Monday, 18 April 2011

Nobody Good Hates Hockey

I once asked Steve Dangle if he’d date someone who didn’t like hockey and in reply he sent me a message saying “Nobody good hates hockey”. I’m not sure Dangle is the best person to be getting dating advice from but in this case I think he’s right.

That’s not to say everyone who hates hockey is a bad person. It’s more to say in a relationship you have to respect your partner’s passions. Its one thing to have different interests but to flat out hate something your partner is passionate about is an another matter.

In my personal experience I’ve found guys who hate hockey to be narrow minded and more often than not complete assholes. Based on that, I’m turning Dangle’s quote into a relationship law. I will no longer being dating anyone who hates hockey because nobody wroth dating hates hockey.

Anyways I’m heading off guys, Stay safe


The Honest Bitch


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