Sunday 4 July 2010



It’s a well known fact that me and relationships end badly. Anyone will tell you relationships don’t change me. I’m always me but for some reason dating me turns men in crazy mush balls. They’re all strong and manly when we start dating and after a few weeks they all overly mushy, spineless and so clingy. I like my men to be strong and tough, the only place where I don’t mind mushy is in bed.

I understand that I’m a strong person, but every woman wants a guy that can look after them. I’m not someone that would let my guy fight my battles but it’s nice when they offer. I don’t often need someone shoulder to cry on, but it’s nice to think that you’re boyfriend is strong enough to be there for you if you need them.

I don’t think right now there is anyone in my life that could be my boyfriend. I kind of feel that the guys around me now, could be broken easily. I’m happy just having a laugh as long as it stays fun. I hate it when I’m having fun and guy decides to grow feelings. Why ruin a good thing with feelings? If they’re something more there it’ll turn into more. There is no reason to force it.

All my best relationships have just happened. You know those relationships that start with you hanging out, just having a laugh, and just being friends getting closer and closer? Those relationships wear you can’t actually say when you started dating, it just happened. Those are my kind of relationships. No stress, no drama and no evil L word.

Anyways my dears, I’m off.

Queen Bee x

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