Monday 12 December 2022


I mentioned in a previous post I’m “neuro-spicy” and a few of you have had questions, as this isn’t something I talk a lot about. I don’t tend to not talk about it as I’m only partially diagnosed, which can be a little awkward. But since you guys had questions, I thought I’d fill you in. 

When I was little, it was clear I wasn’t neurotypical however it was also clear I wasn’t “slow”. So, when I was in early elementary this led to a lot of testing. Through this testing, a few things were brought to light. The first being my short-term memory is poor. I believe the phasing on the report is “less than the standard” whatever the hell that means. But this is why mental math was and always has been an issue for me, yet I was always a few grade levels ahead in math. I can sum this up quicker than them…. I simply can’t remember the previous sum to do the next thing to it. This is also why my reading comprehension sometimes took me longer. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand it, it was a couldn’t remember it. Once it was in my brain, I didn’t have a problem This is also the reason why I must write things down because it will be lost to the universe otherwise. 

The second thing that came to light is the cause of the frustration. I was screened for Autism, which I very clearly didn’t have from the results, however part of that screening included testing for Sensory Processing Disorder, which I very clearly did have. However, even to this day, SPD isn’t a standalone diagnosis. So, despite the testing very clearly showing I have it, because I didn’t have Autism, I couldn’t have SPD. 

Science, of course, does move on, and people are fighting to make it a standalone diagnosis. However, when I was a child Autism was the only thing SPD was linked to, now it is also linked to ADHD which might be a better fix for me. I wasn’t screened as a child for this as girls just weren’t screened, it was a boy thing. However, nowadays we know differently, and girls just present differently. 

In my case, I suspect that’s where the link is. However, at my age, there isn't a benefit to being tested. There’s actual risk thanks to some interesting laws. I am just more aware that my social anxiety is likely linked more to SPD than true anxiety so isn’t treatable in the same way. I know I may need to lean on others as the techniques that are recommended don’t work the same way when your brain is just different.  It’s just one of those things.

So, there you are, I have SPD even though I can’t have SPD as I don’t have the linked diagnosis hence “partially diagnosed”. I hope that answers your questions. I am off to sleep as it's 2 am and that’s what normal people do. As always, stay, and play, safe. 

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