Thursday 18 November 2010


It never seizes to amaze me how clueless men really are. I’m the first to admit we don’t always speak the same language but when you spend enough time around a foreign language you start to pick up the basics. Or at least that how it’s supposed to work.

I’m not sure if guys are just ignorant or just dumb but they don’t seem to understand that we have different beliefs and words have different meanings on plant women. Sentences like “its ok” can have 60 different meanings. Men on the other hand haven’t evolved into such complex beings. Everything they say and do only has one meaning....Most of the time.

I’d like to think men should be able to understand me. I’m not a normal female, I can talk sports, I’m not really relationship friendly and I’m a fan of fuck friends, but guys don’t seem to under me either. I don’t mince my words, I say what I mean and guys are just as clueless. This leads me to believe being clueless is in their DNA.

Staying on the clueless theme I recently received a message from a guy I use to be “friendly” with at stupid o clock in the morning. It started off all friendly “how are you?” and it quickly turned to filth. Which itself isn’t a problem however, I have a problem guys that wrap their horniness up in pleasantries.

Why can’t guys just be truthful about their intentions? There is nothing more off putting to me then a guy who goes from sweet and innocent to horn dog in the blink on an eye. I feel like its false advertising. If you’re only looking for a fuck be honest about it. You’ll be surprise how far it’ll get you. Ok the distance may be because you were kicked but we’ll respect you more. Or at least hate you less.

Anyways I’m off dolls, stay safe

Love Always

The Honest Bitch


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