Friday 10 December 2010

Here's a question

Hi guys,

I have a question for you. Do you tell Facebook if you’re in a relationship?

My answer is no, I always leave my status as single no matter what. First of all, I don’t change it because I have family on there and the last I need is to play 500 questions with them.

My other reason is I like to keep my opinions open. I’m not against over lapping relationships and if I happen to find someone better I like to be able to make a move straight away and not worry about explaining why my status says one thing and I say another.

Also I’m not a relationship person. When you change your status to “The Honest Bitch is in a relationship with Blank McBlank”, that guy seems to think he has the right to attack your wall with words like I miss you and I love you. Messages like that creep me out.

I know I’m not the only person that does this. Instead of lying some people just remove the relationship status all together and other simple say they’re married to a friend so there is no room for the truth. I’m smart enough to know if a guy has no relationship status posted he’s hiding something, But not everyone’s so smart.

When you post your relationship on Facebook, I find the relationship almost becomes a group activity. Your friends feel the need to butt in and share their 2 cents. If you’re not agreeing about something, people feel like need to jump in with their opinions on how to make things right. I’m not for one minute suggesting a relationship is completely private thing. Unless you live on Mars someone is going to have something to say about it. However Facebook has made it so everyone's relationship is like a reality TV show and we all know how reality TV show couples end up.

Love Always

The Honest Bitch


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