Friday 31 December 2010

Good Bye 2010

Hey Dolls,

For those of you that have been reading my blogs for a while you’ll knew at the end of the year I normally write a very long blog summing up the year and all the events. This year......I don’t want to. Those blogs are so depressing to write and I always end up crying, that just isn’t a good way to start a new year. So this year I’m going try something a little different.

I’m going to make peace with 2010, thank it for the lessons I’ve learned and file it under done. There is no reason for me to revisit any events, feelings or problems. What’s done is done and I can’t change it.

I’ve even decided to forgive certain people that I have every right to detest and hate. People grow with time and I shouldn’t hold mistakes over them. Please don’t get me wrong I’m not stupid, these people aren’t going to be in my close circle of friends but I’ll let bygones be bygones.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, they almost always fail. So why start the New Year with a failure. That’s just not smart. In the spirit of trying new things I’m going to make a self promise. My 2011 self promise is to remember god gave me a brain for a reason.

Basically that means I plan follow my brain rather than my heart. The heart is an idiot so why people choice to follow it is beyond me. You can think about it as a political race, who would you vote for? The smart, intelligent guy, who thinks things through and makes wise decisions or the guy who’s impulsive, never things anything through and has a habit of winding up broken? Da da da daaa...... All hail your new president.... The Brain!!!!

Not rocket science is it? I think that may be my motto for the year. 2011 it’s not rocket science. I like it; it fits in with my promise to use my brain.

Anyways dolls I’m heading off. I hope you have a fantastic New Year’s Eve. Stay safe and remember 2011 it’s not rocket science :-)

Love Always

The Honest Bitch


Saturday 25 December 2010

Last Christmas I gave you my heart and the very same day you gave it away.

Merry Christmas Everyone,

I hope you are having an awesome day with friends and family. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you all have a drama free day and the only headaches are the Boxing Day hangovers.

I can’t help but let my thoughts drift to last Christmas. That’s probably why I’ve taken a shine to Taylor Swift’s version of Last Christmas. The song sums it all up from”your soul of ice” to “But if you kissed me now I know you’d fool me again”. The only change that needs to be made is to cross out “the very next day” and replace it with “the very same day”.

A year on I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned because of that day. However I’m still at the point where I’m just not willing to be hurt again. It’s a weird situation because I completely forgive him. It’s me don’t forgive. How could I be so stupid? Why did I let myself believe him? I have a lot self hatred over that day. I will always be my hardest critic and because of that I’m confident I won’t let it happen again. I just have to get over the fact it happened at all. I failed myself.

I hate this time of year, I’m homesick. No matter how many Christmas's I celebrate here, this isn’t my home. It feels like the longer I live here, the more I hate it. It’s becoming very hard for me to find a positive to being here. Does the feeling I’ll have when I leave here count as a positive? Please don’t get me wrong England is fine, it’s just not my home, and it’s not where I should be. I’m not happy here.

Anyways dolls I’ve off to open presents and help my mother get ready for the guests. Merry Christmas Everyone, have a wonderful day.

Lots of Love

The Honest Bitch


Saturday 18 December 2010

Looks like TV got one right

I like to give credit where credit is due and it appears that the TV and movies got one thing right, ghosts do appear in threes.

We all know the story; Ebenezer Scrooge received a visit from three ghosts, the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present and the ghost of Christmas future. I on the other hand received a visit from the Ghost of hurt feelings, the ghost of conceitedness and the ghost of horniness. Personally I think Ebenezer got the better deal

It all started last week when an ex who I actually don’t hate (rare) messaged me, saying he loved me but he was hurt by what I had said about him. I can understand that and I explained what I needed to and then the ghost went back to ….wherever ghosts go when they aren’t hunting the living.

Then a few days ago, I got a text message out of the blue from a guy I use to see a few years ago. He sent me text asking if I still live where I use to. Not the sort of question you ask someone who you having seen in years. So I said “Yeah why do you ask?” to which he replied “I just wanted to know. I had no hidden motives honest”. Bullshit! This guy is a total jackass. He only gets in touch when he has something to gloat about. After I asked why, he stopped texting me. I think I may have spoiled his little game.

Now on to the 3rd and final ghost: the ghost of horniness. I was online late last night and I saw I have a message. It simply said “I miss you”. Now messages like the always set off warning signs in my head. So I played along for awhile to see what his angle was and it turns out he wanted a picture of me. I don’t think so buddy. You clearly didn’t miss me, you missed getting laid. Why do men think women are stupid? Just be honest with us.

I’m not sure what it is about this time for year that makes men go crazy but I’d appreciate it if they left me out of it. Go fuck around with another girl because I’m not playing.

Anyways I have things to do, speak to you all later.


The Honest Bitch

Monday 13 December 2010

Not moving my blog - More Details

Hey Dolls,

I think you guys would like some details on what lead to my last short update the other night. You can’t really call that a blog.

Here it goes I was getting ready to watch the HNIC and one of my many ghosts popped up. The conversation started off ok, if not a little forward on his part. Then all out of nowhere he tells me him and a group of people I haven’t seen in years have been reading my blog.

Part of my blogs charm is I can say whatever, no one knows who I am, and I’m not answerable to anyone. So I was very worried at first that people I know reading it would change things. However, after thinking about it long and hard, I realized that they’re people who I haven’t spoken to in years, why does it matter. They already have their opinions of me and seeing as we don’t they’re not good ones. And while they may hate me they’re doing me favour and helping me get more and more views.

The drama the other night wasn’t just about that. It turns out the ghost had a problem with some of the stuff I had said about him. I’m sorry his feeling got hurt but I’m not sorry for how I felt. There are two sides to every story and this blog is where I get to tell my story and how I feel. Tough cookie if you don’t like it.

Like I said in my short update, I’m very thankful for Mr. X being the voice of reason. He’s not normally so human but he actually understands the blogging world and how much time goes into not just the writing but the get readers. He may be a total jerk but I wouldn’t change him the world.

Anyways my dolls, I’m heading off. Have a great day.

Love Always

The Honest Bitch


Sunday 12 December 2010

I don’t care, my blogs aren’t going anywhere.

The last time my blog was found, I ended but relocating it but not this time. I’ve had over 100 hits since I posted my last blog on Friday and I’m not going to screw my readers around. My blog is here to stay and anyone who has a problem with it can fuck off.

I’m not going to change anything or edit the way I write. I write how I’m feeling at the time and yeah sometimes people’s feelings may get hurt but it’s my point of view. Here’s an idea, don’t be an ass and give me things to write about. I won’t say sorry for how I feel. I’m not called a bitch for nothing.

Now that that’s done I’m going to go watch the Leafs kick so Habs ass.

Love always

The Honest Bitch


P.s Thank you Mr. X for being almost human tonight. You made a lot sense and appreciate that.

Friday 10 December 2010

Here's a question

Hi guys,

I have a question for you. Do you tell Facebook if you’re in a relationship?

My answer is no, I always leave my status as single no matter what. First of all, I don’t change it because I have family on there and the last I need is to play 500 questions with them.

My other reason is I like to keep my opinions open. I’m not against over lapping relationships and if I happen to find someone better I like to be able to make a move straight away and not worry about explaining why my status says one thing and I say another.

Also I’m not a relationship person. When you change your status to “The Honest Bitch is in a relationship with Blank McBlank”, that guy seems to think he has the right to attack your wall with words like I miss you and I love you. Messages like that creep me out.

I know I’m not the only person that does this. Instead of lying some people just remove the relationship status all together and other simple say they’re married to a friend so there is no room for the truth. I’m smart enough to know if a guy has no relationship status posted he’s hiding something, But not everyone’s so smart.

When you post your relationship on Facebook, I find the relationship almost becomes a group activity. Your friends feel the need to butt in and share their 2 cents. If you’re not agreeing about something, people feel like need to jump in with their opinions on how to make things right. I’m not for one minute suggesting a relationship is completely private thing. Unless you live on Mars someone is going to have something to say about it. However Facebook has made it so everyone's relationship is like a reality TV show and we all know how reality TV show couples end up.

Love Always

The Honest Bitch


Sunday 5 December 2010

Tis The Season

Happy December everyone,

The holiday season in upon us once again and I’m actually enjoying the build up to Christmas this year. I think it has something to do with England actually having snow this year. There is nothing I want more than a white Christmas. I’ve not had one in the 10 years I’ve been here and for those 10 years it just hasn’t felt like Christmas. So as far as I’m concerned, Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

Has anyone else noticed that couples look at us single people this time of year like we’re dying? I’ll never understand why people feel bad single people around the holidays. I don’t have to pretend to like a hideous present; I don’t have to visit someone’s weird family and I don’t have to attend someone else’s bad work’s Christmas due. I get spend my holiday any way I want. I’m pretty sure I should be the one feeling sorry for them.

The other thing making in happy right now is....This year is almost over. I’m looking forward to a fresh start in 2011. This year has been trying to say the least and I can’t wait to put it behind me. I spent last New Year’s away, but I still ended crying on a couch at midnight. I guess that should have been my clue 2010 wasn’t going to be my year. Luckily I’m not crushing on anyone this year so I think my odds of a tear free New Years Eve are good.

I was trying to explain to a friend why I’m no longer dating a new guy every week. It’s simple, I feel deep down I’ve met all the guys I’m supposed to. I don’t think my answer is in a new guy. That kind of scares me because right now I can’t think of anybody I already know I want to spend forever with...besides maybe myself.

The only guy who wants to date me right now is Daniel S and the list of reason not to date him again is longer the dictionary. Daniel and I dating again is about as likely Mr. X sending me flowers.

Some of you wanted a Mr. X update, he’s alive and well and slightly less evil then I remember, Besides that I can’t tell you much, we don’t talk very often. I’m busy talking with fellow hockey fans and he’s busy doing whatever Devil does on his days off. (Just for the record I’m kidding)

Anyways Darlings I need to go get some sleep. Stay safe


The Honest Bitch


Saturday 27 November 2010

12 Months On

I’m sat here on my bed reflecting on the past year. For you people that have been reading my blogs for a while in there various locations will remember last December wasn’t a great month for me. It’s kind of nice to see sit here realize how much I’ve grown as a person in the past 12 months.

I’m almost thankful for the trauma I received last year; I wouldn’t be nearly as strong if it wasn’t for him. I’m not the same person I was back then. My views have changed, my attitude is different and my opinions of people are very different.

I’m sure all the changes haven’t been for the best, I’m more dismissive towards guys then every before. I actually used the line “I wouldn’t go out with you unless I ran out of material for my blog”. I’m not sure a year ago I would have been the mean towards a stranger. Personally I blame it on “strange danger” PSA’s growing up.

I don’t see any of my changes as a bad thing. I’m smarter when it comes to men, I’m stronger in the way I handle them and I’m normally able to weed out the freaks before the first date. I’m also a lot pickier and less flexible in changing my requirements. If you don’t tick all the boxes, I’m not dating you. It’s as simple as that.

It was joked that last December I was weakened, the same can’t be said this year. I’m back to being a strong willed Bitch and you know what? I love it! It’s nice having the power back. I guess the song is right; it’s never to late too start all over again.

I’m off to watch some HNIC. Fingers crossed the Leafs can win this round of the battle of Ontario.

Go Leafs Go

The Honest Bitch


Tuesday 23 November 2010

Do we villainize our ex’s or are they just as bad as we remember?

There is this guy who isn’t even a true ex of mine and if I close my eyes and picture him, I see his face with a devil’s goatee, horns on his head; I see the point of his tail behind his head and his pitchfork. In my mind this guy is the devil himself, there is no one more evil.

Now that some time has passed and I’m able to speak to him again without the urge to strangle him. I’m starting to notice some qualities I don’t remember him having. He’s really funny. What kind of devil is funny? He’s helpful. I know I haven’t been to church in a while but I’m sure helpful isn’t how the bible describes the devil. Could I have been wrong?

No. Sorry Mr. Devil I know I’m not wrong. The events that caused me to believe he was the devil are still factual. The question is do we villainize our ex’s or are they just as bad as we remember?

At some point people that have hurt us go from being real people in our minds, to being almost like comic book characters. We no longer see them as a human being with feelings. We see them as a super villain out to destroy our world.

So I guess we do villainize our ex’s but I also think they’re just as bad as we remember. After all the things they did are real. They really did hurt us; they really got us to the point where we had to turn them into monsters in our minds to move on. The thing we may have lost sight of is that they are still human. Or maybe we just blocked out that fact.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting we forgive the evil assholes that have hurt over the years, in my mind they deserve to be villainize. I’m just suggesting they may still be human after all.

Anyways my loves, I’m heading off for the night. Stay out of trouble

Love Always

The Honest Bitch


Thursday 18 November 2010


It never seizes to amaze me how clueless men really are. I’m the first to admit we don’t always speak the same language but when you spend enough time around a foreign language you start to pick up the basics. Or at least that how it’s supposed to work.

I’m not sure if guys are just ignorant or just dumb but they don’t seem to understand that we have different beliefs and words have different meanings on plant women. Sentences like “its ok” can have 60 different meanings. Men on the other hand haven’t evolved into such complex beings. Everything they say and do only has one meaning....Most of the time.

I’d like to think men should be able to understand me. I’m not a normal female, I can talk sports, I’m not really relationship friendly and I’m a fan of fuck friends, but guys don’t seem to under me either. I don’t mince my words, I say what I mean and guys are just as clueless. This leads me to believe being clueless is in their DNA.

Staying on the clueless theme I recently received a message from a guy I use to be “friendly” with at stupid o clock in the morning. It started off all friendly “how are you?” and it quickly turned to filth. Which itself isn’t a problem however, I have a problem guys that wrap their horniness up in pleasantries.

Why can’t guys just be truthful about their intentions? There is nothing more off putting to me then a guy who goes from sweet and innocent to horn dog in the blink on an eye. I feel like its false advertising. If you’re only looking for a fuck be honest about it. You’ll be surprise how far it’ll get you. Ok the distance may be because you were kicked but we’ll respect you more. Or at least hate you less.

Anyways I’m off dolls, stay safe

Love Always

The Honest Bitch


Saturday 13 November 2010

False Hope

Hey Guys,

“No man is worth your tears, but the one that is, won't make you cry”
That is my favourite quote. It’s a load of bullshit but it just one of those lies you have to tell yourself to get though the day.

Nobody being worth your tear is very true. No one should have the right to make you feel bad about yourself. The lie in this quote is that the man that you should cry over won’t make you cry. Did the creator of that quote ever meet a guy? Guy’s are always going to make girls cry. We are just wired differently.
Can you imagine if every time a guy made a girl cry they broke up? The whole world would be single. I don’t think there is any couple on the earth that can say their other half hasn’t made them cry.

False Hope. False hope is something that all chick flicks have built in to them. It’s that thought that everything can be just like a fairy tale and you can live happily ever after. I think false hope is something that all women have to lie to themselves about. If we didn’t we’d never date again. Most of us know that there is no knight on a white horse but the quest to find him is the only reason that male species is still around. If women didn’t think “The One” was out there we would have killed off all men by now.

Can’t you feel the negativity in the air? Never let it be said I’m bitter, I’m just someone that has learned one too many lessons the hard way.

Before I go there are a few other things I wanted to update you on.

First of all, my mother’s operation on Tuesday went very well. They don’t think it’s cancerous, so that’s a load off my mind. Parents really know how to stress you out don’t they?

Secondly I’ve started a Facebook page, just search for “The Honest Bitch”. I’m not really sure how it’s going fit into the stuff I already do but right now I’m using it to chat with you, ask my questions of the day and just float ideas on.

Have a wonderful Saturday night and I’ll speak to you soon.


The Honest Bitch


Sunday 7 November 2010

Is there something bewteen the lines?

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone’s hangovers aren’t too bad on this freezing cold Sunday morning. I have been doing a little thinking on why ghosts pop up.

My answer to that question for years has been they do it to fuck with a girl's head. A male friend said that guys do it because they’re regretting their choices. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at that. On what planet do guys care if they’ve hurt a girl or regret passing someone over?

But that conversation has left me wondering is it possible that there is more to a man than what on the surface?

For year’s girl all over the world have been told “Don’t read into anything a guy says, what they say is what they mean.” Has the female race be lied to for all this year? Could there actually be something written in between the lines?

Personally I find this hard to believe, I have a lot of guys friends and they’re pretty straight forward to understand. If something is wrong they’ll tell you, they don’t do the female thing and say everything is fine. Hell I had a guys tell me loved me and they block me and disappear (no subtitles needed). It blows my mind to think that guys may have something deeper to them.

If guys have something deeper to them I wonder what those classic male lines really mean. “I’m not ready for a relationship”, could that be code for I don’t want to get hurt again? The whole idea is enough to drive a girl crazy. Personally I hope that it’s all bullshit, I’m perfectly happy thinking men aren’t capable of higher brain thoughts. They’re black and white and that’s the why I like it.

Anyways my dears I’m off to bed. Sweet dreams everyone

The Honest Bitch


Thursday 4 November 2010

My 2 Cents

Good Evening,

Well I guess I should start by saying everything went well Tuesday. My new doctor was actually very good and had me in and out very quickly. He did a great job of limiting my pain. I’m a little sore but not nearly as bad as my previous ones. All that is left is my mom’s operation Tuesday then its clear sailing.

Something was hinted at the other day and I would like to throw my 2 cents in. I’m currently taking a hiatus from dating. This decision is not because of a jackass male hurting my feelings. It is however because of the lessons I learned for said jackass male. I’m a little tougher on guys now, I screen them a lot better and if they have any of the same characteristics of Mr. Jackass I drop them like a bad habit. I’m not some crushed little girl. I’m just smarter then I was. And I’m thankful for that.

In other news I’m ignoring my phone, another ghost form guys past has popped. Clinton is this ghost’s name. I’m really not into making the same mistake more than once. Hell I don’t like making them once.

Anyways my dears I’m heading off to bed. Stay out of trouble.

Love you

The Honest Bitch


Sunday 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Good Evening,

Happy Halloween! October 31 – November 1st is said to the point at which the sprits are closet and able to communicate most easily the living. Not many people know this but it’s actually November 1st that’s the hunted day. The history is that people use to dress up on All Hallows' Eve to ward off any harmful sprits from visiting them on All saints day (November 1s) when the sprits are said to be able to reach through from the other world.

I’m not sure if I truly believe in ghosts but for one night a year it’s fun to pretend and just be scared. What other time of year can you be whoever you want to be? Hunted house are my favourite part of Halloween. Sadly England doesn’t really understand how to them. There is nothing like being scared out of skin and running away from a man with a chainsaw. I have some awesome memories from hunted houses over the years.

In other news, my op has been moved forward to November 2nd and my mother operation is now on the 9th. I’m not really worried about my operation I’ve had the same thing done a lot of times now. But I am freaking out about my mom’s, I think she’s going to die. It was a close call last time she was in, ok this is different but I’m really worried. I don’t want to think too much about of I’ll end up crying.

I just wanted to take a chance to thank two very cool people, Jason and Neal. Jason is someone that always knows just what to say to make me feel better and I’m very thankful to have someone that cares for me that much, Even if he hits on me a lot. The other person is Neal and well Neal may be the funniest guy around. He always managed to make me smile, he’s always there to talk to or just listen. He’s also a fellow Leafs fan so that’s always a bonus

Speaking of The Leafs, we lost two shutouts in a round. It has been122 minutes and 24 seconds of game time since the Leafs last scored a goal. The Leafs started this season strong but now they’re sitting in 18th place in the NHL. This season is early put I’m starting to worry that 30th place has own name written all over it.

Did you see Colton Orr’s pink skates tonight? I’m going to post a picture for you. He sported them for Hockey Fights Cancer and you can’t help but feel respect for this tough guy. He may be a fight on the ice but tonight he showed us he’s a good guy.

Anyways it’s now 5am or actually 6 because they clocks went back. Enjoy your extra hours in bed UK people.

Love you

The Honest Bitch


Monday 25 October 2010

The past week


It’s been 7 days since my last blog so I guess it’s time for me to let you know what’s been happening.

I guess the big thing that happen this week is I met my new doctor. Who was very quick to tell me that I will indeed be having another operation in the near future. I knew it was coming but I was in there all of 7 minutes. Most doctors like to inflict pain me before telling they are going to cause me 3 to 4 days of pain and a black and blue back.

In other news..... I don’t really have any. I’ve been hanging out with friends, drinking and staying out of trouble until I have my operation. Oh I do have news my mother operation has been put off until the 8th so I have till then to worry.

I’m choosing not to talk about my beloved Maple Leafs. After their recent showings they’re not worthy of my words.

I’m off guys. Stay safe.


Queen Bee / The Honest Bitch (Same Person)


Monday 18 October 2010

Leafs are number 1 (I just like saying that)

Good Morning,

Let’s start this blog with the awesome news that the Toronto Maple Leafs have gone 4 – 0 to start the season. That’s right the29th team in the league last year are currently undefeated. Just to rub salt in the wound they’re actually number 1 in the league right now. They play the Islanders tonight so we’ll see if they can make it 5 – 0.

I’ve started chatting to guys again. I’m still off guys but maybe if the right guy pops up I’ll change my mind. I’ve had so much bad luck with guys in the past year; no one can blame me of taking some me time.

My back has been really bad the past few weeks so I’m being forced to take things easy. It’s killing me; I’m the sort of person that will push through the pain until I can’t do it anymore. I’m at that stage now and I just have to take painkillers and flake out. I’m at the hospital in a few days and with a bit of luck this new doctor will be able to sort it out.

Anyways guys I’m off to catch up on some gossip.

Stay safe guys.

Queen Bee xx

Tuesday 12 October 2010


I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and there wasn’t too much drama we all know what being forced to spend time with your family can be like.

Personally I don’t have a lot to talk about, my back as been playing up so I haven’t really been able to do much. That needs to change though. I miss having a guy around. I miss cuddles but more than anything I miss sex.

I spent years having meaningless one nightstands and short term relationships. This is the first time in 9 years I haven’t been getting fucked regularly. I guess if I want to get fucked I really need to start putting myself out there again. I’ll change my mind after the first weirdo but until then I’m out there.

In none sex related news, the Leafs seem to have a hockey team. They started the season 2 – 0, they have goaltending, they have speed and they seem to have talent. If they keep playing this way they may see that playoff this season.

Love Always

Queen Bee


Wednesday 6 October 2010

Health Problems = Stress

Hey Dolls,

I hope everyone is alright, I’m a little off game thanks, to my mother who doesn’t like to worry me. But when she leaves me in the dark, I end up warring more. I’m an only child and most of my life it’s just been the two of us so I understand her wanting to protect me but at the same time sometimes it’s better to be clued in and prepared rather than shocked and devastated.

In other news, it’s looking like I may be having back op number?....6,7 I’ve lost count. It’s starting to become a way of life. I’m in so much pain nowadays any relief I can get is worth it. I just wish a doctor could tell me what is actually wrong with my back. They treat the symptoms but that’s not an answer.

I was planning on talking to you guys about my lack of dating but I’m not really in the mood to talk about guys. I need to get some sleep. Hockey starts tomorrow tonight and I need to be up for that. Hockey is my one true love. It’s a shame life isn't more like a game of hockey.

Anyways I’m off to bed my dolls. As always my dears stay safe.

Love you

Queen Bee xxxx

Thursday 30 September 2010

Looking back

Hey Dolls,

It’s Thursday night and I’m home alone doing some thinking, about decisions I’ve made and people I’ve chosen to date. The list of these occupations is sad at best. I always pick the wrong guys, for the wrong reasons.

I’m single because I decided to break the pattern of me dating guys who are clearly losers. I also really couldn’t stomach getting hurt again. There is only so many times a person can bounce back from being squashed before they just stay flatted.

It’s said you only get two great loves and I’ve had both mine, I don’t know if that means I’m destined to spend my life alone with a million cats or if I’m just special and will have more than two great loves that shaped and change me. I guess knowing at my age I’m out of the normal amount of chances to find love means I’ll just have to be enough for me. I’ll have to catch myself when I fall, I’ll have to be the understanding person who says it’s ok to mess up and I’ll have to look after myself and give myself all the love I can because there is no grantees there’s a Mr. Right out there for me.

I know the tone of this is a little sad and not my normal playful self but sometimes it’s important to take a look back at where you’ve come from so you can see where it is you’re going.

In better news the Leafs looked very good in last night’s game. There might be a little hope for them making the playoffs this year. Fingers crossed.

Anyways dolls I’m off to bed. Sweet dreams and as always, stay out of trouble.

Love Always

Queen Bee x x x x x x
(The Honest Bitch)

Monday 27 September 2010

Another ghost hunts me

Good Evening Dolls,

I hope everyone is well tonight. Thanks to the start of the preseason I’ve been having a lot of late nights, I’m not knocking it, I’ve missed hockey. However being up later means a change in the people I talk to. This lead to a not so fun conversation.

Do you remember Daniel S? In case you don’t he is the guy I lost my virginity to. He messaged me on facebook last night. When I saw he’s name popped up I knew I was in for trouble. About every 6 months he pops up in one way or another. He wants to hook up but I feel if I end up with him, I feel like I’ve wasted 10 years of my life. Plus he has kids now and we all know my feelings on kids. Back to my story, last night he sent me a message asking how I was and I was kind of hoping it would end there but he then asked me how my love life is. Why do exes have to ask that question? I don’t like talking to exes anyways and my love life is my least favourite thing to talk to them about.
In other news I have way too many ex boyfriends. I’ve also slept with a few too many too but hey that’s what makes

Its bed time guys, sweet dreams.

Love you

Queen Bee xx

Friday 24 September 2010

Another one bites the dust

Hey Dolls,

I’ve managed to break another guy, that’s really shocking seeing as I’ve been ill and not really chatted to anyone. I won’t even go into details, but I’m a little hurt by the whole thing. I didn’t even fancy this guy and I’m still getting blown off.

I’m use to own company so whatever happens in my relationship I’m always happy just to be me. Guys come and go but I’m forever. I bet those words put the fear of god in all my exes.

Anyways I’m focusing on me right now, guys are just too much of a headache and they always turn out to be losers.

I’m going to go and relax before the hockey tonight. Go Leafs Go

Love Always

Queen Bee x

Sunday 19 September 2010

Another Ghost Returns

Hey Dolls,

Just another quick update, I thought you’d like to know yet another ghost from my past has returned. This ghost is named Lee M. I doubt you remember him, hell I hardly do. I change man on nearly daily basics. He’s a sweetie but a little on dumb side. He’s also not the look I normally go for. I’m feeling a little a lonely at the minute so I think I’m more welcoming to these ghosts then I’d normally be. In all honesty he messaged me yesterday and I’m already bored of him so I doubt anything will happen there. It makes me smile anyways knowing that at least these guys remember me.

I have a busy day tomorrow so I need some sleep.

Love you

Queen Bee x

Saturday 18 September 2010

Quick update before bed

Hey Dolls,

I hope you’re alright. I just thought I’d give you lovely people an update. I’m not sure Daniel B but he’s someone I slept with about a year ago, we were really flirty but after I slept with him I got bored and we fell out of touch. He started messaging me again the other day. I’m not sure if I want to go back down that road or not but it always feels good to be wanted.

Anyways my dears I need to get some sleep

I Love You All So Much

Queen Bee x

Monday 13 September 2010

Questions Answered

Hey Dolls,

I’ve been a little ill this week so I don’t have a lot to talk about. So I’ve decided to do one of my favourite things and answer some your questions.

Question: What ever happened to Mr. X

Answer: Nothing happen to him, he just found god again and become boring to me. I always said I just wanted him for sex and no one believed me, this dear friend is your prove. Mr. - Sex = Next

Question: Are you seeing anyone?

Answer: No. I’m currently not seeing anyone. I’m enjoying being single. Men are just too much drama right now.

Question: Who are you?

Answer: That’s a question I’m just not willing to answer. I’ve very open and honest about things and to save hurt feelings or me getting into a fight it’s just easier not to tell you my name. However I’m more than willing to answer questions about myself without actually telling you my name.

Question: Have you ever been in love?

Answer: Yes I have. I bet you wouldn’t be surprised to learn he started off as a fuck friend and over time and a lot of orgasms we fell for each other.

Question: How do guys react to you having a male point of view on relationships and sex?

Answer: That’s actually really question. It depends on what the guy is looking for from me. Guys quickly aspect me as one of the guys. In that scenario they’re fine with me, they don’t find me shocking or un-lady like, I’m just one of the guys.

Guy’s that are looking to get they’re leg over are happy I have a male point of view. Guy’s like that I don’t have emotions, they dread that next day call and with me they don’t get it.

Guys that are looking at me as future girlfriend or someone to date don’t always react well to me. I can be classy and respectable when there is a need for it but I’m also a girl that drinks beer, plays poker and loves watching sports. There is nothing lady like about me when I’m watch rugby or hockey. I speak my mind and have my own opinions and some guys just don’t like that. I’m use to it and it’s all for the best.

Anyways I’m heading to bed; feel free to ask me more questions. Stay safe

Queen Bee x

Monday 6 September 2010

Thinking about love

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is alright. I’m currently snuggled up in bed thinking about love. Is anyone else shocked? I’m well aware that when people talk about me love isn't something that would even cross their mind. I’m well known for going through men on almost a daily bases. I’m not the falling in love type.

Saying all that I did fall in love once upon a time and the hard part for me is I haven’t be able to morn that relationship because it didn’t end on bad terms. We both love each other but sadly we had to end things because of his work. I always believed that if its meat to be he’d come back to me but it’s been a long while and now I’m having to realize I’m really alone.

I don’t really believe in happily ever after, I kind of figure at some point in your life you decide why the hell not and just settle for whatever you have at the time. You live in the same house for years wondering what the hell went wrong, and then you die. That’s the story Disney won’t tell you.

Before you ask I’m not sad or feeling upset, I’m just someone who believes that if you aim to high you can never truly be happy. I’m also someone who has for many years said she plans to a bingo spinster and possibly owning a few cats.

Anyways dolls I’m going to go sleep now.

Love you all and please stay safe

Queen Bee xxx

Friday 3 September 2010

Age Difference

Hey Guys,

I’ve spent the evening talking with a friend about age differences. He is dating an older woman. Personally I’ve never dated anyone younger than me. I’ve slept with two guys that were younger than me but even that in my mind isn’t right. I didn’t know there age and once I found out that was that. So I found it a little odd the she’s date someone 5 years young.

I’ve always said that if I found the right guy it wouldn’t matter but until recently I hadn’t even met a younger guy who I’d want to even causally date. I know it sound like there is a hope but there isn’t. I may have met someone cool but he’s not local and he’s not my normal type.

I am still 100% single, with no guy on my radar. It feels a little weird it’s been years since I’ve had nothing on the cards. I kind of like it, no drama.
Anyways guys I’m off the night. Stay safe

Queen Bee

Sunday 29 August 2010


Hey Dolls,

I did promise I’d try to get back to writing more so here I am. There is an ongoing joke between my friends and I about how I am going to have to move off this island soon because I’m going to run out of men. As much as I take this in good humour there is an element of truth to it. I have dating and or slept with more than my fair share of guys on this island. Part of the reason is there just isn’t any one here for me. I love ice hockey, I hate football and I don’t have to drink to have a good time. I’m clearly not Englishman friendly.

Looks wise I’m not a picky girl, I ‘d much rather have guy that I can talk with and that can make me laugh rather than a guy that makes girls panties wet with one look. I do have a few rules about who I’ll date, they need to be taller and older than me but I’m sure for the right person that wouldn’t matter however I’m very firm on the guy have no kids. I have a fear of working sperm. My hands are full dealing with cry baby men, I don’t need actually children.

For the first time in years there are no men in my life. I lost my temper and just gave up on men. I don’t want the stress. I have no problem with fuck friends, I think they’re great however I fucking hate when men pretend they’re after something more. I wish they could just be straight with me.

I’m sure you people will enjoy this, god hates me. I have good reason to believe this the last 3 guys I’ve been really into have turned out to be religious nut jobs. I’m use to guys turning out to be crazy but never in my life have I had a problem with religious freaks. I have nothing against religion, I was raised Baptist but I do have a problem with having it rubbed in my face and being made to feel like the Anti-Christ. Having sex doesn’t make me the Devil.

I hope everyone is keeping safe, I love you all

Queen Bee x

Friday 27 August 2010

A Return To Bitchier Times

I’m sure a lot of you know that there was a tiny little problem with my pervious blog so I was forced to delete it, relocate and start all over again. Since the move I’ve been a lot nicer, mainly because after someone I wrote about found it and world war 3 broke out, I’m a little worried about being sued. I think it’s been long enough it’s time for a return to bitchier times.

I’ve decided to share with you some quotes from my little red book. For those of you that don’t know, my little red book is a diary or sorts, I began it 9 years ago when I lost my virginity and I carry on keeping it to this day. It contains details, dates, names, location and my favourite scores.

I thought I’d share some of the funnier quotes from it.

06-08-02 - “he knew what he was doing but holy hell is was over fast.”

28-09-02 “I felt bad he was so small”

02-11-02 “lets put it this way, he was drunk and I was half asleep”

06-04-03 “he lasted 7 minutes, he said sorry but there is no need for that”

13-04-03 “Name: Dan or Danny or David or well it doesn’t matter he was shit”

18/05/03 “I really wish I could remember”

I really wish I could say the guys got better as I got older but they really didn’t. I’ve actually told more than one guy they owe me money for batteries.

Anyways guys I’m off to bed but don’t worry, I’m back to my old self and will have some interesting stories for you soon.

Be safe

Queen bee x

Thursday 19 August 2010



I’m sorry that I have been a bit on the quiet side. I aim to post once a week but to be honest I just haven’t had much to write about. I’m trying to stay out of trouble. It’s not really working but it’s the thought that counts.

Chameleons are the new hot topic among both my male and female friends right now. I guess I should explain what a chameleon is. A “chameleon” is a person who has the ability to change between hot and not. This shouldn’t be confused with beer goggles where you go to bed with someone hot and wake up with Frankenstein. I actually told someone he was a chameleon not sure how it went over. I was meant in a nice way though. He made a good example because he has 12 million pictures of himself on his twitter account.

Anyways guys I need to go work on a few things. Stay Safe

Queen Bee x
(The one the only honest bitch)

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Odd Celebrity Crushes

The hot topic between my friends and me at the moment is our weird celebrity crushes. I’m not talking about the ones that no one can deny are hot. I’m talking about the ones who aren’t traditionally good luck but you wouldn’t push off they were on top of you.

After a long talk about our crushes, we took to the internet to ask friends and completely strangers if they had any random celebrity crushes. You may be shocked to learn that must people have them. Some of them are a bit borderline but it appears that everyone has one.

The question is what makes us crush on people that in normal life we wouldn’t look twice at?

I’m not the best person to answer that question. I am someone who would rather have someone that makes me laugh and can hold a conversation then a drop dead gorgeous guy. In my world gorgeous guys are for fuck friends and one nightstands. Here’s a little advice for you on that matter the better looking the guy the worse in bed they are.

My weird crushes are all people that play themselves on TV and maybe that’s part of the allure. I found in my reach must weird celebrity crushes are not character actors. This leads me to think that the public either are just fame hunger whore or believes that the show gives us a window into their personality.
I found the idea that we’re actually attracted to their personality refreshing. I guess it means the human race isn't as shallow as may have first believed.

Anyways it’s late and I need some sleep. Stay safe

Queen Bee x

Saturday 7 August 2010

Good and Evil

Lately I’ve been doing a lot for thinking about good and evil. I’ve been made to feel like a bad person just because I happen to have slept with a few people in my 9 years of sexual activity.

I will not deny the fact I’ve slept with a larger then average number of people. I will not deny I’ve had a few one night stands in my time. I also will not deny I’ve done a few kinky things in my time. However I do have a problem with being treated like dirt because of it. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with sex. As long as both people a consenting and it’s done in a safe manor, it’s not a big deal.

I was raised mainly by mother and despite going to church every Sunday she was real with me and said “when you decided to have sex just make sure you’re ready and it’s with someone you will not regret.” I followed her advice and unlike a lot of people I know I don’t regret my first time. I’m still good friends with him. I wouldn’t change a thing. I guess once I had sex for the first time my attitude was kind of what the big deal and choose not to be as stubborn about the matter. That was a long time ago though. I don’t regret a single thing I’ve done, it’s all helped to make me, me. Saying that, in the past few years I’ve become pickier, I’m more aware of my number these days.

I guess you can sex is my deadly sin. I wouldn’t call it lust. Despite that I would say I’m a good girl. I’ve never done any drugs, I’ve never as much as trying a cigarette and I only have a few drinks a year. I will admit I sometimes have a mouth on me but it is something I can control. I’ve never had a boyfriend’s mom not like me, I’ve never been arrested, and hell I’ve never even had detention. Ok yes some of the reason I’ve never been in trouble is because I’ve never got caught but that just proves I know there is a time and place for everything.

I’m not a bad person, I was a student rep, elected in the SU, I’ve been on protests, I’ve been a training buddy, a member of the colleague circle and I’ve been a part disciplinary reviews. People who I’ve fallen out with over the years will even tell you I’m a great friend. I could be mad at you but if you need me I’m always there. I’m that friend that gets calls a 2, 3am and no matter the time of day, I always have time for someone who needs me.

I know the line between good and evil in thin but I’ve always thought I’ve managed just stay on the side of good. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not always nice but I’m always me and no one can ask for more than that.

Queen Bee x

Sunday 1 August 2010

Bad Dream?

I’ve been having a recurring dream about a guy. It’s an innocent dream but it wakes me up like a nightmare. I’m sat at computer desk with a Ben we’re working on a script. I turn around and notice a group talking one of the guys is Mr. X, I turn back around and to work on the script. As Mr. X leaves he puts his hand on my lower back and says “I’ll see you later” and then he leans in to kiss me. But before he kisses me I wake up as if I’m having my clown nightmare for the millionth time. I finally had to hang a dream catcher. Luckily that has seems to have worked but it begs the question, why is kisser someone I have already kissed in real life scaring me so badly?

Queen Bee x

Sunday 25 July 2010

Grrrrr Stress


I’ve been thinking about my method in how I deal with things. I’ve always been one to bottle things up and when I finally let it out it’s just a mix of unrelated things. Most of the time I don’t even have a choice how or when I let it out. It just escapes out my eyes. I can normal regain control which only means when I finally do melt down it’s going to be major.

I’m what I’d call a “smart bitch”. I speak my mind and tell it how it is but I also know when to shut up and when to sugar coat things. This is why despite being bitchy I’ve made it 23 years without being knocked out. I have a friend who is kind of like me but he doesn't know when to play nice, I’m shocked he hasn’t been knocked out, Hell I’m shocked I haven’t knocked him out. Lord only knows how many times I’ve wanted to.

In better news I’m making very good head way in my mission to replace the hang up I have on an evil sadistic asshole. Currently I have to 2 guys lined up and I’m always looking for yet another.


Queen Bee xx

Saturday 24 July 2010

No more Miss.Nice


It appears whatever hold Mr. X had over me is gone. I actually don’t care about him anymore. I’ve always stood up for him and defended him but it hit me why do I? He couldn’t care less about me. He wouldn’t be there if I needed him. Screw that, I have a step dad if I need to be insulted and abused. This whole infatuation is stupid and so am I for letting it go on this long.

My parents had been away within 30 seconds of them coming home my step dad started on me. Yesterday it got so bad I was walking around with a hammer in my hand. If he had said one more word there is no doubt in my mind the hammer would have met his head. There was no doubt in my mother’s head either so she took him out for a while.

I’ve lost my ability to play nice. I really can’t handle anyone’s shitty attitude right now. I just want to grab a hockey stick and break it over their head. My advice for anyone who thinks I’m being mean to them is “Stop being such a fuckwit cunt and maybe I’ll be civil to you”.

Now off to drool over Scott Leonard, I know he’s blond but so was Devon Sawa and he made me wet too.

Queen Bee x
You can’t say you wouldn’t do him

Friday 23 July 2010


Male aged 25 -35, must be taller the 5”7, dark hair preferred but not essential. Men with children need not apply. A good sense of humour is required and must be able to hold a conversion. A sarcastic edge would be helpful. Application should be strong willed and be able to take criticism. Applications should also have at least a basic understanding of ice hockey and be able to text.

Closing Date: Whenever someone with all the above shows up

Thursday 22 July 2010

Spin Doctor


I was just job hunting and it made me think about how PR may be the prefect career for me. Just look at how many of my ended relationships and broken hearts I’ve span to make it look like my decision or like they were the bad guy. Hell I’m so good at it guys that have dumped me when asked will tell you I dumped them. I have a talent and maybe I should start using it for good.

It’s funny, I was heartbroken in December, and I was completely crushed. I didn’t eat Christmas dinner and I spend my New Years Eve crying on a couch. Some guy basically told me I wasn't good enough and that hurt but now ask anyone and what happen between him and I, and they’ll tell you I realized he was too below me. He wasn't in my league and I decided I could do a lot better. Hey, I never claimed to be nice, and he did ruin my Christmas.

Luckily for me most of the time whatever happens doesn't need my unique take on things. I’m just a little to me for most people and that really doesn't bother me. I’d much rather they die off early then waste my time.

Anyways guys I’m off. Stay safe

Love Always

Queen Bee x

Wednesday 21 July 2010

An itch that needs scratching

Good Evening,

I have a problem and it’s not one you hear from women very often but I’m horny as hell. The last week I’ve spend more time with my rabbit than anyone else. I need to locate a penis and scratch this itch before I go crazy.

I have another issues, and this problem is a long the same lines. There is a name that comes out of my mouth when I’m spending time with my battery operated friend. I wouldn’t mind it so much if I could help it, but I have no control over the matter. Although the fact because of this problem he get the credits for all my orgasms may explain why I can deal with his ever changing moods.

I’ve also broken yet another guy. It’s crazy how fragile the male ego actually is. They’re all just a bunch of cry babies. Why is it that a woman with a brain scares off most men? It makes me laugh, I’m always me, I don’t pretend to be someone else. You’d think they’d know what they’re getting themselves into.

Anyways my dears it’s very late and I need to go to sleep.

Queen Bee x

Friday 16 July 2010

Life lesson

Why do women suffer from “I can fix him” syndrome? I am one of the millions of women that have learned the hard way about fixer upper men. You cannot change a man, I’m sorry to say it but it just can’t be done and isn’t worth trying. Give up the fixer upper men and just replace them, there are countless men on this planet, you don’ need to take years off your life trying to improve on gods mistake. Let the losers die off and with a bit of luck the next generation of men won’t be so clueless.

Always remember if you know it fire, don’t let it burn your hand.

Queen Bee x

Thursday 15 July 2010

Men, are they hiding something?

Hey Guys,

I just got some disturbing news for a male friend, men has started setting traps for us women. I always thought it’s just women that do that, you think your boyfriend is cheating what do we do? We get our friends to flirt with him and see if he goes for it. But is it really possible that men are doing this too but are just hiding it better?

I have mainly male friends and I didn’t know they didn’t know they did that. They always lead me to believe that men tell it how it is, there is nothing to read in-between the lines, that you see if what you get. Have they been lying to me all this time? It possible in the war of the sex’s men now have a secret weapon?

Queen Bee x

Monday 12 July 2010

How do these poeple find me?

I’m going try and explain the headache that sleeping with random guys will get you in.

Lee isn’t all that random, I had been talking to him a long while before I went to his for the weekend last year. Needless to say while I was there we did sleep together a few times. In all honestly he was a pretty rubbish fuck I only score him a 4 out of 10. I cut all tied once I got home. He has a nasty habit of popping up from time to time, he’s sweet talker and I’m stupid.
I told you about Si, that’s Lee’s girlfriend Kylie’s twin sister. She messaged me about a week ago wanting to know, how I knew Lee. I come to find out that Lee and Kylie had been together since 2008, which clearly means when I fucked him, he was in a relationship. Si doesn’t like Lee and has been trying to prove to Kylie that he’s a loser.

After this I sent a text to Lee, wanting to know why is was such a fuckwit. He feeds me a load of bullshit and said sorry. I thought that was the end of it until....

Kylie messages me screaming about her boyfriend and her family. She didn’t get much joy out of yelling at me. I listened to a very wise friend and used logic on her. She kept ending her message with “Now fuck off stay away from my man”. Seeing as she kept messaging me I used logic and reply “if you want me to fuck off, stop messaging me”. I thought it was funny, and after some more messages that made me laugh and it was clear she’s get no joy for me she fucked off.

Later that night Si messaged me (anyone else thinking my life could be made into a soap opera) she was just laughing and joking and taking the piss out of Lee. I did come to find out she has 5 kids at the age of 22. That’s crazy.

Kylie then decided to message me with this “Your just jealous because he's with me and we are happy, you want what you can't have. Well your not going to get him so make sure you never contact him again!! He might of sais yes once but everyone can make a mistake and he won't b doing it again, your to much of a fucking ugly mess”. The woman is crazy first off “her man” is into being fucked in the ass and water sports, who would want that. Secondly I don’t want Lee, he’s nasty! Oh and he contracted me!

As you do when you’re being insulted about being single, you say you’re in a relationship. I choose to use Mr X just because he happened to be online. I’ve spent the day defending someone who wouldn’t even sleep with me. This crazy, if anyone should be bad mouth him it’s me not some crazy hoe that can’t keep her man happy. I can’t stop laughing, I’m sat here saying how good he is in bed, and he’s such a sweetheart. I could show him what I’m writing and even he’d laugh at the idea it’s about him. I never insulted her once and she takes to personal insults and slagging off imaginary boyfriend. That’s always a sign the other person knows you’re right. I’ll never understand why girl get mad at the other girl....What about the cheating lying boyfriend?

Anyways I’m off; always remember never to give the guy your real name.

Queen Bee x

Sunday 11 July 2010

Marriage and Relationships


Why is everyone getting married? Everyone is my circle of school friends seems to be getting married; two of them got married within 5 days of each other. It’s a bloody joke, we’re 23. Maybe I still have a Canadian attitude towards marriage but 23 is rather young. I have friends back home who have been dating of 5 even 12 years and they’re not even engaged.

I don’t go to weddings, being happy about love just isn’t my style. I tell everyone the same thing “I’m not going to the wedding but I’ll be there for the divorce”. I know that sounds bad but half of all marriages end in divorce so it’s only logical to think that some of their marriages are going to go tits up. And if they do, I’ll be there cheering them up, breaks up have always been my speciality. I remember when Cay and Rob broke up after 5 years; she has crying on the couch with Ky saying she wanted me. Break ups are the one time being a bitch comes in handy. You get to list all the guys faults and why the friend can do better and before you know it you’re playing singstar and on the dance mat.

I think currently I am the only single person in my group of friends, and because of this my friends keep talking to me like I’m fucking child, “You’ll find someone”, what if I don’t want anyone? Am I the only sane person? I am enough for me; I don’t need a relationship to make me feel whole, I am happy. The fact everyone else needs someone is just a sign of co-dependence.
I’m an only child, I’m pretty use to being alone and self-reliant. This means any guy that comes along has to deal with the fact I don’t need them, I don’t like asking for help and I have 10 feet tall walls so I tend to push people away. It’s a good job I love me.

I’m heading off to bed dolls, be safe and stay out of trouble

Queen Bee x

Saturday 10 July 2010

July 10th

Hey Guys,

I’m cuddled up on my bed watching a film and thinking about how some people can just know how to drive you crazy. They just know what buttons to push.
I’ve learned the hard way this year that I can’t always win all the challenges I set myself. It’s a well known fact I tend to go after guys that are a bit of a challenge to land and I’ve even been knew to sleep with said challenges and never as much as look at them again. The challenge I lost was never going to be one of those challenges. Maybe that’s way this challenge was so hard to loss. Plus I’m just a bad loser; it’s a side effect of being an only child.

I guess what they say is true, you learn more from a lost then you do a win. I’ve learned a lot from him. Shame I’ve let him get to close and now he’s a permanent challenge. I love him to bits but the guy is a frienemy. Not in the way that we backstab each other but we’re either friends or a nightmare. We’re too alike and because of that we can rub each of up the wrong way sometimes. It’s no big deal give it a day of two and all is ... not forgotten but moved on from.

Anyways dolls I’m heading off for some late night texting :-)

Queen Bee x

Friday 9 July 2010

Texting Code

I was talking with someone who doesn’t understand the need for some people to text all day long, and he also doesn’t understand there is an unspoken code of texting.

I am someone who tends to text a fair bit and in the past I have been knew to text all day long. What people don’t understand when your texting all day with the same person, it isn’t one conversation; it’s like a million little ones. “You wouldn’t believe what I just heard”, “Damn that guy was hot”, “He was asking about you again”. There is always something to say. It’s not like we sit around texting, we text what’s happing in our life, as it happens. It’s just like updating you status on facebook or twitter.

Now for the texting code....

LOL – If the lol is at the start of the message, the person is laughing at what you said, if the lol is at the end of their are laughing at what they have said.

If a person use lol as punctuation it means everything is light hearted

!!!! – Either means they REALLY mean it or reply quickly

X – The amount of x’s makes different things.

You have the base line x is the amount they normally put at the end of a message. It some cases each contract may have different x baseline (e.g. 1 x for friends of the same sex, 2 for different sex and 3 for good friends and people you want to sleep with)

Any things less than the base line means they’re unhappy

Anything more means they’re into you at the moment.

Over use of the x means either they have said something mean and are trying to keep

you from getting mad or they want to fuck you.

No x’s means the person is very mad

Ha ha – is a sarcastic laugh

He he – is a guy thing, it started because of the over use of lol

I can’t think of anything others at the moment but if I do I will add them

Stay safe

Queen Bee x

Wednesday 7 July 2010


Don’t you love karma? I’m sure you all remember Lee and the how he mistreated me. I’ve come to find out he’s been in a relationship with a girl since 2008. How did I find this out you may ask? Her twin sister messaged me on facebook (my life is better than any soap opera).

From what I can piece together this girl’s twin sister doesn’t like Lee and has thought he’s been cheating on her sister from some while. I’m not sure how she found me but I was happy to share with her the pictures and messages he’s sent me. She’s going to give Lee one chance to tell her sister if he won’t she will.

Lee better hope I never see him again because not only did he lie to his baby’s mother, he lied to me! That isn’t a smart move. If he hadn’t of fucked me off I may have asked him who this girl was before I told her or at least gave him a heads but since he fucked with me I want in on his down fall.

Anyways I need to go to sleep. Always remember never fuck with a hockey girl

Queen Bee x

The cost of being single

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Tuesday 6 July 2010

Get Out Of My Head

Hey Guys,

I’m snuggled up in bed thinking about Mr. X. It’s kind of funny because I’ve spent a lot of the evening telling him I don’t have “real” feeling for him, now when I’m alone in bed I can’t get him out of my head.

I stand by my word I don’t have romantic feelings for him. He is someone I enjoy talking to, enjoy flirting with and I feel comfortable with. However he isn't the boyfriend type. He’s someone I could see myself having an affair with though.

I wish I could I could get him out of mind head. He’s a lovely guy but he’s bad news. Not to mention he doesn't want me either. People forget a relationship is a two person thing and in this case we both don’t want to go there. He’s made his feelings crystal clear and mine are in writing.

Anyways it’s bed time.

Queen Bee x

Monday 5 July 2010

July 5th 2010

Hey Dolls,

I’m sat on bed thinking about a fact I use to agree with. The fact is “When the number of people you’ve slept with exceeds your age. You are a slut”.
Of course when I agreed on that fact my number was lower than my age. My number is now higher than my age and all I can do is try and keep my number lower than the amount of years I plan to live.

I don’t see myself as a slut. I don’t sleep with every guy I meet, I do have standards and I do know things about the guys I fucked. Yes, I have had a few one night stands, but I did take the time to learn something about them. I also haven’t had a real one nightstand in years. I don’t regret anyone I’ve slept with. I have learned a lot from them, it’s just a shame that the thing I’m best at is only seen is the bed room. Maybe porn is my calling.

Anyways my loves I need to go and talk to some very sexy men

Be safe

Queen Bee x

Sunday 4 July 2010



It’s a well known fact that me and relationships end badly. Anyone will tell you relationships don’t change me. I’m always me but for some reason dating me turns men in crazy mush balls. They’re all strong and manly when we start dating and after a few weeks they all overly mushy, spineless and so clingy. I like my men to be strong and tough, the only place where I don’t mind mushy is in bed.

I understand that I’m a strong person, but every woman wants a guy that can look after them. I’m not someone that would let my guy fight my battles but it’s nice when they offer. I don’t often need someone shoulder to cry on, but it’s nice to think that you’re boyfriend is strong enough to be there for you if you need them.

I don’t think right now there is anyone in my life that could be my boyfriend. I kind of feel that the guys around me now, could be broken easily. I’m happy just having a laugh as long as it stays fun. I hate it when I’m having fun and guy decides to grow feelings. Why ruin a good thing with feelings? If they’re something more there it’ll turn into more. There is no reason to force it.

All my best relationships have just happened. You know those relationships that start with you hanging out, just having a laugh, and just being friends getting closer and closer? Those relationships wear you can’t actually say when you started dating, it just happened. Those are my kind of relationships. No stress, no drama and no evil L word.

Anyways my dears, I’m off.

Queen Bee x

4th of July 2010

Hey Dolls,

Canada Day was a bust; I ended up leaving London at 7:30pm. The music that they were playing really wasn't my cup of tea and seeing as I was driving, I couldn’t drink to make the day more fun. The person I was with was pissing me off too, so that didn’t help either. On the Brightside I did have a few good moments and talked to a lot of nice people from back home.

I had a chat with one of the Native American dancers, which reminded me a lot of being back home. There is a lot of Native American blood in my family. I actually have close family that still live on the reservation. So it’s always nice to be reminded of where I come from. Even if the person comes from different tribe, a lot of the beliefs and traditions are the same.

As I’m sure you know Native American often receive names based on their character and strengths or even from events that have happened to them. I think it’s crazy that two different people could give me the same name but I guess that means they got it right. I gave a friend a name after Canada day. He just remembers me of the lessons the bear. So for now on he shall be known as Bear. I can’t decided on big or little bear, so just bear will do for now.

Anyways, I need to get some sleep.

Queen Bee x

Wednesday 30 June 2010

June 30th 2010


I’ve had a lovely night at bingo, won a little bit, £50 not bad for a free night. The best part was £1.60 for an archers and lemonade. I was drinking them 2 by 2. I don’t drink often but the bingo called was on my nerves. He sounded like he was doing an Indian chant. There was no breath between numbers or words it was all joined by sound. I had a good night though. I spent a lot of the night flirting with the manager, it’s always a good night when I get to flirt and since he was flirting back I was even happier.

Here’s a random fact about me: I only read books in the summer. Now I’m not someone who sun baths. I don’t like being hot, so the suns not my friend. I do however enjoy sitting outside in a shading spot. In summer most of the time outside is cooler then in so it makes sense to lay outside with a good book and some music and relax.

I’m currently reading “Are you there Vodka, It’s me Chelsea”. I love Chelsea Handler anyways but the book is pretty good. It’s taken a while for me to get into it. I read “My Horizontal Life” in 3 days, one of which I had my wisdom tooth pulled. This isn’t going to be like that one. I’ve had it since Saturday and I’ve read 39 pages but I’m starting to get into now.
Anyways my dears I’m off to get some sleep. I have lots to do to tomorrow to get myself ready for Canada Day on Thursday.

Play nice

Queen Bee x

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Bye Lee


Just a quick little update Lee has once again removed me from facebook. I have spent an enjoyable night talking with a friend on MSN and thought I’d see if Lee had been online and I come to notice he had removed me. Smart money is on he’s in a relationship again and even smarter money is on me kicking his ass. The guy is such a douche. The only thing worse than being mistreated, is being mistreated by an ugly person. Why is it that all the good guy either gay or completely unattainable?

Yes I said unattainable. I admit there are some guys that will always have to be a “What if”. It’s a sad fact of life but sometimes the smart move is to give up and cut your losses.

Its bed time my dears

Queen Bee x

Monday 28 June 2010

June 28th 2010

Hey Dolls,

I’m so fed up with fuckwit men. July 1st is Canada Day and I had made plans to go with Lee but I haven’t heard from him in a week. I don’t chase after guys that don’t do well looks on they’re side. So I’m going with Daniel. I’m not happy about this one little bit. He likes me, I don’t like him but what else can I do?

I’m sure it must be hard for you guys to understand why Canada Day is such a big deal to me. I moved to England on the 16th of July, I last real fun memories back home were from Canada Day. So that’s part of the reason, the rest is because I’m Canadian! I live in England I have English stuff going on all the time; I’m the odd one out. It’s fun for just one day to feel normal. I don’t have accent there, hockey is god and the music, the food even the beer is like back home. Last year on the way home I was not going anywhere fast and load of us ended up sing O Canada on the M25. Who can say they’ve done that.

I don’t hate England; I know it can sound like I do sometimes. It just isn’t my home. I’d love to come here and visit for a few months. Living here isn’t for me. I’m from a big city; I use to spend a lot of my summer out in the country at my Aunts farm. I had the best of both worlds. I use to love fishing at park, hiking and just jumping in the canal in Port Colborne. I was raised on water, Niagara Falls, Port Colborne, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie. I don’t think England gets the whole lake thing, they have canals but they’re so much smaller. Everything is smaller here.

Gosh back home I did Brownies, Summer Camp, the boy and girls club after school. Then in the winter there was hockey and ice skating. Growing up we’d hang out at hockey games here kids hang out at parks drinking. Even now if I meet up with my friends it’s at the pub, back home we meet up at the cafe or Tim Hortons. I’m not a big drinker maybe that’s why I don’t get along very well here.

The other problem is there are way too many people on this small island. I miss space. I miss walking with no one else around, just walking in the woods and being able to scream and know no one can hear me, other then maybe a bear. I miss not hearing planes or cars. I miss lying in my bed and hearing the low thunder of the falls. I miss circumcised men. 89% are circumcised in North America, only 24% here.

Anyways I have things to do.


Queen Bee x

Sunday 27 June 2010

June 27th 2010


I can’t help but laugh I’ve been taking a break from my man eating way in the past few months. The first guy I find after the break says “I’m sort of in relationship, do you mind?” I don’t mind really but with him being the first in months it begs the question how do these guys find me?

All I want is a nice guy who has a back bone, who I can enjoy being with and is a great lay. Is that too much to ask? Looks wise I’m not picky. He has to be older than me, I like them taller than me and I don’t do guys that are overly hairy.

I was talking to a friend about the ways men set out to drive us girls crazy. I am someone when I’m in a relationship I don’t care who my boyfriend is with or what he’s doing. All I ask is for a text at night saying sweet dreams. But when I’m in a casual thing like most girls I turn into a nut. It’s because at that point we have no trust, the guy is free to do whatever or whomever they like. It’s the not knowing I don’t like. Just tell it how it is.

Anyways I’m going to head off and thing about getting a little sleep.

Always smile

Queen Bee x

Saturday 26 June 2010

About Me


I thought I’d start this blog by telling you a little about myself. I’m a 23 years old Canadian who moved to in England almost 10 years ago. They’re a lot of ways to describe my personality and the best way to sum it up is I’m a bitch. If you take the time to get to know me I’m actually pretty nice. I'm always there to help my friends and give out advice.

Everyone has a problem area in their life, mine is men. I go through men like you wouldn’t believe. Guys like a girl who looks good on their arm and just smile and nod. That isn't me. If I have an opinion, I’m going to voice it. I rub some guys up the wrong way, they like to have all the power and I don’t like sharing it. I’m also very good at detecting when guys are screwing me around. I'm too good at it actually. I don’t give many second chances I just get rid. The other thing is I get bored of guys too. Once I sleep with a guy unless the sex is good, I lose interest quickly. The other thing you should know about me is I have a male view on sex. I don’t think it’s something to people that are in love do. I’ve been known to go out and pull a guy to have sex with just because I’m bored.

Now that you know something about me, I think I should tell you about that cast of characters that seem to pop up again and again when it comes to talking about my sex life.

Chicken Man: He’s a guy who started off as my fuck friend, and it turned into a lot more. Sadly due to stuff I can’t get into it isn't possible for us to be together. He’ll always have a place in my heart and I miss him greatly.

Lee: He’s a guy I meet about 2 years ago. We slept together a few time. The sex wasn't anything special but as a person he’s a really good guy. Lee has some interesting sexual kinks. The man enjoys being fucked in the ass. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m not shy when it comes to sex but that’s a little weird. He has some other kinks I’ll tell you about at a later date. Lee has asked me more than once to move in with him. I could do a lot worse but I don’t feel anything for him.

Mr. X: He’s someone I who I can’t talk a lot about. He’s someone I turn to for advice. He isn't a friend whose shoulder I can cry on but he’s someone who will slap you in the face and tell you’ve fucked up. A lot of the time what he has to say is painful sometimes even hurtful to hear but it’s all for the best and things you need to hear. He’s redeeming quality is that he’s a very funny guy, and a great person to talk to.

I think that’s all the regular people in my life. I tend to go through men a lot so as they come a long I’ll try and keep you up dated. But some of the time I struggle to keep up myself.

It’s almost 5am so I think I should get a little shut eye.

Sweet dreams

Queen Bee x