Sunday 27 June 2010

June 27th 2010


I can’t help but laugh I’ve been taking a break from my man eating way in the past few months. The first guy I find after the break says “I’m sort of in relationship, do you mind?” I don’t mind really but with him being the first in months it begs the question how do these guys find me?

All I want is a nice guy who has a back bone, who I can enjoy being with and is a great lay. Is that too much to ask? Looks wise I’m not picky. He has to be older than me, I like them taller than me and I don’t do guys that are overly hairy.

I was talking to a friend about the ways men set out to drive us girls crazy. I am someone when I’m in a relationship I don’t care who my boyfriend is with or what he’s doing. All I ask is for a text at night saying sweet dreams. But when I’m in a casual thing like most girls I turn into a nut. It’s because at that point we have no trust, the guy is free to do whatever or whomever they like. It’s the not knowing I don’t like. Just tell it how it is.

Anyways I’m going to head off and thing about getting a little sleep.

Always smile

Queen Bee x

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