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Friday 13 September 2019

I'm Sick

In an attempt to not ruin my blogging streak, I am writing this throw away post. Sadly, I am sick as dog and I am horrible blogger who doesn’t have anything planned ahead. 

I am trying to tough out work this week... not sure why. Think it's a mental think. But it'll be interesting  to see if I make it as I feel horrible. 

Anyways I am off to rest before work. Hopefully next weeks post is better. As always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Friday 30 November 2018

I'm Sick

It’s beginning to look a lot like flu season…… I’m sick, I am miserable, and I have no time for any of this.

While trying to rest this evening like a good little patient, my body decided it would be cute to wake me up by projectile vomiting. Charming, I know. Luckily, I haven’t been able to eat in 2 days, so clean up was less gross than it could have been. However, I didn’t really have time booked for washing bedding today but needs must.

So, apologies todays post is short again, but unfortunately, I am sick and the time I had set aside to write is now having to be used by cleaning bedding and sleeping so hopefully I’m better for work on Sunday.

What are your home remedies for the flu? And, what do you do you do to make yourself feel better when you’re stuck in bed sick? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch

Friday 27 January 2017

Still Sick

I should be getting ready to go out and get smashed with my co-workers, however we’re all ill. Which makes for an incredibly boring post. I’ve been sick for just under 2 weeks and my biggest accomplishment in that time is not throwing up on my keyboard at work.

It’s very frustrating, I have a million blog ideas, but no energy to write any of them. This bug has made me so tired it’s unreal. Which is everyone’s complaint with it, I know. But nonetheless frustrating.

Anyways, I just wanted to hop on and apologise for being a bad blogger. But I figured a crappy little post was better was better than missing one completely. Before I go back to sleep, I’ll leave you with this question, what makes you feel better when you’re sick? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch

Friday 20 January 2017

Sick Day "Routine"

I’m currently lying in bed with a fever of 101, watching YouTube videos, more specifically sick day routine videos. And all I can say is a lot of these beauty gurus are full of shit when it comes to their sick day routines.

“When I get sick, I like to go to get some fresh air and go for a walk.” “When I’m sick there are two things I like to do relax and clean.” – What the hell!?

I understand YouTubers need to get views and ideas can be hard to come by, but give me a break nobody’s sick day routine consists of 12 skin care products and cardio routine.

I’m pretty sure most people’s sick day routines are the same; sleep, TV, and more sleep. When you’re truly sick you don’t to be doing anything and your body isn’t up doing anything so the idea of a routine is ridiculous.

That said, I thought I’d share my “routine” with you guys, and I use that word loosely, so you can let me know if I’m crazy, maybe a cardio workout is perfectly normal and I’m the weird one.

When I’m being a good sick person my “routine” consists of drink a lot of hot drink. I’m not  a hot drink drinker, but when I am sick I do like them. It helps break up mucus and makes breathing easier and it also helps kill and flush out the evil bugs that are making me sick.

The next thing I try and do is force myself to take a shower, I win some, I lose some on this one. I know I should as it helps with mucus and it also washes off any germs you have gotten your skin from coughing and nose dripping. But in all honesty, sleeps sometimes beats out showers.

If I’m being a really good sick person, I’ll put on moisturizer. When you’re sick your body doesn’t care about your skin and nor do I normally. I figure I have many products to fix any issues I may have once I’m feeling better.

The rest of my “routine” is sleep and TV. And that’s about it, if I’m up to it maybe food, but mainly sleep. And definitely, no cardio.

Anyways, I am going to go back to bed as I am feeling worse by the second. But, before I go, I have this question for you; what is your sick day routine? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Friday 18 November 2016

All Caught Up

It appears my blog has caught up with reality, due in large part to me spending the past 3 weeks suffering with that I can only assume at this point was the plague.

It feels weird knowing when I’m done writing and editing this post there will be no delay. I got kind of use to it. I know Mr. X would send me a message questioning something I wrote, most of the time I wouldn’t have a clue what he was on about. I’d have to go back and re-read my post…… and still not reply….. I was super sick.

I guess I should bring you up speed; Martin is dead, he’s been dead for well over a month. I decided I was too old to play games and frankly got bored.

I haven’t spoken to Mr. X, like I said I was sick and frankly, I’m still not 100%. I’m still trying to rest up, hence why this post is going to be short.

I’m currently on holiday from work, which is nice because I’m not in love with my job at the moment.  Something I’m planning on addressing while I’m off.

Anyways, I’m going to go and get some more sleep. Sorry, this is a bit of a throwaway post, but thanks to the bug I had, if my doctor is going to be believed, I’m going to worn down for a few weeks. Before I go, I have this question for you; what is your favorite way to recover from an illness? Let me know in the comment box below. And as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Friday 18 March 2016

Math Is Against Me

I was talking with one of my drivers about how I always seem to be sick on my days off. I explained to him it’s the price you tend to pay when you work 4 on, 4 off, and when you think about it, it kind of makes sense.

When you work 4 on, 4 off, you don’t tend to allow yourself to get fully better. The average cold or flu lasts 7-10 days.  If we start getting sick on our 3rd or 4th shift in, it’s normally at its worst by our 1st or 2nd day off. 2 or 3 days later, as you do with the flu, you feel better. And that puts you right at the start of your work week. The problem being, you’re not better, you’re just better than you were.  And your mind will tell you, you’ve been in bed for 4 days, you're better and to go to work! The math, on the other hand, will tell you it’s only been 5 or 6 days since you got ill, despite what you think, you’re not better.

But, because nobody ever listens to math; so you go to work, and due to another mathematical equation that is working against, 4 days later, when your work week is done, you’re still sick, probably sicker than you were 4 days ago and the cycle continues.

There is another math equation that works against you and is probably the reason you got sick in the first place and the reason your recovery will take longer than it should; sleep, or lack thereof. When you’re sick, you need rest to recover and lots of it, and when you work 12 hour shifts you don’t get it. And it’s easy to see why.

It takes me 1.5 to get to work, 1 hour to get home. I give myself 2 hours to get ready and eat before work, right there only leaves me 7.5 hours. I have to come in from work, take off my makeup, actually fall asleep. Even if that only took an hour….and trust me, it’s always longer, that only leaves a possible 6.5 hours of sleep a night. And that’s banking on me getting out of work bang on 6am…. Which isn’t a thing that happens. So I’m lucky if I get 5 and half maybe 6 hours of sleep a night. Remembering 8 hours is what we’re meant to be aiming for. By the end of my working week I have a sleep debt of 8+ hours, or a full night’s sleep. Which is why like most 4 on, 4 off night shift workers I rarely see my first day off.

Like I said, math is against me, which is a shame, because it was always my favorite subject in school and now it’s trying to kill me. Anyways, I am going to go and sleep because…. Math. But before I do I have this question for you; what do you feel like is working against you? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch

Friday 18 September 2015

Sick :-(

I’m currently cuddled up in bed with a 102 degree fever so I’m afraid I’m going to have to keep this short. I think when I’m sick is the only real time I miss being in a relationship. I’m in bed achy, with a sore throat, blocked ears, sinus pain, boiling up and the only thing I want to do is cuddle up with my head on a cute guy's chest and sleep for a month.

Luckily, when the Nyquil kicks in I’ll be in a coma for the next 4 hours and any sad feelings I may have will quickly be replaced by trying not to drown in my own drool.

I’m so irritated I’m under the weather, I have loads of posts I wanted to write this 4 off, but I’m barely capable of lifting my head off the pillow at the minute.

Anyways, I’m going to go back to sleep and hopefully when I wake up, I will feel well enough to get some of that writing I wanted done. I just hate letting you guys down. But before I go I will leave you with a question: what makes you miss being in a relationship? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Thursday 27 August 2015

Poorly Cuddles

I’m struggling to write this week and I’m not completely sure why. It could be because I’m happier than I have been, which always makes it harder to write. Or it could be because I’m sick and when I finish work I just want to cuddle up in a ball and die but whatever the reason it’s starting to irrigate me. Or I’m sick irritable one or the other.

When I’m sick all I want is cuddles, there is no other mind set, I want cuddles and to be felt alone, which really doesn’t go together well… but I’m a female and I don’t have to make sense.

I’m missing the old place right now for one reason only, when I’d get sick there, I’d cuddle up to Justin’s arm, put my head on his shouldn’t and quietly die all night. I can’t do that here. Justin was awesome for that stuff, but there again I didn’t have to worry about how those actions were perceived there. At least not by him, everyone else thought I was sleeping with him…. But if I believed every rumor about who I was sleeping with in that place, I’d never be upright.

Maybe I’m reading way too much into this. I am going to go and sleep because I really need to. But before I do I have this question for you; what makes you feel better when you’re sick? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Friday 5 September 2014

Slowly Recovering

Hello strangers, I’ve missed you guys so much. There’s nothing like wanting to write, but not being able to. I’m still recovering from being ill, I’m feeling a lot better but my energy levels simply aren’t there and the long commute to and from work isn’t helping matters.

I normally work 4 days, that doesn’t sound like much but I do 12 hour shifts so that’s a bog standard 48 hour work week. When you add on the 3 hours commuting that takes my hours to 60. That means for 2.5 days for my 4 day work week I’m not home.  Last week however I did 5 days so my work week was 60 hours plus 15 commuting so I spent 3.1 days not home. Then you have to figure in unwinding after work, eating, getting ready to go to work….you soon figure out why I’m so fucking tried and why it’s taking so long for me to fully recover.  

Work it’s self on the other hand is well…. Interesting. It’s not as promised, I still see hope but it’s buried it a thick layer of office bullshit and I can’t be bothered to play those games. But I think that is a blog for another time, mainly because I’m tired.

I guess I should leave you with a question; how do you handle office bullshit? Let me know in the comment below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Sunday 17 August 2014

The Honest Sick Bitch

I’m baaaack! I’m sorry I’ve been missing for so long, but I’ve so sick it’s unreal. I haven’t been to work in 3 weeks due to this stupid bug and I’m still not completely over it.

For the first week of this bug my fever was unreal, without medication it was contently over 40c. At its highest it was 40.9c for my American friends that’s 105.6. I actually hallucinated that aliens that were trying to cook me, my temperate was so high.

The second week a chest infection joined the party, so not only was incredibly unwell with flu like symptoms, but my chest was full of crap and since I’m asthmatic that’s never fun.

Week 3 has been easier, the original bug is pretty much gone, and I’m just dealing with what’s left of the chest infection and the fatigue. I lost 20lbs throw the illness some of which was due to dehydration so I’m also having to make an effort to rehydrate and stay that way because I’m still occasionally ill thanks to my stupid cough.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so ill. I wasn’t even this bad when I had Mono and I was off school 3 months with that. I’m just happy I’m starting to feel better, and things can start getting back to normal.

So I guess I should leave you with a question, what do you do to make yourself feel better when you’re sick. Let me know in the comment box below. And as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch


Saturday 19 July 2014

Less Like Murder

The power of blogging never ceases to amaze me; I was in the worst mood I’ve been in, in years and after a
short little blog I was perfectly fine.

Don’t me wrong, things aren’t all roses, but the risk of me committing murder and or blowing up the world has been greatly reduced. However, my work week starts tomorrow and I’m fighting off a cold, so how long it’ll last is anybody’s guess.

On the Brightside I have a whole 24 hours more off and since I’m feeling a little under the weather I think that’s the perfect excuse to have a lazy do-nothing day. What’s your favourite way to spend a lazy day? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Friday 29 March 2013

Hot Mess Easter

So the holiday the tradition lives on, this holiday I’ve been gifted bronchitis. I swear my body knows when I have down times and choices that time to not even try to fight off germs. Its like “you have time off so why not get sick? It’s a lot less work then trying to fight it off.” .......Stupid smart ass body.

So now on to what I actually want to talk about; songs that sum up relationships. Those songs the teleport you back in time to all those thoughts and memories of a past relationship. I don’t mean “your song” the one you first danced to or any of that. I mean one you listen to after the fact and just seem to sum it all up.

I’ve been listening to Hedley “Hot Mess” a lot lately and that’s the song that in my head sums of the whole Mr. X mess up. It might seem a little odd at first, mainly because you don’t tend to call men hot messes but minus the “disaster in a dress” thing (he’s more a disaster in a suit) the song sums it all up. Right down to the reason it went on for so fucking long and sadly the reason it could happen again I was addicted to the madness. When you’re a blogger madness is good for business, horrible for makeup though.

Chicken Man on the other hand is Bruno Mars “Marry You” that whole relationship was such an easy, fun and care free thing. I could easily see us in the middle of the night deciding we were bored so what the hell? “We’re looking for something dumb to do” is probably how our relationship started J

So what songs sum up your past relationships? Let me know in the comment below and well you’re at it tell me what home remedies you have for bronchitis? I hope you all have a fantastic Easter and as always stay and play safe.

The Honest Bitch 

Thursday 21 February 2013

Killer Wisdom Tooth

The wisdom tooth is most stupidly name thing ever; there is nothing wise about it at all. And I’m pretty sure the damn thing is trying to kill me. Let me explain.

I’m sure you remember a few weeks ago I was having trouble with my wisdom tooth and that infection spread to my sinuses. During that time my eye started randomly twitching but I didn’t think anything of it. That infection cleared but the eye thing continued.

Then this morning I woke up feeling like death. Turns out the infection hadn’t cleared up and the eye twitch should have been my warning sign. Did you know a twitching eye was a sign of a sinus infection? Cause I sure as hell didn’t. And all this crap comes back to my damn wisdom tooth which I’m now positive is trying to kill me.

I’m going to end this blog here because looking at the computer screen isn’t much fun right now. But before I go I am going to ask you what is the most stupidly name thing you can think of? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Monday 14 January 2013

Valentine’s Day

I’m already sick of hearing “Valentine’s Day is coming up!” and before you say anything, no, my dislike towards Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with the fact I’m single. Even when I’m in a relationship I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day it’s just not my sort of holiday.

“Yucky, yucky mushy shit” (as I’ve been known to call it) has never been my thing, mainly because I don’t have a romantic bone in my body. I love to watch romance in my guilty rom-com pleasure but in reality I wouldn’t be wooed by a candlelight dinner and moonlight dance. That just doesn’t tickle my peach.

Romance is meant to give you an excited feeling, the normal Valentine’s Day protocol give me....a chance to brush up on my faking skills and there is nothing romantic about faking.

I don’t even understand why guys try the normal Valentine’s Day romance act on me. Anybody who knows me knows my love for the colour pink (in everything expect clothing) is the only thing girly about me. So why do they think all that changes just because the calendar reads February 14th?

You know what my idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day is? Pizza, beer and my beloved Leafs managing to actually win a fucking game! And if by some act of god they do manage to win, an orgasm to finish off the evening.

Before you say it, yes I know I’m weird but you wouldn’t be reading my blog if I was normal now would you? Since I told you about my ideal Valentine’s Day what’s yours? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Saturday 8 September 2012

Poorly Week with A Little Smile

I guess you’re probably wondering where on earth I’ve been this past week. Well thanks to my doctor and his infinite wisdom I’ve not been very well. He decided to mess around with my pills and put me on something called Gabapentin.

Gabapentin sucks!! I’m not sure what it’s meant to do but all it’s done for me is make me feel like a zombie and cause me to throw up. Just what everyone wants for their pills. All the side effects with none of the results.

Luckily I’m starting to feel less like a zombified throw-up queen and more like a human. That may have a little something to do with me not listening to my doctor. He told me to stick it out a little longer.....I decided to go a different way, a way that involves much less vomit.

Besides explaining where I’ve been this past week, what I want to do with this blog is give a little shout out to Steve Dangle. Since I’m pretty sure none of you know who he is since his target audience is sports crazed men and mine is women who are fed of men, let me tell you.

He is a YouTuber, he also works for CBC and there is some weird zoo connection too which I’m not really sure I want to know about.

The reason I want to give him a shout out is because one morning while I was enjoying the side effects (aka throwing my guts up). I heard the mailman put something through the door. When I looked I spotted an envelope with Canadian stamps on it. When I opened it I found a Shea Weber card and a short note from Steve Dangle. And despite the rocky start to my day, I couldn’t help but smile. And I just wanted to thanks him for that. (See I’m not always a bitch, just most of the time).

The reason he sent the card is kind of awesome. He decided he wanted to show his appreciation to his viewers and to do so he decided to send out some common hockey cards. Which if you ask me, is a lovely gesture; one that I’m sure is costing him a pretty penny in postage.

It’s rare to see someone gain success and still care about their original audience. And for that I have to show him some love. Plus anyone who can make a throwy-upy zombie smiles deserves that much.

Anyone else thinking a week of being sick has made me soft?

Anyways I’m going to leave you with a question that has nothing at all to do with this post because...I can.

Someone left me a comment on one of blogs saying you should wait at least a year before sleeping with someone. What do you guys think about that and how long do you think you should wait before sleeping with someone? Let me know in the comment box below and as always, stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Sunday 10 July 2011

Being Sick Sucks

Everyone in my household has been sick over the past two weeks and I’ve come to realize something and it’s really fucking me off.

Just because I’m a non-smoker they don’t consider me to be as sick as them.

I’m the only non-smoker in my house and obviously when a smoker gets ill they get a nasty cough that tends to sound like they’re losing a lung thanks to the years of damage the cigarettes have done. As a non-smoker my cough is naturally not as bad. So despite having the same virus they have they seem to think I’m not as ill as them because I sound better.

How is that fair? Just because I choose not to pick up a nasty habit I’m never as sick as everyone else. I know life isn’t fair but self inflicted, is self inflicted and I don’t see why I shouldn’t be granted the same courtesy they get when ill.

I shouldn’t be made to do things they never would when they're ill. It just isn’t right and it's really granting on me. It’s not like I’m asking to be looked after. I just want to be left alone to curl up in a ball a die.....Or sleep which ever I’m not fussy.

Anyways my dears I’m going to sleep and with a little luck I’ll wake up feel better and a little less cranky. I love you guys and as always stay safe.


The Honest Bitch