Thursday 23 June 2011

Are Women More Emotional Then Men?

I asked this question of my Facebook page ( a few weeks ago and after reading all the replies I feel inspired to write a post on the matter.

So are women more emotional then men?

Personally I think women and men are equally as emotional as each other. The difference is which emotions we show.

I’ll be the first to admit women are more likely to cry whether it’s over hurt feelings, pain or just because they’re happy (I’ll never understand that). But I also think women are more likely to hide certain feelings.

Most women won’t show if they’re stressed, angry or annoyed. We just bottle those feelings up. Mainly so we can turn around and use them at a later date but my point still stands we hide those kinds of feelings.

Men on the other hand will normally show if they’re angry, stressed or annoyed. They won’t even attempt to hind those kinds of feelings. Most men will however hind any feelings that may lead to them crying. It’s kind of like they’re the wicked witch and tears will cause them to melt.

So you can’t really say women are more emotional them men because we’re not. We just choose more often than not to show emotions that will ruin our makeup. Unlike men who choose to show emotions that will result in them sleeping on the couch.

No one sex is better than the other when it comes to being emotional. We’re just equally as screwed up as one and other.

Have a great night and as always stay safe.


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  1. Our embedded cultural (USA) practices, along with the softening effects of estrogen-like hormones, enhance a woman's abilities to empathize with others, to care about others, to offer understanding and soothing responses, and to love on the broadest and most authentic levels. Men learn from women how to love, but rarely can men love with equal depth, understanding, and selflessness.

  2. i think there's no much of a difference. Men and women have the same emotions, what makes it different it's how we deal with them. In general, I agree with you

  3. I agree that men and women are both emotional beings and we do show different types of emotion. Personally, I bottle up alot of thoughts, feelings and emotions when it comes to my relatonships simply due to not wanting to feel vulnerable. As men we feel we have to always be strong and "man up" for whatever dumb reason. lol