Sunday 27 January 2013


Someone sent me a question asking why I call my exes ghosts and since my brain is taking an unplanned holiday (too many late nights not enough sleep) I thought I’d answer it here.

First things first, I call both exes and guys I slept once upon a time ghosts. And the reason is very simple, like ghosts you never expect to see these people. I’m not sure why but when you breakup with someone or stop sleeping with them your brain assumes they fell of the face of the planet or died or something. You just don’t expect to see these people ever again.

So when you do bump into these people or they send you a message out of the blue you get a “I'm screwed” feeling in your gut the same feeling I imagine you’d get if you run into an actual ghost.

Maybe I’m just crazy, am I the only one who gets that ghost like feeling when you hear from or see an ex? Or are there some of you out there that actually enjoy seeing your exes? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch


  1. You know how wild I can be - the pant's story - but no matter how wild and crazy I am, and no matter how much I enjoy mind games, seeing my exes is never something I enjoyed. Only crazy people with serious issues do. It doesn't matter if I broke his heart or he broke mine, it doesn't matter if we are both still single or in a relationship, it is usually painfully awkward.

    So yesterday when I watched the finale episode of Private Practice, I wanted to write a long "F ... U" letter to the writers of the show ' cause really it is somewhat insulting how naive and gullible they think we are! They made two characters, which were divorced, get back together after the husband was in a relationship with his ex-wife best friend. And of course the husband is super excited that she is pregnant with his baby even though he has refused to have a baby with the best friend, which is why they broke up.

    1. I am with you girl 100%, I don't like seeing them, hearing from them it's just not right. And couples who break up but still hangout together and just wrong, that makes me uncomfortable so how they do it is a whole new level of crazy.

      What were the writers smoking when they came up with that plot? That's so unrealistic. unless maybe it was Teen Mom or Jerry Springer lol

  2. LMAO! I love this piece and I love your style! I am going to call my ex's "ghosts",too! I would love for you to contribute to my site,! I think you would fit in well. You can email me at Hope to hear from you! Great Blog!!