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Sunday 20 May 2012

Facebook and Gossip Sites Makes Everything Better

Let me start by thanking everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes. Despite hitting my scary grown up age, I actually had a really nice relaxing stress free day. I think that’s down to me being well organized and having had my quarter-century crisis months ago. I’m never one to leave things to last minutes.

Plus two of the Teen Mom’s were in the news this week and no matter where I am in life it’s comforting to know I’m not that fucked that up. I read gossip sites for the same reason I follow old school friends on Facebook. It’s uplifting to know in the grand scheme of things I’m not nearly as messed up as some other people. I’ve made it to 25 without any baby daddies, no failed marriages and no criminal record, how many people can say that?

I’m by no means perfect just look at any of my past relationships. But at least my screw ups make people laugh and not feel sorry for me. Plus there are women twice my age who still don’t have their relationship act together.

Half my problem is given the choice between two things I tend to pick the one that will make the best story. Not very smart but a lot of fun.

 It’s kind of strange to think of grandparents today with their war stories by the time my generation is that age there will be next to no war stories but there will be a hell of a lot of sex stories. Poor grandchildren of the future, they’re all going to need therapists.

Anyways my dears I have stuff I need to get done. But before I go I have to ask what topics are you going to have a lot of stories about by the time you’re old and gray?

As always stay safe, Love,

The Honest Bitch 

Thursday 15 September 2011

Quarter-Century Crisis

Did you know quarter-century crisis is an actual thing?

I’ve been suffering with some well and truly abnormal (at least abnormal for me) dreams lately. And it’s slowly driving me crazy.

So in an attempt to work out why I’m being pledged with dreams that aren’t very me I did some research. It turns out around the age of 25 your brain goes crazy.

We all know about mid-life crisis where men buy sports cars and women have facelifts. But it turns about before then a lot of people have something called a quarter-century crisis.

It’s when your brain switches to being adult. You’re brain stopped thinking about fun, drinking, sex and starts thinking about family, house, and marriage. In a nutshell it’s the start of your biological clock ticking.

The reason I’m having messed up dreams is because I’m too logical to want these things. So to get its point across my biological clock is invading my dreams. My dreams, where naked men and a murderous clown use to live. Damn I miss that clown. 20 years he’s been trying to kill me and I’m still here.

Now my dreams are a place of horror where Mr. X, fully clothed I might add, lives. And he’s not alone in there. There is a gorgeous house on a lake and a small person, a person, some might call a baby. The 3 of us live in said house, together. And the most horrifying part is I’m handcuffed. I’m in a tiny pair of handcuffs, so small they’re only fit on my ring finger.

It’s truly horrifying I know.

With my 25th birthday still 8 months away, I'm worried, what if these dreams get worse? I really can’t take much of this. What happens if dream me has twins or worse...... buys a minivan? ...Let’s not joke about such horrific things.

If this is the start of my quarter-century crisis, something tells me we’re all in trouble. Sane me is hard enough for someone people to handle so forget about crazy, biological clock clicking, brain gone crazy me. Although on the brightside it would make for some entertaining blogs.

Anyways I’m off to do anything but sleep, (sleep in a scary, scary place right now) as always my dears stay safe.


The Honest Bitch