Monday 6 September 2010

Thinking about love

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is alright. I’m currently snuggled up in bed thinking about love. Is anyone else shocked? I’m well aware that when people talk about me love isn't something that would even cross their mind. I’m well known for going through men on almost a daily bases. I’m not the falling in love type.

Saying all that I did fall in love once upon a time and the hard part for me is I haven’t be able to morn that relationship because it didn’t end on bad terms. We both love each other but sadly we had to end things because of his work. I always believed that if its meat to be he’d come back to me but it’s been a long while and now I’m having to realize I’m really alone.

I don’t really believe in happily ever after, I kind of figure at some point in your life you decide why the hell not and just settle for whatever you have at the time. You live in the same house for years wondering what the hell went wrong, and then you die. That’s the story Disney won’t tell you.

Before you ask I’m not sad or feeling upset, I’m just someone who believes that if you aim to high you can never truly be happy. I’m also someone who has for many years said she plans to a bingo spinster and possibly owning a few cats.

Anyways dolls I’m going to go sleep now.

Love you all and please stay safe

Queen Bee xxx

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