Monday 28 June 2010

June 28th 2010

Hey Dolls,

I’m so fed up with fuckwit men. July 1st is Canada Day and I had made plans to go with Lee but I haven’t heard from him in a week. I don’t chase after guys that don’t do well looks on they’re side. So I’m going with Daniel. I’m not happy about this one little bit. He likes me, I don’t like him but what else can I do?

I’m sure it must be hard for you guys to understand why Canada Day is such a big deal to me. I moved to England on the 16th of July, I last real fun memories back home were from Canada Day. So that’s part of the reason, the rest is because I’m Canadian! I live in England I have English stuff going on all the time; I’m the odd one out. It’s fun for just one day to feel normal. I don’t have accent there, hockey is god and the music, the food even the beer is like back home. Last year on the way home I was not going anywhere fast and load of us ended up sing O Canada on the M25. Who can say they’ve done that.

I don’t hate England; I know it can sound like I do sometimes. It just isn’t my home. I’d love to come here and visit for a few months. Living here isn’t for me. I’m from a big city; I use to spend a lot of my summer out in the country at my Aunts farm. I had the best of both worlds. I use to love fishing at park, hiking and just jumping in the canal in Port Colborne. I was raised on water, Niagara Falls, Port Colborne, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie. I don’t think England gets the whole lake thing, they have canals but they’re so much smaller. Everything is smaller here.

Gosh back home I did Brownies, Summer Camp, the boy and girls club after school. Then in the winter there was hockey and ice skating. Growing up we’d hang out at hockey games here kids hang out at parks drinking. Even now if I meet up with my friends it’s at the pub, back home we meet up at the cafe or Tim Hortons. I’m not a big drinker maybe that’s why I don’t get along very well here.

The other problem is there are way too many people on this small island. I miss space. I miss walking with no one else around, just walking in the woods and being able to scream and know no one can hear me, other then maybe a bear. I miss not hearing planes or cars. I miss lying in my bed and hearing the low thunder of the falls. I miss circumcised men. 89% are circumcised in North America, only 24% here.

Anyways I have things to do.


Queen Bee x

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