Wednesday 23 January 2013

Advice in Strange Places

It’s no secret that I love to watch bad TV, Dance Moms, Cheer Perfection, Amish Mafia, pretty much anything on TLC. I just love the kind of show that makes you instantly feel better about yourself. I mean I might be messed up but at least I’m not Honey Boo Boo right?

Out of all the bad TV I watch I have a soft spot for 19 Kids and Counting, despite the fact I agree with them on very little I love the Duggar family. In a day and age where most families fail to raise 1 or 2 good kids; they’re raising 19. That’s pretty damn impressive....and crazy.

Because of my soft spot for them I’ve actually read both their books and oddly enough they weren’t bad and not at all preachy. There was however a paragraph in their second book that caught my attention.

“Men are geared differently than women; they need the physical relationship more often than women. Keep the perspective that you are the only one who can fulfil that special need in his life.” Then she says “With God’s grace we can do for each other what we ought to do, even when we don’t feel like it.”

That’s right the uber religious Michelle Duggar just said the key to a happy relationship is to have sex ever your partner wants, even if you don’t want to. That was a little titbit I didn’t see coming............Guess that explains the 19 kids.

Then last night while watching their shows one of their older girls said something that struck me as wise beyond her years, especially since it’s coming from a girl who has never been on a date or even kissed a boy.

“If you’re not happy and fulfilled when you’re single, you’ll never be happy and fulfilled when you’re with someone.”

That’s some very good advice from a very unlikely place; so I have to ask what strange places have you found good advice? And what bad TV do you love? Let me know in the comment box below. And as always stay and place safe.


The Honest Bitch 


  1. Wow. That hot pink mess that is Mama Boo Boo almost made me yak first thing this morning...

    1. lol I know, sorry. It made me cringe when I saw it too.

  2. My cousin and I love watching The Bachelor every Monday night. It's our guilty pleasure...always nice when the drama is someone else's and not yours.

    The best person you can be is yourself and she's right...if that person isn't happy/content when you're alone, how are you ever going to make someone else happy? One of the harder things about being single, but one of the best things that can prepare you for being with someone else.

    Enjoyed this post...thanks!


    1. I want to like The Bachelor, it's right up my street but I just can't get into it. And I agree other people's drama is always much better :-)

      Wise words and I'm glad you liked it hun :-)

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