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Friday 20 January 2017

Sick Day "Routine"

I’m currently lying in bed with a fever of 101, watching YouTube videos, more specifically sick day routine videos. And all I can say is a lot of these beauty gurus are full of shit when it comes to their sick day routines.

“When I get sick, I like to go to get some fresh air and go for a walk.” “When I’m sick there are two things I like to do relax and clean.” – What the hell!?

I understand YouTubers need to get views and ideas can be hard to come by, but give me a break nobody’s sick day routine consists of 12 skin care products and cardio routine.

I’m pretty sure most people’s sick day routines are the same; sleep, TV, and more sleep. When you’re truly sick you don’t to be doing anything and your body isn’t up doing anything so the idea of a routine is ridiculous.

That said, I thought I’d share my “routine” with you guys, and I use that word loosely, so you can let me know if I’m crazy, maybe a cardio workout is perfectly normal and I’m the weird one.

When I’m being a good sick person my “routine” consists of drink a lot of hot drink. I’m not  a hot drink drinker, but when I am sick I do like them. It helps break up mucus and makes breathing easier and it also helps kill and flush out the evil bugs that are making me sick.

The next thing I try and do is force myself to take a shower, I win some, I lose some on this one. I know I should as it helps with mucus and it also washes off any germs you have gotten your skin from coughing and nose dripping. But in all honesty, sleeps sometimes beats out showers.

If I’m being a really good sick person, I’ll put on moisturizer. When you’re sick your body doesn’t care about your skin and nor do I normally. I figure I have many products to fix any issues I may have once I’m feeling better.

The rest of my “routine” is sleep and TV. And that’s about it, if I’m up to it maybe food, but mainly sleep. And definitely, no cardio.

Anyways, I am going to go back to bed as I am feeling worse by the second. But, before I go, I have this question for you; what is your sick day routine? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


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