Tuesday 10 August 2010

Odd Celebrity Crushes

The hot topic between my friends and me at the moment is our weird celebrity crushes. I’m not talking about the ones that no one can deny are hot. I’m talking about the ones who aren’t traditionally good luck but you wouldn’t push off they were on top of you.

After a long talk about our crushes, we took to the internet to ask friends and completely strangers if they had any random celebrity crushes. You may be shocked to learn that must people have them. Some of them are a bit borderline but it appears that everyone has one.

The question is what makes us crush on people that in normal life we wouldn’t look twice at?

I’m not the best person to answer that question. I am someone who would rather have someone that makes me laugh and can hold a conversation then a drop dead gorgeous guy. In my world gorgeous guys are for fuck friends and one nightstands. Here’s a little advice for you on that matter the better looking the guy the worse in bed they are.

My weird crushes are all people that play themselves on TV and maybe that’s part of the allure. I found in my reach must weird celebrity crushes are not character actors. This leads me to think that the public either are just fame hunger whore or believes that the show gives us a window into their personality.
I found the idea that we’re actually attracted to their personality refreshing. I guess it means the human race isn't as shallow as may have first believed.

Anyways it’s late and I need some sleep. Stay safe

Queen Bee x

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