Sunday 7 November 2010

Is there something bewteen the lines?

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone’s hangovers aren’t too bad on this freezing cold Sunday morning. I have been doing a little thinking on why ghosts pop up.

My answer to that question for years has been they do it to fuck with a girl's head. A male friend said that guys do it because they’re regretting their choices. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at that. On what planet do guys care if they’ve hurt a girl or regret passing someone over?

But that conversation has left me wondering is it possible that there is more to a man than what on the surface?

For year’s girl all over the world have been told “Don’t read into anything a guy says, what they say is what they mean.” Has the female race be lied to for all this year? Could there actually be something written in between the lines?

Personally I find this hard to believe, I have a lot of guys friends and they’re pretty straight forward to understand. If something is wrong they’ll tell you, they don’t do the female thing and say everything is fine. Hell I had a guys tell me loved me and they block me and disappear (no subtitles needed). It blows my mind to think that guys may have something deeper to them.

If guys have something deeper to them I wonder what those classic male lines really mean. “I’m not ready for a relationship”, could that be code for I don’t want to get hurt again? The whole idea is enough to drive a girl crazy. Personally I hope that it’s all bullshit, I’m perfectly happy thinking men aren’t capable of higher brain thoughts. They’re black and white and that’s the why I like it.

Anyways my dears I’m off to bed. Sweet dreams everyone

The Honest Bitch


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