Saturday 24 July 2010

No more Miss.Nice


It appears whatever hold Mr. X had over me is gone. I actually don’t care about him anymore. I’ve always stood up for him and defended him but it hit me why do I? He couldn’t care less about me. He wouldn’t be there if I needed him. Screw that, I have a step dad if I need to be insulted and abused. This whole infatuation is stupid and so am I for letting it go on this long.

My parents had been away within 30 seconds of them coming home my step dad started on me. Yesterday it got so bad I was walking around with a hammer in my hand. If he had said one more word there is no doubt in my mind the hammer would have met his head. There was no doubt in my mother’s head either so she took him out for a while.

I’ve lost my ability to play nice. I really can’t handle anyone’s shitty attitude right now. I just want to grab a hockey stick and break it over their head. My advice for anyone who thinks I’m being mean to them is “Stop being such a fuckwit cunt and maybe I’ll be civil to you”.

Now off to drool over Scott Leonard, I know he’s blond but so was Devon Sawa and he made me wet too.

Queen Bee x
You can’t say you wouldn’t do him

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