Sunday 19 June 2011

Bad Boys, Idiot Girls

Why do women go for “bad boys” then insist on bitching about them when they get hurt?

Nothing pisses me off more than listening to women bitch and moan about a guy; she has referred to as a “bad boy”. Surely the title alone is enough of a warning sign. Do you really need to touch the fire to see if you’ll get burnt?

Personally I don’t know what draws women to bad boys, they’ve always seemed like complete idiots to me. My common sense wouldn’t allow me to date anyone like that. But apparently common sense isn’t all the common.

If you choose to date “bad boys” do me a favour and don’t come crying to me when you get hurt. As far as I’m concerned it’s self inflected, and you deserve whatever you get for not using your brain.

Also let me add this when you contently breakup and get back together with a guy, you look like a weak minded doormat. It’s just an exercise in futility. Men don’t change! That’s just a fact of life, deal with it.

Women like that, who allow men to walk all over them, give us all a bad name. Not to mention it sends screwed up messages to men. Ever wonder where all the good men went? Women like that sent them screwy messages and turned them all into assholes........Ok some of them were born assholes but my point still stands.

Anyways my dears I’m heading off. Have a great day and as always stay safe.


The Honest Bitch



  1. Awesome! Have always understood a womans curiosity about bad boys but not their complaints when the guy treats them like dirt. Well Said as usual.

  2. I give you a standing ovation on this post. This is another way I am not like most women; I avoid "bad boys" like the plague. They are not worth it. I prefer the kind, intelligent, mature guys.

  3. Thank you both of you :-) I'm really glad you like it.

    I'm the same way kwilliford1. I've always been attracted to the smart more mature guy. "bad boys" always seemed like a waste of energy :-)

  4. I have a collective name for these women - I refer to them as Dormatas (okay, maybe not that original, but I still like it ;-) There is nothing more frustrating than listening to a female confide every manner of abuse by some misogynist piece of shit, yet no matter what he does to her she continues to put up with it because she "loves" him. It's an inexplicable sickness. (Sorry for the rant - but your post was inspiring).

    Anyway, I'm glad I discovered your blog and LOVE the name!

    Lala :-)

  5. p.s. Just in case you're interested in further Dormata type rants: Lala Musings: Plastic Dolls & Human Doormats

  6. Why do we jump out of planes?... Excitement! "Bad boys" are "bad boys" because they can be "bad boys" (thats right, 6 quotation marks in one fragment, beat that!).. They give off the I-can-get-any-girl-I-want-so-why-should-I-respect-you-aura which makes them sort of a novelty.

    When girls say "oh he's a bad boy" what they really mean is "hey I got this guy who can get any girl he wants but he choose me"...

    In fact that sort of just inspired me to write a mini post on my blog.

    Thank you Honest Bitch


    check out my blog sometime, I would love your opinion

  7. Lala- Thanks and no worries, I love rants. They never fail to be entertaining

    I checked out your blog and I loved it, fantastic, well said :-)

    Tastyyy- Guess that answers why women do it lol Still think it's madness but it's good to know :-) I'll be sure to check out your blog. Something tells me it should be a good read

  8. I love how you tell it like it is, for me I will take the good guy anytime! Enjoying your blog I am following, hope you will too, Pearl x