Friday 3 September 2010

Age Difference

Hey Guys,

I’ve spent the evening talking with a friend about age differences. He is dating an older woman. Personally I’ve never dated anyone younger than me. I’ve slept with two guys that were younger than me but even that in my mind isn’t right. I didn’t know there age and once I found out that was that. So I found it a little odd the she’s date someone 5 years young.

I’ve always said that if I found the right guy it wouldn’t matter but until recently I hadn’t even met a younger guy who I’d want to even causally date. I know it sound like there is a hope but there isn’t. I may have met someone cool but he’s not local and he’s not my normal type.

I am still 100% single, with no guy on my radar. It feels a little weird it’s been years since I’ve had nothing on the cards. I kind of like it, no drama.
Anyways guys I’m off the night. Stay safe

Queen Bee

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