Friday 27 July 2018

Dating in a Male Dominated Industry

I’ve recently done some research on women in male dominated industries and the effect it has on their life both physically and romantically. To be honest, I was shocked by the research out there. And not only that, but, I was shocked by the stigma single women get from men when they work in an industry dominated by man.

Let’s address the stigma first because, I don’t understand it. Maybe you require a penis to understand the “logic” on this one. But it seems ridiculous to me.

Men seem to believe women who are single in a male dominated industries are broken, or damaged or in some way faulty. Their “logic” seems to be if they can't get a guy with that number of men around them, they're not worth having. 

These guys clearly have forgotten the golden rule “don’t shit where you eat!” Do not mix business with pleasure, it’s a horrible idea. And when you disqualify the guys you’re around 50 hours a week, it’s hard to find a man that can handle their partner being around men 50 hours a week. I’ve worked in transport over a decade and I can count on 1 hand the amount of men that have been ok with my job and most of them worked in the industry themselves. 

We’re definitely not broken, at least not any more so than other women, the system just doesn’t work in our favor. Unless, of course, you plan to climb the company ladder wrong by wrong.

What I was really surprised by is all the research regarding the negative health effects working in a male dominated industry has on women. Where was that warning when I started my career 10 years ago? They are physical risks like women tend to have higher cholesterol and nutritional deficits. And then there’s the mental risks that are even scarier.

Research has found that in a male dominated work place, the hormone found when a person is stressed is on average 15% higher in women than in a man doing the same job. Add in other factors such as lack of support, workplace harassment and sexual harassment and the risk of mental issues pile up. The number of women who work in a male dominated environment that are prescribed medication for mental issues is scary. Some studies have the figure as high as 70%. 

Those figures, actually back up something I’ve said over recent years. I can’t cope with dating and my work life. The men at work drain me mentally and when I get home, I can’t deal with bullshit. I’m snappy and lack almost all patience. Things need to either work effortlessly or I’m out. And since you’re meant to work at a healthy relationship. I am out.

I started my research hoping to find out it was possible to have a healthy relationship while working in a male industry and I’m even less sure than I was before.  The odds are simply not with us. I’m not about to say it's impossible. We pick “impossible” career paths so women in these industries know how to beat the odds. It’s just not as easy or straight forward. And personally, it’s not a fight I am willing to go through at the moment, but for the right guy I am sure it’s possible.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and as always. Stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch


Thursday 26 July 2018

Quick Up Date

Since I’ve been AWOL again, let me answer some of your questions so we can get back to the regularly scheduled programming.

What happened to Mr. X? 

Good question, well, I kind of killed him off for my own sanity. He had the baby and we all know, men with children are the best form of birth control in books. So, I just pretended he was dead. It sucks a little, we were good friends and with everything going on with my mom, he’d be nice to lean on, but my sanity needed space to take the lead again.

What happened with the work husband?

Not a damn thing. He was after purely sex, and I do better if that’s the aim. He was relationship material not fuck-friend material.

How’s your mom?

She’s ok. She’s hanging in there. Kidney function is still at 14%.

How are you?

I’m not in a great place, but I am ok. Part of it is I need to sit a write. When I don’t blog my head gets messy and emotions get a little out of whack. So, I’m hoping to make this a priority again. Just for my own wellbeing.

Anyways, hopefully that catches you up a little and now we can start blogging again.

Stay safe. 

The Honest Bitch