Sunday 11 July 2010

Marriage and Relationships


Why is everyone getting married? Everyone is my circle of school friends seems to be getting married; two of them got married within 5 days of each other. It’s a bloody joke, we’re 23. Maybe I still have a Canadian attitude towards marriage but 23 is rather young. I have friends back home who have been dating of 5 even 12 years and they’re not even engaged.

I don’t go to weddings, being happy about love just isn’t my style. I tell everyone the same thing “I’m not going to the wedding but I’ll be there for the divorce”. I know that sounds bad but half of all marriages end in divorce so it’s only logical to think that some of their marriages are going to go tits up. And if they do, I’ll be there cheering them up, breaks up have always been my speciality. I remember when Cay and Rob broke up after 5 years; she has crying on the couch with Ky saying she wanted me. Break ups are the one time being a bitch comes in handy. You get to list all the guys faults and why the friend can do better and before you know it you’re playing singstar and on the dance mat.

I think currently I am the only single person in my group of friends, and because of this my friends keep talking to me like I’m fucking child, “You’ll find someone”, what if I don’t want anyone? Am I the only sane person? I am enough for me; I don’t need a relationship to make me feel whole, I am happy. The fact everyone else needs someone is just a sign of co-dependence.
I’m an only child, I’m pretty use to being alone and self-reliant. This means any guy that comes along has to deal with the fact I don’t need them, I don’t like asking for help and I have 10 feet tall walls so I tend to push people away. It’s a good job I love me.

I’m heading off to bed dolls, be safe and stay out of trouble

Queen Bee x


  1. I know what you mean. I'm also 23 and it seems that all my acquaintances from high school and college are getting married. What I hate the most about this is how they look at me with a sense of superiority like they achieved such greatness while I am just a mere(single) mortal.

  2. That look drives me crazy and then they always feel the need to try and set me up with their friends. It's like have single people around them makes them uncomfortable

  3. Ha ha I know, actually a married girl told me she is uncomfortable with single women because she thinks they would flirt with her husband so she prefers having couples as friends(like that would guarantee anything). So it's because they are scared we are stealing their husbands :))) or we remind them of a better time they don't want to acknowledge.

  4. I don't think she should worry about single women, she should worry about her husband flirting back lol, I think you're right, they don't want to be reminded of a their fun single past now that they're boring and tied down :-)