Monday 13 December 2010

Not moving my blog - More Details

Hey Dolls,

I think you guys would like some details on what lead to my last short update the other night. You can’t really call that a blog.

Here it goes I was getting ready to watch the HNIC and one of my many ghosts popped up. The conversation started off ok, if not a little forward on his part. Then all out of nowhere he tells me him and a group of people I haven’t seen in years have been reading my blog.

Part of my blogs charm is I can say whatever, no one knows who I am, and I’m not answerable to anyone. So I was very worried at first that people I know reading it would change things. However, after thinking about it long and hard, I realized that they’re people who I haven’t spoken to in years, why does it matter. They already have their opinions of me and seeing as we don’t they’re not good ones. And while they may hate me they’re doing me favour and helping me get more and more views.

The drama the other night wasn’t just about that. It turns out the ghost had a problem with some of the stuff I had said about him. I’m sorry his feeling got hurt but I’m not sorry for how I felt. There are two sides to every story and this blog is where I get to tell my story and how I feel. Tough cookie if you don’t like it.

Like I said in my short update, I’m very thankful for Mr. X being the voice of reason. He’s not normally so human but he actually understands the blogging world and how much time goes into not just the writing but the get readers. He may be a total jerk but I wouldn’t change him the world.

Anyways my dolls, I’m heading off. Have a great day.

Love Always

The Honest Bitch


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