Monday 12 July 2010

How do these poeple find me?

I’m going try and explain the headache that sleeping with random guys will get you in.

Lee isn’t all that random, I had been talking to him a long while before I went to his for the weekend last year. Needless to say while I was there we did sleep together a few times. In all honestly he was a pretty rubbish fuck I only score him a 4 out of 10. I cut all tied once I got home. He has a nasty habit of popping up from time to time, he’s sweet talker and I’m stupid.
I told you about Si, that’s Lee’s girlfriend Kylie’s twin sister. She messaged me about a week ago wanting to know, how I knew Lee. I come to find out that Lee and Kylie had been together since 2008, which clearly means when I fucked him, he was in a relationship. Si doesn’t like Lee and has been trying to prove to Kylie that he’s a loser.

After this I sent a text to Lee, wanting to know why is was such a fuckwit. He feeds me a load of bullshit and said sorry. I thought that was the end of it until....

Kylie messages me screaming about her boyfriend and her family. She didn’t get much joy out of yelling at me. I listened to a very wise friend and used logic on her. She kept ending her message with “Now fuck off stay away from my man”. Seeing as she kept messaging me I used logic and reply “if you want me to fuck off, stop messaging me”. I thought it was funny, and after some more messages that made me laugh and it was clear she’s get no joy for me she fucked off.

Later that night Si messaged me (anyone else thinking my life could be made into a soap opera) she was just laughing and joking and taking the piss out of Lee. I did come to find out she has 5 kids at the age of 22. That’s crazy.

Kylie then decided to message me with this “Your just jealous because he's with me and we are happy, you want what you can't have. Well your not going to get him so make sure you never contact him again!! He might of sais yes once but everyone can make a mistake and he won't b doing it again, your to much of a fucking ugly mess”. The woman is crazy first off “her man” is into being fucked in the ass and water sports, who would want that. Secondly I don’t want Lee, he’s nasty! Oh and he contracted me!

As you do when you’re being insulted about being single, you say you’re in a relationship. I choose to use Mr X just because he happened to be online. I’ve spent the day defending someone who wouldn’t even sleep with me. This crazy, if anyone should be bad mouth him it’s me not some crazy hoe that can’t keep her man happy. I can’t stop laughing, I’m sat here saying how good he is in bed, and he’s such a sweetheart. I could show him what I’m writing and even he’d laugh at the idea it’s about him. I never insulted her once and she takes to personal insults and slagging off imaginary boyfriend. That’s always a sign the other person knows you’re right. I’ll never understand why girl get mad at the other girl....What about the cheating lying boyfriend?

Anyways I’m off; always remember never to give the guy your real name.

Queen Bee x

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