Wednesday 30 June 2010

June 30th 2010


I’ve had a lovely night at bingo, won a little bit, £50 not bad for a free night. The best part was £1.60 for an archers and lemonade. I was drinking them 2 by 2. I don’t drink often but the bingo called was on my nerves. He sounded like he was doing an Indian chant. There was no breath between numbers or words it was all joined by sound. I had a good night though. I spent a lot of the night flirting with the manager, it’s always a good night when I get to flirt and since he was flirting back I was even happier.

Here’s a random fact about me: I only read books in the summer. Now I’m not someone who sun baths. I don’t like being hot, so the suns not my friend. I do however enjoy sitting outside in a shading spot. In summer most of the time outside is cooler then in so it makes sense to lay outside with a good book and some music and relax.

I’m currently reading “Are you there Vodka, It’s me Chelsea”. I love Chelsea Handler anyways but the book is pretty good. It’s taken a while for me to get into it. I read “My Horizontal Life” in 3 days, one of which I had my wisdom tooth pulled. This isn’t going to be like that one. I’ve had it since Saturday and I’ve read 39 pages but I’m starting to get into now.
Anyways my dears I’m off to get some sleep. I have lots to do to tomorrow to get myself ready for Canada Day on Thursday.

Play nice

Queen Bee x

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