Friday 29 April 2011


I’m currently trying to come up with a nickname for a friend. This is weird for me normally I just come out with something stupid or odd and it sticks. I never set out to nickname someone. But in this case I feel it would make my life easier if I could write about this person without naming him.

I kind of wish he’d chat more right now so he could say something or I could say something to him that makes me think “oh that’s it, that’s now his name.” I’m kind of liking NTB right now. It stands for “Not The Boyfriend”. Remember the TV show Dinosaurs, and the cute little baby hitting the dad dinosaur with frying pan saying “not the momma”? Well he said something and that image popped into my head so that may be his new name.

Mr. X was an easy one to come up with. You guys use to say he was my Mr. Big and I’d always say if it was a game show a big X would appear on screen and that’s how it came to be.

Chicken Man is chicken man. He is listed in my phone as that. He hates it but that’s his name. He got that name because when we use text we’d call each other chicken and one day I called him a chicken man and it just stuck.

There is always a story behind the things I call people. It feels weird for me to have to pull a name out of thin air.

Anyways my dears my painkillers are kicking in and I want to sleep while I can.

Love you

The Honest Bitch


Monday 25 April 2011

Not Such A Happy Easter

I’m just going to try and keep this short because if it gets too long I change my view point and none of what I said makes any sense. Trust me this is draft number 7.

I tweeted a picture of my rather soggy tear stained pillows and you guys want to know what happened so I’ll do my best to share the details with you.

I posted a blog at the start of the month about my friends being shitty friends and apparently it read like I was only picking on one person. I didn’t mean it to sound that way and most you didn’t read it that way but someone did and shit hit the fan.

I handled things poorly. I went into manager mode and just deflexed his statements because I didn’t want to make myself look bad and because of that we decided it would be best if our dealings ended there.

Personally I will really miss him but I respect him and sometimes good bye is just best for both parties. I’m sure I’ll shed many more tears but I’ll learn from it and become stronger.

Looking at the bright-side I only have to deal with tonight and Monday. Tuesday I will be highly medicated and luck if I remember my own name. Actually I think I still have some tranquillisers left ......Can you mix them with tequila?

Anyways my dears thank you for listening. I’ll include that pillow picture in case you didn’t see it on twitter. Have a good night, I’m off to drown my sorrows and hopefully wake up to this all being a bad dreams. (Does that ever work)?

Love You All

The Honest Bitch


Sunday 24 April 2011

Customer Service Not Rocket Science

Why do companies find customer services so hard to get right? It really isn’t rocket science. Good customer service comes down to one thing.... Common courtesy.

Not everyone is suited to a customer facing role. You need the right sort of person. You can’t train people to be nice and polite; they need to have been raised that way. You can’t expect people to change habits of a live time, that’s unrealistic.

I don’t blame the people themselves, it’s not their fault they weren’t raised right, I blame the company that puts unsuitable people is roles they have no business being in. If the person swears or is rude in the back shop odds are they’re going to do it on the shop floor. It’s the manager’s job to contently be evaluating their staff. If they have rude, difficult staff interacting with the public they should be fired.

Customer service work is so simple and it really fucked me off when it’s done poorly. All that you need to do is be personable and listen. The customer isn’t always right but either is customer service rep. And customer service reps should remember that before the start with the attitude and mouthing off to customers. Remember at the end of the day the customer pays your wages.

My golden tip is if the customer is right, acknowledge it. Everyone loves to know when they’re right, it gives them a good feeling and they’ll remember you for it. (Comes in handy the next time when they’re wrong).

I worked customer services and other customer facing roles for a long time and have been lucky enough to win awards and be recognized for my hard work. So I do know what I’m talking about and I’m not just seeing it for a customer’s stand point.

Anyways my dears it’s been fun ranting but I have a few things I need to get done. Hope you have a good evening and as always stay safe.

Love Always

The Honest Bitch


P.S Happy Easter :-)

Wednesday 20 April 2011

To date or not to date

It’s coming up the year mark since I’ve been a relationship and it has me wondering if it’s time I start dating again.

Without a doubt this is the longest I’ve been single since I started dating well over a decade ago. I have to admit I’ve really enjoyed this past year. Maybe I’ve enjoyed it a little too much and that’s why I’m hesitant to enter into a new relationship.

Can anyone really blame me for enjoying this stress free and drama free year? It’s made a nice change not to have a man adding to my stress level.

After a 12 month man hiatus I can’t help but feel like I should be dating again. Although I’m not sure I’m ready. I took the break because of Mr. X and a few other guys were basically fucking with my head for their amusement. I took the time off to get over my hang up with Mr. X and because dating wasn’t fun anymore. Dating was getting to feel like a job and it shouldn’t be that way.

Now after dealing with all the bullshit and moving on I don’t want to find myself back in that same place. I’m well aware not all men are the same but news flash most of them are the same. Yes I’m sure my Prince Charming is out there waiting for me but I don’t want to kiss anymore frogs looking for him. I think it’s his turn to look for me.

I’m not closed off to the idea of dating again; I’m just not looking for anyone to date. If my Prince Charming finds me I’m game but I’m not looking for him nor am I in any rush for him to find me.

What can I say? I’m enjoying this drama free life, and I don’t care what anyone says about it.

Love you guys,

The Honest Bitch


Monday 18 April 2011

Nobody Good Hates Hockey

I once asked Steve Dangle if he’d date someone who didn’t like hockey and in reply he sent me a message saying “Nobody good hates hockey”. I’m not sure Dangle is the best person to be getting dating advice from but in this case I think he’s right.

That’s not to say everyone who hates hockey is a bad person. It’s more to say in a relationship you have to respect your partner’s passions. Its one thing to have different interests but to flat out hate something your partner is passionate about is an another matter.

In my personal experience I’ve found guys who hate hockey to be narrow minded and more often than not complete assholes. Based on that, I’m turning Dangle’s quote into a relationship law. I will no longer being dating anyone who hates hockey because nobody wroth dating hates hockey.

Anyways I’m heading off guys, Stay safe


The Honest Bitch


Monday 11 April 2011

Trigger Point

I received a letter from the hospital today and it looks like the next course of treatment for my back is trigger point injections. We have tried this a few times before with rather mixed results. But at this point even if it gives me a little relief I’ll take it.

The treatment it’s self or at least last time I had it done, involved 8 needles filled with aesthetic and steroids injected into any place in my back that hurt or was tender. I’m not really sure what its theory or science behind it is but it seems to work ....sometimes. The first time I had it done my back actually got a lot worse. But that is one of the risks you’re told about. Rather that, than a punctured lung.

I’m willing to try anything when it comes to pain relief. Medical acupuncture is one of favorites for short term pain relief. I mean really short term 12 – 24 hours. It sounds weird but I find it really relaxing and it makes me sleepy. Which may be why I love it so much. I don’t sleep well with my back and after acupuncture I sleep like a baby.

I know this isn’t my normal blog topic but its part of what’s going on with me right now so I thought I’d share.

Anyways my dears I’m going to bed. Sweet dreams and as always stay safe.


The Honest Bitch


Thursday 7 April 2011

Turnabout Is Fair Play?

I was planning to write a blog about being fucked off with people not being there for me when I go out of my way to be there for them. I was going to write about me quitting being a friend, and invoke the playgroup law of turnabout is fair play.

Oddly enough I was reading some of my old blogs and I was reminded of something Neal inspired me to write about seeing the good in things. Despite the fact I’m not happy with him right now I’ll give credit where credit is due and he’s a smart guy, and that’s a great lookout to have.

This has left me thinking that maybe quitting being a friend isn’t the right way to handle things. As much as I want to tell people to fuck off, people being a crappy friend isn’t an excuse for me to be a bad friend as well. I should just take the high road. Karma will get them for me.

I would have been within my rights to declare “turnabout’s fair play” and be a complete bitch to everyone but why should I sink to their level? I’m going to take the high road and just play nice then when karma kicks their ass, I’ll take satisfaction in that. There is nothing like revenge without getting hands dirty.

I just want thank my readers for being better friends then most of my real ones, you guys are amazing. I have to head off so as always, stay safe.


The Honest Bitch


Tuesday 5 April 2011

Social Networking Stalker

When did it get to the point where I can’t even update my Facebook status because then certain people will know I’m online? I feel like I’m living in the Facebook protection programme. I have to sneak around the site without leaving my finger prints or the social networking stalkers will get me.

I truly believe when you fall victim to a social media stalker, you should be able to handle it the same way you would a real world stalker. You should be able to log on to the Facebook courthouse and file for a restraining order. If said person violates the restraining order then you go to social media jail. Twitter already has their “jail” so is it really a far stretch to build a jail for all social networking sites?

I just want to be able to log into my Facebook and not have to deal with messages from guys who just want to get they’re leg over. Is that really too much to ask?

Anyways dolls, I’m heading off. I have bugger loads to do. Stay safe guys.

Love Always

The Honest Bitch