Friday 9 July 2010

Texting Code

I was talking with someone who doesn’t understand the need for some people to text all day long, and he also doesn’t understand there is an unspoken code of texting.

I am someone who tends to text a fair bit and in the past I have been knew to text all day long. What people don’t understand when your texting all day with the same person, it isn’t one conversation; it’s like a million little ones. “You wouldn’t believe what I just heard”, “Damn that guy was hot”, “He was asking about you again”. There is always something to say. It’s not like we sit around texting, we text what’s happing in our life, as it happens. It’s just like updating you status on facebook or twitter.

Now for the texting code....

LOL – If the lol is at the start of the message, the person is laughing at what you said, if the lol is at the end of their are laughing at what they have said.

If a person use lol as punctuation it means everything is light hearted

!!!! – Either means they REALLY mean it or reply quickly

X – The amount of x’s makes different things.

You have the base line x is the amount they normally put at the end of a message. It some cases each contract may have different x baseline (e.g. 1 x for friends of the same sex, 2 for different sex and 3 for good friends and people you want to sleep with)

Any things less than the base line means they’re unhappy

Anything more means they’re into you at the moment.

Over use of the x means either they have said something mean and are trying to keep

you from getting mad or they want to fuck you.

No x’s means the person is very mad

Ha ha – is a sarcastic laugh

He he – is a guy thing, it started because of the over use of lol

I can’t think of anything others at the moment but if I do I will add them

Stay safe

Queen Bee x

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