funnel my limited energy into and if I need to stay and bed and cry it out so be it. It’s not ok right now, but it will be.

Anyways, I need to go and sleep because despite spending most of my days off in bed, sleep hasn’t really been happening. I won’t leave you with a question this post, so just stay and play safe my friends.

The Honest Bitch

Sunday 13 May 2018

Mother's Day

Hey Guys,

I know it’s been a while, and as much as I wanted to write something, and let you guys know what was happening. I just wasn’t ready to face it. And to be honest I am still not. However, the first step in dealing with hard things is accepting they’re real and moving out of denial and for me to that I need to write about it.

My mother is not well. Her kidneys are failing, and we’ve been told she not a candidate for transplant. At the moment her function is at 14% it was at 9% when she was first admitted in the hospital. However, since being home it has improved slightly and is at the moment is holding. She will be starting dialysis soon and then it’s a waiting game. We’ve been told someone people last years with low kidney function, other’s months. Nobody really knows what is going to happen and that’s the hard part.

As most of you know, I am an only child, for most of my life it was just me and mom. As nightmares go I can’t think of anything worse. I may be 30 years old, but I am just not ready to lose my mommy.

As I sit her writing this, it’s Mother’s Day and I think of how strong and selfless my mother is. How even now, despite the fact she’s clearly unwell, she’d never admit it. She’s still powering on and putting everyone else first. And all I can do is have a quiet cry, wondering if this is the last Mother’s Day we’ll have together.

Anyways, like I said it’s Mother’s Day so I need to go clean myself up. Put on a happy face and pretend I’m strong enough to deal with all of this.

I promise I’ll be back soon, now that all of this is out there hopefully it’ll be easier to write.

Love ya all
The Honest Bitch

Sunday 13 July 2014

The Supervisor

Some of you have asked about my relationship with the Supervisor and since I’m struggling to fall asleep I
thought I’d oblige.

The Supervisor and I have a strange relationship, despite what you might think there is absolutely no sexual tension between us. That spark you’d expect when we swap looks across the desk is completely AWOL. It just doesn’t exist.

That spark however does exist with a few other men at work but sadly nothing act-on-able. But it’s always nice to have a little something to play off of.

But back to the Supervisor; I hear the questions already; no sexual tension, no spark, so what's the interest?

It’s simple; I think he’d be a good lay.

I hear heads spinning, let me explain; a sexual spark makes sex good, no matter the sex. If the sex is already good the sexual spark isn’t necessary. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a plus but it’s not needed. That pesky spark is the reason feeling develop, meet someone without that spark and you have a first class fuck-friend on your hands.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do have feelings for the Supervisor, just not I want to have his baby feelings. It’s more of a we’ve been married for 30 years and are trying to run a household and raising 60 toddlers together sort of feeling.

We’re a team, and one hell of a team at that. We just have a way of bringing out the best in each other and because of that things just work better when we’re together. We may not have a sexual spark, but we still have a special bond60 toddlers have a way of doing that to you.

Anyways you’ve asked, I’ve answered and now I’m going to bed. So sweet dreams my lovelies and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch

Oh, and PS; what do you do when you can’t sleep?  

Monday 3 December 2012

Christmas Lunch Hell

Later this week I’m going to a Christmas lunch with my step dad’s mom and my mom which isn’t my idea of a good time but it’s not the end of the world. Then today it was sprung on me that my step dad (who isn’t going to the lunch) invited his brother and wife to join us. I’m not impressed.

I’m dreading the “isn’t it about time you get married and start having kids?” conversation. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were asking because I’m in a long term relationship but that’s not why they’re asking. They’re asking because they’re kids who are both younger than me are married and their eldest who is 23 has two children.

They always say it like what their kids have done is such an accomplishment. Since when is getting knocked up at 18 by mistake, then a year later being pursued into marring your baby daddy and then a couple years later having another unplanned baby while being financially unstable and working a low paying job, an accomplishment?

Personally I think the real accomplishment is being 25 and not popping out kids I can’t afford but that’s just me and well.......logic.

“But don’t you want to get married?” They make it sounds like I’m a freaking old maid. I’m 25 not a 125. Just because their kids got married at a young age to people they weren’t dating all that long doesn’t make it right.

I’ll get married when I’m good and ready...maybe.

“You’re so good with kids, you should have some.” Once again I’m 25!!! My biological clock isn’t ticking yet. I have a good 15 childbearing years left; I have plenty of time before I need to start worrying about this stuff.

Not to mention the fact I need a guy and his sperm before I can even start to think about that stuff. Marriage, mortgage, kids in that order is the plan. But before any of that can happen I have to find a guy I don’t want to murder. (And I will personally punch anyone in the face who even suggests Mr. X but that’s a rant for another day).

I’ll never understand why anyone would want to push me into get married off. I’m happy just being me and taking my time, the only thing making me unhappy is people trying to tell me what to do with MY life. Last time I check choosing not to be a statistic is a good thing. You’d never fucking know that in that family.

So what do you dread most about spending time with your extended family? Let me know in the comment box below. And as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Thursday 29 November 2012

The Attack of the Snowman

You’ve heard of gag gifts well around Christmas our whole living room basically becomes a running gag. It all started off innocently enough and then over the years it’s became an ever growing monster of hilarity.

The monster in question is snowmen.....lots and lots of snowmen.

I’m not quite sure how it happened but over the years my mom has ended up with a large number of snowmen Christmas decorations. She wasn’t looking for snowmen they were just adorable so she bought them and over time the adorableness has added up.

A few years ago after an evening at the pub my step dad came home and randomly started counting all the snowmen, each time he counted he came up with a different number and suggested we we’re adding more as he was counting. We weren’t but we liked the idea so much we stole it.

So next time my mom went shopping she picked up a couple more snowmen. And then the next time my step dad counted the number (which is never the same) went up. He pointed to the new snowmen and asked about them. We told him they were always there. And he gave us a look and said “no more snowmen.”

We took that as a challenge.

So over the years we continued to add more and more snowmen and then play dumb about where they came from. And every time my step dad counts the number grows and grows and my mom and I sit there trying not to laugh when he says “47 snowmen!! How are they 47 snowmen? Where are they coming from?”

This year I thought I’d change things up a bit, the decorations are all well and good but what I think would be really fun is snowmen themed Christmas gifts. My step dad is a pain in the ass to buy for anyways so I figured I may as well have a little fun with it.

So far I picked up an ugly snowmen sweater, a tie, a melting snowmen, a USB drum playing snowmen and the funniest thing of all a snowmen shaped USB drive. The USB drive is funny because normally January 1st the snowmen army get’s put away for another year but this little drive with be there all year long to remind him of the every growing snowmen army in the attic that is ready to be unleashed at moments notice.

I can’t wait for Christmas morning to seeing his face when he opens these gifts marked “From: Frosty the Snowman”. It should be a pretty funny morning.

So are there any other snowmen themed gifts you can think of and what running jokes do you have in your family, let me know in the comment box below. And as always my dears stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Friday 9 November 2012

I Win

As many of you know my mother is a baker and because of that in the world of desserts I’m screwed. Nothing I ever bake is as good as hers. I’ve come to accept this for the most part but thanks to a little help from Pinterest and (Cookin' Up North) I finally beat her at her own game and damn it feels good.

At Thanksgiving my dessert was by far the best and even my mother admits that. I’m enjoying this while it last because it’s only a matter of time before she puts mine to shame so I thought I’d share the recipe with you guys.

It’s super simple, delicious and more importantly beat all 5 of my mom’s Thanksgiving desserts.  

Cinnamon Roll Cake

3 cups AP Flour
¼ teaspoon Salt
4 teaspoons Baking Powder
1 cup Sugar
1 ½ cups of Milk
2 Eggs
2 teaspoons Vanilla
½ cup Butter (melted)


1 cup Butter (softened)
1 cup Brown Sugar
2 Tablespoons Flour
1 Tablespoon Cinnamon

Preheat the oven to 350. Mix everything together expect the melted butter. Then very slowly mix in the butter. Once it’s all mixed together pour the batter into a 9x13 pan. Then combine the topping ingredients very well and put drops all over the cake then swirl in with a knife. Place in a 350 oven for roughly 30 minutes, it should test clean. Here’s a little tip if you find it’s browning too fast on top cover with tin foil.  


2 cups Powdered Sugar
5 Tablespoons Milk
1 teaspoon Vanilla

Mix everything together keeping an eye on thickness it may take a little more or less milk you’re looking for a something that will drizzle, once the consistency is right drizzle over the cake while it’s warm.

If you decide to give this cake a try let me know how you get on. As always my dears stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch

Thursday 26 July 2012

July 7th Wedding

We all know I’m not a fan of weddings but sometimes one comes along that despite my best effort I can’t get out of. My step dad’s, brother’s son’s wedding was one of those events that I just couldn’t get out of. And God knows I tried.

As you can tell by what I called him, we’re not close; actually I hadn’t seen the groom in at least 5 years. I don’t really enjoy the company of my step dad’s family or even my step dad for that matter but to keep the peace I agreed to go.

My first problem with the wedding was that date, July 7th. Call me strange but getting married of the 7th anniversary of the London bombing just doesn’t seem romantic to me. But each to their own I guess.

The wedding itself was alright and fairly painless. The bride (who I’ve never met) looked pretty. I was just impressed by the fact she wore flats, clever girl. I stuck around just long enough to congratulate the bride and groom and to watch a few of the photos being taken, then made my getaway just before it started to rain.

The day didn’t go off without a hitch though, about 10 minutes after I arrived 999 was called. The groom’s grandfather took a funny turn. I understand that it can be frightening but wow they suck in a crisis. They just stood there in front of him screaming and crying.

I’ve been in situations where my mom’s been ill and been taken away in an ambulance, but I’ve always managed to keep my shit together till after she was on route to the hospital.  Getting upset like that just stresses the sick person out and makes things worse. If you can’t get a grip, walk away that’s just common sense.

Before you start thinking I’m a heartless bitch the guy is fine. The room was hot and he hadn’t eaten or drank all day. I just think he didn’t want to be there either and his plan to get out of it was better than mine.

People wonder why I hate weddings, it’s because it’s never about the bride and groom. It’s about who got drunk, who got sick, who did something stupid that will always be remember more than the I do’s.

So that’s my reason for hating weddings, what wedding stories do you guys have? And do you love them or hate them? Let me know in the comment box below. As always my dears stay safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Sunday 5 February 2012

Happy Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I'll be the first to admit I'm not a massive football fan. I understand the game and know what's happening but I find it really slow. With that being said I wouldn't miss the Super Bowl for the world.

I watch for many reasons and none of them are because I enjoy the game.

I watch because it's a connection to home. If I was back home, without a doubt I'd be at a Super Bowl party. Not watching much of the game but it would be on. Truth be told, we’d probably do more drinking and wing eating there anything else. God I miss the wings.

I also watch for the commercials. Yes like millions of people I watch the biggest sporting event of the year for the commercials. People pay upwards of 3 million to have their commercials aired during the Super Bowl. It's fun to see what that 3 million can buy you. I can't watch the ads here, it actually shown on BBC so there aren't any ads at all, but people are quick and that's what the Internet is for.

I also like to watch so I can mock the halftime show. There was a point in time when the halftime show was entertaining then there was the nipple issue and it sucked ever since. But it's fun to laugh at.

The other reason I watch is because it reminds me of family. Growing up my aunt would throw a Christmas party every year and my memories of that are sitting in the basement with all the kids and men. We'd be playing games and they'd watching football. How the hell they managed to watch the game with all that noise I will never know they never missed a play.

So despite not liking the game I'll be awake tonight till the wee hours watching.... and cheering on Tom Brady.... Because he's hot. Yes, when I don't have a team I always cheer on the team with the hottest player and this one was a no-brainer. I'm aware this is a shallow and I don't care.

Who do you think is doing to win tonight? Win or lose I hope you have a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday and as always stay safe.


The Honest Bitch

Sunday 27 November 2011


Seems like everyone over the past few weeks have been posting statuses about how they’re tougher than people think they are. I don’t share that problem. Everyone knows how much of a tough bitch I am.

My problem is because I’m known for being such a bitch,I’m actually nicer then people think I am. Admittedly some of that is my own fault because I have selective niceness, so most people don’t get to see that side of me. But just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. (God it sounds like I’m talking about Santa Clause.)

When I’m around friends (I actually like), boyfriends (I’m not planning on dumping) and family I’m a lot less bitch like. I’m still as honest as ever but I just make sure to sugar coat it.

I tailor my level of bitchiness to suit the person I’m dealing with. Some people require more of a verbal bitch slapping then others. And others need to be spoken to as if they were a first grade special needs students

People seemed to be shocked when they hang out with me and I’m just as straight talking as they thought but I’m nice. It almost confuses them. I may be a bitch but I direct my bitchiness to where it’s dissevered. Am I the only person who does that?

Anyways I off do the evening. Have fun and as always stay safe.


The Honest Bitch

Sunday 9 October 2011

Gobble Gobble

Let me start with saying Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers. I hope you’re having a fantastic long weekend and the family isn't driving you too crazy.

I always feel a little home sick around the holidays. Something about having a massive ocean between me and all the people I care about. It sucks being so far away from my family and friends. Yes we keep in touch via the Internet but it’s not the same as being there. I can’t help but feel I’m missing out on things.

It’s worse when things are going badly back home. I feel so helpless. I should be there to lend a hand or just a hug but I’m not. It feels worse because I can’t see things with my own eyes. I have to rely on second hand information. It’s also hard to be honest with people back home, because if I say something they don’t like they can simply turn me off. It’s not fun being turned off mid sentence..... or any time for that matter.

I love celebrating Canadian holidays like Thanksgiving and Canada Day in the UK. It gives me that connection to home. I may not be there in person but I’m doing the same thing I would be if I were. It makes the distance feel a lot less.

Anyways my dears I’m heading off the evening. I hope you all have a fantastic thanksgiving tomorrow and as always, stay safe.

Love Always,

The Honest Bitch

Thursday 15 September 2011

Quarter-Century Crisis

Did you know quarter-century crisis is an actual thing?

I’ve been suffering with some well and truly abnormal (at least abnormal for me) dreams lately. And it’s slowly driving me crazy.

So in an attempt to work out why I’m being pledged with dreams that aren’t very me I did some research. It turns out around the age of 25 your brain goes crazy.

We all know about mid-life crisis where men buy sports cars and women have facelifts. But it turns about before then a lot of people have something called a quarter-century crisis.

It’s when your brain switches to being adult. You’re brain stopped thinking about fun, drinking, sex and starts thinking about family, house, and marriage. In a nutshell it’s the start of your biological clock ticking.

The reason I’m having messed up dreams is because I’m too logical to want these things. So to get its point across my biological clock is invading my dreams. My dreams, where naked men and a murderous clown use to live. Damn I miss that clown. 20 years he’s been trying to kill me and I’m still here.

Now my dreams are a place of horror where Mr. X, fully clothed I might add, lives. And he’s not alone in there. There is a gorgeous house on a lake and a small person, a person, some might call a baby. The 3 of us live in said house, together. And the most horrifying part is I’m handcuffed. I’m in a tiny pair of handcuffs, so small they’re only fit on my ring finger.

It’s truly horrifying I know.

With my 25th birthday still 8 months away, I'm worried, what if these dreams get worse? I really can’t take much of this. What happens if dream me has twins or worse...... buys a minivan? ...Let’s not joke about such horrific things.

If this is the start of my quarter-century crisis, something tells me we’re all in trouble. Sane me is hard enough for someone people to handle so forget about crazy, biological clock clicking, brain gone crazy me. Although on the brightside it would make for some entertaining blogs.

Anyways I’m off to do anything but sleep, (sleep in a scary, scary place right now) as always my dears stay safe.


The Honest Bitch

Sunday 10 July 2011

Being Sick Sucks

Everyone in my household has been sick over the past two weeks and I’ve come to realize something and it’s really fucking me off.

Just because I’m a non-smoker they don’t consider me to be as sick as them.

I’m the only non-smoker in my house and obviously when a smoker gets ill they get a nasty cough that tends to sound like they’re losing a lung thanks to the years of damage the cigarettes have done. As a non-smoker my cough is naturally not as bad. So despite having the same virus they have they seem to think I’m not as ill as them because I sound better.

How is that fair? Just because I choose not to pick up a nasty habit I’m never as sick as everyone else. I know life isn’t fair but self inflicted, is self inflicted and I don’t see why I shouldn’t be granted the same courtesy they get when ill.

I shouldn’t be made to do things they never would when they're ill. It just isn’t right and it's really granting on me. It’s not like I’m asking to be looked after. I just want to be left alone to curl up in a ball a die.....Or sleep which ever I’m not fussy.

Anyways my dears I’m going to sleep and with a little luck I’ll wake up feel better and a little less cranky. I love you guys and as always stay safe.


The Honest Bitch


Sunday 5 June 2011

Keep Off

This may sound weird coming from someone who blogs about every detail of her life but I’m going to say it anyways......... Keep your shit off Facebook!

There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t write your personal business on Facebook, I can’t even think of a good reason to do it, so stop!

First of all you’re making things worse. The second you post your problem with someone else on Facebook you’ve gone from it being between you and the person, to it being the business of everyone on your friends list. It may as well have been on the evening news; it’s in their news feed after all.

So now you have people, possibly perfect strangers add fuel to the flame. Everyone has their 2 cents on the matter. Everyone has advice to give and opinions. And don’t forget the other person is reading this, watching you spread gossip and bad mouthing them so instead of calming down they’re getting angrier.

Because they’re getting angrier they post a status too, so now you have their friends getting involved. Your joint friends end up taking sides. This upsets you both more. Sooner or later you start commenting on each other’s statuses. And the whole thing goes from something small to the worlds ending.

Not sounding like such a good idea now is it?

Might I add just because some of your friends aren’t commenting doesn’t mean they’re not reading what’s going on. And I’m willing to bet most of them are probably thinking you sound like a whiny small child.

Then you have the problem when you two make up that you’re left looking like an idiot to everyone on Facebook. You can’t get around that fact, once it’s all said and done, you’re left with 100’s of Facebook friends who read what was happening, and now think you’re an idiot.

So if you don’t want to be labelled a whiney idiot think before you write a status and take my advice is to keep your shit off Facebook.

I love you guys, and as always stay safe.


The Honest Bitch

Saturday 21 May 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to thank you all for the birthday wishes. I managed to have a great birthday this year, partly because I was wasted for a larger part of the day. I wasn’t up 15 minutes before that first cocktail past my lips. I’m not a massive drinker but some days you just need alcohol.

My day started well; before I got out of bed I snuggled up and watched my friend’s latest video. That got me laughing; it’s never a bad day when you start laughing before you get out of bed.

When I did get out of bed I head for the kitchen and made myself a lovely cocktail. I then started on the mountain of text messages and Facebook messages. I definitely felt loved and special, there were quite a few messages for me to reply too. I also got a few text messages from Canadian friends and family, Facebook messages are fine but these people went out of their way to message me. It’s a lovely feeling to know they haven’t forgotten me.

Gift wise I got what I asked for which was a book. Not sure how I got it because it’s not out here yet but the mailman must love me. I got a lovely laptop tray. I’m totally in love with it. It’s a great set up for my late night blogging. My mother took my shopping the following day to get a cute skirt I wanted. (And yes, I do wear skirts from time to time, when in the sun or when planning on getting laid outdoors)

I had lovely birthday even if I did have a little bit too much to drink. I managed to keep myself out of trouble. The best part being I woke up the following day with no hangover. Although it is possible I was still wee bit drunk. My old friend Tequila does like to hang around a bit.

Thank you guys for a great birthday and as always stay safe.

Love you

The Honest Bitch


Monday 16 May 2011

Breaking with Birthday Tradition

I’ve always blamed my bad birthdays since I’ve moved to England on me being homesick. I’m away from my best friends and family it’s not the makings of a good day. But after a little chat NTB I’ve realised there’s been another reason why my last 3 birthdays have been below par.

I’ve been broken up with days before my birthday 3 years in a row. Clearly they weren’t that important to me if I’m only just realising that. In all honesty there are just other events that standout more to me.

Last year (2010) was when Mr. X and I started talking again. Which over shadowed my breakup with Stephen (my rebound to Mr. X) and my breakup with Andy who by the way was a cheating scum bag. Before you ask yes I did overlap relationships if you can call a rebound boyfriend a “relationship”.

2009 was the breakup with Steve. That breakup was overshadowed by the sinus infection from hell.

2008 which was my 21st birthday was all about me knocking out my ex boyfriend Keith whom broke up with me days earlier. He deserved to get his ass kicked and I’m pleased I did the world that service.

This year is the end of that tradition. I’m heading into my birthday 100% single and more importantly I’m not interested in anyone so this birthday should be drama free.

My plan for my birthday this year is to get very drunk and with a little bit of luck I won’t remember it so I won’t know if it’s another shitty birthday or not. Smart thinking eh? I think I should start writing apology notes now. Lucky for everyone I’m a fun drunk, random but fun.

Anyways my dears it’s not my birthday yet so I have things I need to get done. As always stay safe and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Love Always

The Honest Bitch


Saturday 13 November 2010

False Hope

Hey Guys,

“No man is worth your tears, but the one that is, won't make you cry”
That is my favourite quote. It’s a load of bullshit but it just one of those lies you have to tell yourself to get though the day.

Nobody being worth your tear is very true. No one should have the right to make you feel bad about yourself. The lie in this quote is that the man that you should cry over won’t make you cry. Did the creator of that quote ever meet a guy? Guy’s are always going to make girls cry. We are just wired differently.
Can you imagine if every time a guy made a girl cry they broke up? The whole world would be single. I don’t think there is any couple on the earth that can say their other half hasn’t made them cry.

False Hope. False hope is something that all chick flicks have built in to them. It’s that thought that everything can be just like a fairy tale and you can live happily ever after. I think false hope is something that all women have to lie to themselves about. If we didn’t we’d never date again. Most of us know that there is no knight on a white horse but the quest to find him is the only reason that male species is still around. If women didn’t think “The One” was out there we would have killed off all men by now.

Can’t you feel the negativity in the air? Never let it be said I’m bitter, I’m just someone that has learned one too many lessons the hard way.

Before I go there are a few other things I wanted to update you on.

First of all, my mother’s operation on Tuesday went very well. They don’t think it’s cancerous, so that’s a load off my mind. Parents really know how to stress you out don’t they?

Secondly I’ve started a Facebook page, just search for “The Honest Bitch”. I’m not really sure how it’s going fit into the stuff I already do but right now I’m using it to chat with you, ask my questions of the day and just float ideas on.

Have a wonderful Saturday night and I’ll speak to you soon.


The Honest Bitch


Monday 25 October 2010

The past week


It’s been 7 days since my last blog so I guess it’s time for me to let you know what’s been happening.

I guess the big thing that happen this week is I met my new doctor. Who was very quick to tell me that I will indeed be having another operation in the near future. I knew it was coming but I was in there all of 7 minutes. Most doctors like to inflict pain me before telling they are going to cause me 3 to 4 days of pain and a black and blue back.

In other news..... I don’t really have any. I’ve been hanging out with friends, drinking and staying out of trouble until I have my operation. Oh I do have news my mother operation has been put off until the 8th so I have till then to worry.

I’m choosing not to talk about my beloved Maple Leafs. After their recent showings they’re not worthy of my words.

I’m off guys. Stay safe.


Queen Bee / The Honest Bitch (Same Person)