Friday 29 March 2013

Hot Mess Easter

So the holiday the tradition lives on, this holiday I’ve been gifted bronchitis. I swear my body knows when I have down times and choices that time to not even try to fight off germs. Its like “you have time off so why not get sick? It’s a lot less work then trying to fight it off.” .......Stupid smart ass body.

So now on to what I actually want to talk about; songs that sum up relationships. Those songs the teleport you back in time to all those thoughts and memories of a past relationship. I don’t mean “your song” the one you first danced to or any of that. I mean one you listen to after the fact and just seem to sum it all up.

I’ve been listening to Hedley “Hot Mess” a lot lately and that’s the song that in my head sums of the whole Mr. X mess up. It might seem a little odd at first, mainly because you don’t tend to call men hot messes but minus the “disaster in a dress” thing (he’s more a disaster in a suit) the song sums it all up. Right down to the reason it went on for so fucking long and sadly the reason it could happen again I was addicted to the madness. When you’re a blogger madness is good for business, horrible for makeup though.

Chicken Man on the other hand is Bruno Mars “Marry You” that whole relationship was such an easy, fun and care free thing. I could easily see us in the middle of the night deciding we were bored so what the hell? “We’re looking for something dumb to do” is probably how our relationship started J

So what songs sum up your past relationships? Let me know in the comment below and well you’re at it tell me what home remedies you have for bronchitis? I hope you all have a fantastic Easter and as always stay and play safe.

The Honest Bitch 


  1. Hey, come by my blog, I have an award for you.


  2. Girl I hope you are feeling much better. I have had one of those stupid week ends too where my body dedided not to fight back, only I was on the plane working serving drinks when it decided to give up on me and to pass out. I will let you guess where I was headed to - or you can check out my last post :) pretty ironic if you aks me.
    I don't have any remedies, just hope your body decided to fight back a bit.
    Now about the song, you know M and I's complicated start. What song would you pick for us? I have no clue

    1. Oh my god chick, I thought your lack of blogging was a sign you were having a good time. You need to stay clear of that place hun, it clearly doesn't like you. Did they manage to figure out what was wrong? I hope you're feeling better.

      If I could shift this elephant off my chest I'd be great. Or I guess this time of year it's more like a 800 lb Easter Bunny :-)

      I'll have to think on the song thing. I know when I was reading your blog the other day Meredith Brooks - Bitch came to mind, mainly for the line "Rest assure that when I start to make you nervous and I'm going to extremes, Tomorrow I will change and today wont mean a thing."