Thursday 19 August 2010



I’m sorry that I have been a bit on the quiet side. I aim to post once a week but to be honest I just haven’t had much to write about. I’m trying to stay out of trouble. It’s not really working but it’s the thought that counts.

Chameleons are the new hot topic among both my male and female friends right now. I guess I should explain what a chameleon is. A “chameleon” is a person who has the ability to change between hot and not. This shouldn’t be confused with beer goggles where you go to bed with someone hot and wake up with Frankenstein. I actually told someone he was a chameleon not sure how it went over. I was meant in a nice way though. He made a good example because he has 12 million pictures of himself on his twitter account.

Anyways guys I need to go work on a few things. Stay Safe

Queen Bee x
(The one the only honest bitch)

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