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Sunday 5 February 2012

Happy Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I'll be the first to admit I'm not a massive football fan. I understand the game and know what's happening but I find it really slow. With that being said I wouldn't miss the Super Bowl for the world.

I watch for many reasons and none of them are because I enjoy the game.

I watch because it's a connection to home. If I was back home, without a doubt I'd be at a Super Bowl party. Not watching much of the game but it would be on. Truth be told, we’d probably do more drinking and wing eating there anything else. God I miss the wings.

I also watch for the commercials. Yes like millions of people I watch the biggest sporting event of the year for the commercials. People pay upwards of 3 million to have their commercials aired during the Super Bowl. It's fun to see what that 3 million can buy you. I can't watch the ads here, it actually shown on BBC so there aren't any ads at all, but people are quick and that's what the Internet is for.

I also like to watch so I can mock the halftime show. There was a point in time when the halftime show was entertaining then there was the nipple issue and it sucked ever since. But it's fun to laugh at.

The other reason I watch is because it reminds me of family. Growing up my aunt would throw a Christmas party every year and my memories of that are sitting in the basement with all the kids and men. We'd be playing games and they'd watching football. How the hell they managed to watch the game with all that noise I will never know they never missed a play.

So despite not liking the game I'll be awake tonight till the wee hours watching.... and cheering on Tom Brady.... Because he's hot. Yes, when I don't have a team I always cheer on the team with the hottest player and this one was a no-brainer. I'm aware this is a shallow and I don't care.

Who do you think is doing to win tonight? Win or lose I hope you have a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday and as always stay safe.


The Honest Bitch

Sunday 9 October 2011

Gobble Gobble

Let me start with saying Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers. I hope you’re having a fantastic long weekend and the family isn't driving you too crazy.

I always feel a little home sick around the holidays. Something about having a massive ocean between me and all the people I care about. It sucks being so far away from my family and friends. Yes we keep in touch via the Internet but it’s not the same as being there. I can’t help but feel I’m missing out on things.

It’s worse when things are going badly back home. I feel so helpless. I should be there to lend a hand or just a hug but I’m not. It feels worse because I can’t see things with my own eyes. I have to rely on second hand information. It’s also hard to be honest with people back home, because if I say something they don’t like they can simply turn me off. It’s not fun being turned off mid sentence..... or any time for that matter.

I love celebrating Canadian holidays like Thanksgiving and Canada Day in the UK. It gives me that connection to home. I may not be there in person but I’m doing the same thing I would be if I were. It makes the distance feel a lot less.

Anyways my dears I’m heading off the evening. I hope you all have a fantastic thanksgiving tomorrow and as always, stay safe.

Love Always,

The Honest Bitch