Friday 1 April 2016

It's April... When Did That Happen

So apparently April is a thing, I’m not quite sure when it happened…. But it did and I don’t like it. I’m not where I wanted to be by April, I had a plan and evidence that plan went out the window.
I wanted to have my shit together by now, I wanted to have my blog in order, my work / personal life balanced out. That hasn’t really happened. I’m 29 in just over a month, at some point I have to get my shit together and be an adult… Even if I don’t want to.

29 is a scary age to me, that’s when I always thought I’d settle down, get married, have kids and that’s pretty much not happening now. Married, mortgage, kids…. That’s the plan and that’s not a year or two plan. Also for that plan to even work, I’d have to find a guy I can stand and right now, everyone gets on my nerves. I’s just not a people person these days.

Maybe I’m going to have to have a long look at my plan because clearly at the minute it’s not working.

Anyways, I’m going to go and get some sleep, I’m back at work tomorrow and if the last two weeks are anything to go by… it’s going to be a long week. But before I go I have this question for you, what is your scary grown up, have your shit together age? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


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