Wednesday 15 June 2011

I'm Not That Girl

I’ve reached an age where a lot of my friends are starting to get married off. That’s all well and good for them but I have a problem with it. It’s not with them getting married per se it’s more about them telling me about it and expecting me to be all excited for them. News flash....I’m not that girl.

I’m just not someone who dreams about their wedding day, I never have been. Even as a kid I never pretended to get married or even gave it a thought. It’s not that I’m against marriage or anything like that. I just believe that love is between 2 people and why should hundreds of guests be forced to hear about it.

I actually remember being at Sunday school, my teacher at the time was the pastor’s wife and she decided one Sunday to show us their wedding video. I remember sitting there, while all the girls were crying thinking, “why is she torturing all those people.” (Kids think the darndest things, eh?)

I like to think in every circle of friends each friend as a speciality. Love or matter of love was never mine. In the friendship world my speciality is “break-ups”. If you’re crying at 3am because your boyfriend dumped you, I’m the girl to call. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a bitch but bad mouthing the guy that dumped my friend and pointing out all the guys’ flaws comes naturally to me. However if you want to get back with's not advisable to call me.

Clearly I’m not the girl you call when you decide to get married; I’m the girl you call when you decide to called off your wedding. When my friends tell me they’re getting married it takes everything in me not say “Congratulations, call me when you get divorced.” That’s not me being mean that’s just me embracing who I am.

Everyone always says play to your strengths and I do that. Ok, my strengths are a little meaner than most but in the world of friendships I play a vital role.

I love you guys and as always please stay safe.


The Honest Bitch


  1. I'm that same fucking girl! and then when friends come to me for advice they cry about what I have to say. All I can tell them is put your big girl panties on when you come talk to me! Some no longer ask...I don't give a shit BUT they are the ones in an endless cycle. I feel the same about marriage...given I am married, but you didn't catch my ass wasting a shit load of money feeding or entertaining people...fuck that shit. I entertained myself! LOL. I didn't invite anyone but thee most important people which was about 10 in all.

  2. I am that EFFFin' girl too. I always dream of getting married and pretended in my own soliloquy's about living in a big house having 5 plus kids, a set a twins and a dancer. Then I wake up and realize that it doesn't work like that. I agree with you on the somewhat cynicism... I would have said the same thing about my friend's getting married and trust me there are plenty of them gir.

  3. hahaha..ok i don't to relate to all of this. i do believe in love, marriage n blah. but TOTALLY with you on not wanting the jing-bang around. if and when i do get married will not invite the 'world' :D
    thanks for the post. :D
    and no you are not mean at all. now i know who to call if at all :P

  4. You are such a bitch! What the fuck is wrong with you? I love it! I am not even a lesbian and I just might pull down my panties for you if you keep this kind of shit up!

    I am now going to follow your bitch ass :)

  5. Destiny- Smart girl, if I ever get married that's the way I want to do it a handful of friends 10/15 tops.

    I have the same problems with friends asking for advice then not liking what I have to say. They're staring to learn if they want the truth come to me and if they want a sugar coated answer to steer clear

    pbm2011- I'm glad I'm not the only one. I even have some male friends like that too.

    quaintkal- Thanks hun. You definitely know who to call now, I'm kind of like ghost busters for dead relationships :-P

    Mrs.Pickle -Thank you Mrs.Pickle, I'm loving the name by the name. You're comment kept me laughing all day, I'll do my best to keep it up if you keep the comments

  6. Damn! I find you now, after 8 years of what looks like a keeper kind of relationship! Before that, there was plenty of dumping and tears and recriminations and I sure could have used an honest bitch.

    Go on, say it ... this one can go down the bog too, so I may still need you :) You wouldn't be you if you didn't say that!

  7. AWESOME!!! so well put! Love it =) I feel THE SAME WAY!!! its great to hear i am not the only one thinking who cares... I don't need a wedding or a piece of paper to tell me I have a committed relationship. I just found your blog and I am excited to catch up on your posts!

  8. It could happen Smitha and if it does I will be here to make you laugh and him cry :-)

  9. TEA aka MonsterGirl I'm glad you found it. It's great find like minded people. I'll never understand what's so important about that little piece of paper in some girls heads