Friday 28 June 2019

Friends In Low Places

As much as I can find my job soul sucking and absolutely hate it at times, I also realise I am very lucky to work with the bunch of people I do. Night workers in general tend to have closer bonds. I think it has to do with having no management around and having to work together to make things work. But the group I currently have a special and just when you’re at your lowest they have a way of reminding of that.

Recently I was thrown to the sharks, made to cover 3 contracts with next to no training. Admittedly, I had done one of them before, however, that was 3 and half years ago, but my training on that was seriously outdated. My teammates around the country, knowing I was struggling, jumped in to save me. Nobody had to do anything, but without evening asking they happily helped.

I couldn’t be more thankful or grateful for the team of people I have around me. The job may suck, but the people are second to none. And, it just goes to show it’s good to have friends in low places.

Love ya,

The Honest Bitch

Friday 21 June 2019

Joining Team Tyler?

After my “date” with Mr. Block and some soul searching, I may be coming around to this whole Team Tyler way of thinking.

I’ve said it many times, Tyler is a lovely guy, I can’t fault him. I was thinking about this other night he actually reminds me a lot of my backup plan pact friends from school. You know the pact, if we’re not married by X age, we’ll marry each other. I had a couple of them and not surprisingly, they all got married. They were lovely guys. The ones your mother didn’t mind hanging out in your bedroom because they were nice boys.

I’m a little said they all got married off. I briefly dated one of them while we were in school, and I ended up breaking up with him because of peer pressure. He wasn’t cool enough. Not my brightest move, but he’s living his best life these days. Happily married with kids and is still a sweetheart. We still talk occasionally.

Tyler reminds a lot of that boy particularly. Something about being a voice of reason when my brain wants chaos. And his ability to actually make me listen. Which is rare; I can only think of a handful of people that can do that and even fewer that manage to do that without being a twatbag (Mr. X being the one that comes to mind with that description).

I don’t know, maybe you guys aren’t so crazy. Or maybe I’ve just had too much blue agave juice… nope, that sounded sound any better than tequila. It was worth a shot.

Anyways, I am off to enjoy my last few hours of freedom before work sucks all the life out of me. But before I go, I have this question for you; Are you Team Tyler? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and as always. Stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch

Friday 14 June 2019

It Actually Happened

Here’s a blog I never thought I’d be writing; After being cancelled on, what must have been 15 times, I finally met Mr. Block. And I can safely say it wasn’t worth the wait.

Here’s what happened; It was his birthday and I sent him a generic happy birthday message on Facebook. He responded back and we ended up chatting. Nothing flirty at all just normal friendly chat. He mentioned during the conversation he was spending his birthday alone. I didn’t take much notice, but it said it again later and apparently my heart isn’t completely stone because I felt bad for him.

I told him if he wanted, I would come around for a drink since nobody should spend their birthday alone… Unless you’re me and that’s your idea of a fantastic birthday. So, after a little back and forth it was decided I’d go around.

He lives in a lovely area, it was nice driver, highlight of the experience really.  Once I found the place, he came out to get me, said he hi and to follow him and that was about it. The apartment was cute, very single guy basic. Nothing wrong with that. He got me a beer; he was drinking Bud Light. That’s not normal. What dude drinks Bud light? Hell, I don’t know any girls that drink that shit. He sat down and chatted about work. He apparently got a promotion and pay raise, just that week. Men who brag about that stuff on a first date normally have a small… personality that’s all I’m saying. And we watched a little TV.

The beer was the first little warning, the second was the tv programming, murder, all murder shows. I love true crime, but not really something I’d watch with someone I just meet. I was a little worried I was going to end up on one of those shows.

He then tried to put the “moves” on me as if he was 12. He kept inching his hand towards mine, brushing my hand. I ended grabbing his hand to stop whatever he was doing.  I also think he tried to kiss me a couple times, but I dodged and played dumb.

I ended up leaving around 23:00 I only stayed a couple of hours. He didn’t try anything when I left, which I found weird. No hug, or attempt at kiss, he just waved and didn’t even walk me back to my car. The whole night was just weird.

Not sure I’ll be doing it again, but glad to have crossed it off the list. Anyways, I am going to go and enjoy the remaining few hours of my holiday. Before I go I have this question for you; Do you trust a guy who drinks light beer? Let me know in the comments below. And as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch

Friday 7 June 2019

A Problem Only I Could Have

Recently I met our trainer for dialysis, the person who will be coming to our house each day for 3 weeks to train both my stepdad and I on how to run the lines and things like that. Slight issue… I know him.

The real issue…. I dated him… can’t remember if I slept with him, but, it's a possibility. But yeah, I  definitely dated him and I’m pretty sure I did a disappearing act on him. From what I remember he was really clingy, and I found it super off putting, as you would, so.... I stopped replying to him.... with no explanation.

I was kind of hoping he didn’t remember me, but the fact he wished me happy birthday on Facebook leads me to believe otherwise. I swear if the ghosts weren’t bad enough, now I have a zombie on my hands. I can’t catch a break. Although, even I’ll admit this kind of funny. In a if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry kind of way.

Wish me luck, I may need it. I’d leave you with a question of the blog, but the only one I can think of is; Does anyone know any good hiding spots? Stay safe my dears… and be careful whom you date.


The Honest Bitch