Sunday 12 June 2011

Four Kinds of Girl

Over all my years of being friends with and dating far too many guy I’ve come to work out that in their minds women fall into 4 main categories, needy, pushy, stupid or bitch. And they will always whiny about a girl no matter which of these categories she falls into. Unless you’re in the process of making him cum, a guy will always find something to bitch about. You can never win; you can just shut him up for extended periods of time.

If you enjoy spending time with your boyfriend, sending texts or talking on the phone with him you fall into the “needy” category. You may be the most impendent person on the planet but when he is out with the guys and you text him even if he messages you first you’re needy. This is where things being so black and white in man-land gets them into trouble, Everyone knows there are different levels of neediness but you’d never know that listening to them talk.

If you have ever asked a guy out, approached a guy or told him to stop playing games you fall into the “pushy” category. In my personal experience sometimes you need to be pushy when it comes to guys but no man will ever see it that way. The only good pushy in the male mind is if you’re pushy in the bedroom. It messes with their male ego otherwise.

Now for the “stupid” category, these are the girl's guys date once with the intention of sleeping with them and never calling again. In my books it’s only stupid if you fall for their bullshit. But once again they’d never admit that in man-land.

The last category is bitch. There are 2 main ways to end up in this category. The first way is be opinionated and have your own views on things. I’ll never understand why women like that rub so many men up the wrong way but a lot of men hate it. The other way is to play the game they do. Show no interest, use them just for sex, and make them come to you. Keep that up for any period of time and they’ll soon be calling you a bitch.

Personally I don’t see anything wrong with being a bitch so they call me one all they like. I have a mind of my own and opinions and I don’t follow men around like a lost puppy so if that makes me a bitch, I’ll own it. Hello world I’m bitch, deal with it!

You’ll never please everyone so don’t every change who you are, especially to please a man. Just be who you are and own it. Sooner or later someone will come along who will take you for what you are. Don’t ever lose any sleep over him either because I’m willing to bet he isn’t losing any over you. Chalk it up to experience and move on.

As always my dears stay safe and don’t stress over things you can’t change.


The Honest Bitch



  1. I agree with you on this. I would be classified as a bitch, too and proud of it. I have also found that if you have ambition, intelligence, standards and confidence, this can land you in the "bitch" category. I've really enjoyed your blog and love your honesty =)

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :-) I totally agree showing any signs of intelligence, confidence or ambition is another sure fire way to end up in the "bitch" category.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. We don't need to please anyone but us, do whatever we feel like doing but just for our own satisfaction not for a guy. Great great post.

  4. Thank you hun. You're right no guy should ever have any impact on the way we act or things we do. As long as we're happy who cares about them :-)

  5. I guess I'm the bitch type, oh well, life goes on:))
    Don't forget about psycho category, i have a friend like that; after having sex with a guy, she called him 50 times, txted him about 20 times. He called her telling her he had a lot of work and she went to his house and waited for him for about 4 hours. He didn't show up but he hasn't talk to her since the time she called him 50 times. However, she believes that he is playing games with her while I believe that she creeped the hell out of that guy :))

  6. I think that poor man needs enter the witness protection program lol

    I did say main categories, I'd hope they're aren't enough women like that to make it a main one :-)

  7. I love your honest writing :)