Sunday 20 January 2013

Am I Lucky?

I just finished reading my blogging bestie’s latest post and it left me with a strange and somewhat disturbing thought......

Am I lucky to have had Mr. X?

Her version of Mr. X (Mr. M) recently discovered her blog, and well....he wasn’t a fan. He basically reverted back to being a small child and stopped speaking her; which is possibly the biggest fear among bloggers everywhere.

The fear isn’t that they’ll read our inner most thoughts; the fear is they won’t understand that it’s our thoughts. The fear is they'll read it as fact, black and white, when it’s actually part of our process to work things out. The female brain is a confusing place at the best of times and blogging is a way to unconfuse it. We write about what we feel and what we feel changes, involves, it’s not us being “mean” it’s us trying to balance the sane and crazy parts of our brains.

Mr. X understood that, he understood women talk and need to blow off steam; and for me, my blog is the place I do that. In a strange way Mr. X liked my blog, unlike most women, he knew what I was thinking and what I had to say when he wasn’t around. He took my blog for what it is, my crazy brain exploding in word form.

Her Mr. M didn’t get it; he was offended by her words, which makes no sense to me; blogging isn’t really your words, it’s your thoughts and feelings; people think not nice thoughts all day long. There is a disconnect (for most people) between the things you think and the things you say. There is a filter (or so I hear) that stops people saying things that might offend others. Blogging is like routine maintenance on that filter  It’s a way to clean it so one day it doesn’t snap and you start saying things that will land you in trouble. Mr. M; like lots of men doesn’t understand that.

Which leads me back to the question that started it all; “am I lucky to have had Mr. X?”

I have no answer for that question; right now it’s just crazy and sane fighting it out in my head so I shall leave you guys with this; why do you blog and does it complicate your relationships?

As always stay and play safe,

The Honest Bitch 


  1. I feel very special for inspiring your post, and since I am going crazy at the hospital waiting and you are talking about my blog complication, this comment might be long :) Just a little warning.

    I wasn't sure how to explain all this to M, but you did a great job so thank you, I might just quote you, if he ever talks to me again. My best friend Ashley got it. She might have gotten a little hurt at some posts, but I think she still understood it was just my brain processing my thoughts. Not necessarily me being mean.

    But will I ever take this chance again? Nope, 'cause it did hurt me to lose M as a friend. True it was a very unconventional friendship, a complicated friendship, but a real friendship.

    Now it is possible he had been playing me from day one, and it was never a real friendship to him. If so, well you live and learn. But what if the blog ruined it all ? Would I have reacted the same way if someone had written about me in his/her blog? I am not really sure.

  2. And about Mr.X, I am not sure how happy he was about that Q & A. His answers were a bit weird, don't you think?

  3. It would be weird if your comments were short so always feel free to type as much as you want.

    You can quote me all you like, it makes me feel like I'm less crazy when people do that :-) I'm not always sure I make sense to anybody outside my head.

    I think I would do it again, if a guy can't handle me at my worse he doesn't deserve me at my best. My blog is me and if a guy wants to get all uppity about it he can get up and leave.

    Mr. X has been weird since he landed himself this new girlfriend. He hasn't been himself so I'm blaming that. He's just weird. I can't put my finger on it.