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Monday 2 February 2015

What Are You Looking For?

There is one question that has become the bane of my life now that I have decided to torture myself with online dating. That question being “what are you looking for?” Now I’m sure that this question shouldn’t be as hard as it, but I can’t seem to find even a half decent answer.

The honest answer being I’m not looking for anything. If I happen to find someone awesome, if I don’t, I’m good. I am not looking for anybody to make me whole or any of that bullshit. I’m there because I write a blog about dating and relationships and sometimes you need to do a little research to better your writing.

That may be the honest answer, however, it gets you nowhere. Men apparently don’t want to know the truth. They want to think you need them and the fact I don’t, scares them… Funny enough, I didn’t need a dating site to tell me this, I’ve been having the same issue for years.

You’d think I’d be able to pick up the “right” answer by talking to the first few guys, however, all their answers seem kind of pathetic to me so that’s clearly not going to work. Perhaps the right thing to do is keep answering honestly and the guy I don’t scare off is the man for me but I just don’t know.

So I leave the question with you; what is the non-pathetic answer to “what are you looking for?” let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

Sunday 25 January 2015

Internet Fuck-Wits

I think I may be over this whole internet dating idea. It seemed like a great idea, however, if I stumble across one more idiot I may go on a murderous rampage.

The last piece of work, who happened to be 24 which should have been my first clue not to reply back, started by asking if I have Facebook and then asking if he could have a look. Which is weird, but fair enough, at least it proves I’m real.

He then follows that up with “do you have any full length pics”, that’s it I’m done. There is no possible good ending to that. He may as well started his message with; “hello, I’m a shallow tool who’s only here to get my balls licked.”

I mean fair enough, I understand where the bloke is coming from, but there is a way to ask such a question without coming off as a complete fuck-wit.

If it was just that one, it would be fine, however they all seem to be fucktards and I’m quickly running out of patience!

Anyways, I feel a little bit better for that rant, however I think I’m off to get a hug from something alcoholic right now, so I shall leave you with this question what is the worst opening line you’ve ever heard? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Internet Dating

In an attempt to push myself out of my comfort zone and break some walls down, I’ve decided to give internet dating another go. And I’ve quickly come to the conclusion I’m going to die alone and after seeing what’s out there…. I’m ok with that.

My biggest problem has not been the freaks, nor the instantly clingy men, nor the almost certain murderers; it’s actually been real life people. And by that I mean people I already know in the real world. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if I wanted to date people I already knew, I’d be dating them. That and some of them I have already dated and that clearly ended well.

The men I have managed to find that haven’t previously existed in the real world, have quickly caused me to flee for my safety. When someone is pushing to meet you in person after only 2 messages, they either only want to fuck your brains out or eat your brains out of your skull, either way I’m not really interested.

However, I shall persevere in my mission and who knows after all these losers in aluminium foil, maybe I’ll find my knight in shining armor, or maybe I’ll just get a few good blogs out of it…. Either way I’m happy.

I won’t leave you with a question this blog, however, I will ask you to leave your internet dating stories below, whether they’re good or bad I want to hear them. And as always my dears, stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch

Thursday 5 January 2012

Dating Horror Story: Perfect Liar

Happy New Year my dears. I was reading about a fellow blogger’s rom-com like holiday (Personal Facts) and it got me thinking about a dating nightmare of my own. It’s also a great reason why Internet dating is a bad idea.

It must have been about three or four years ago and I can't even remember where online we met, but we did and really seemed to hit it off. He sounded like a real catch. He was a cute primary school teacher, who played rugby on the weekends. He was also in a band. He sounded perfect, hell, he still sounds perfect.

We chatted online for about three months pretty much every day. Then we moved to text messages. He would text during classes and before bed. We got a long great and he was super funny. After about six months of chatting, we finally decided it would be a good idea to meet each other. He knew I was having an operation and suggested he come up and look after me afterwards. How sweet is that? Spoiler alert….. It never happened.

About a week before he was planning on coming up, we got a little flirty and he sent me a picture, I won't tell you what the picture was, but in the corner of the image. I thought I spotted something.

Since dating is part detective work. I took the image and zoom in on the thing that caught my eye. Lo and behold, I was right. On his left hand there was a shiny gold wedding ring. So much for perfect…. Eh?

I decided before I lost my temper I would give him a chance to explain himself. But instead of manning up or saying something logical he told me it wasn't a wedding ring. It was just a ring, he wore on that finger.

Do I look dumb? Out of all the things a person could say, that was his story. I have very low bullshit tolerance, so I quickly told him what I thought about him using many four lettered words then proceeded to delete his lying ass.

It's crazy. How on earth did he not think I'd catch on? If you’re stupid enough to send a picture of yourself in a wedding ring, you deserve to be punched in the nuts. Not only is that a low life move to make. It's disrespectful to your wife.

Anyways, my dears, that's yet another of my dating nightmares. If that doesn't make you feel better about your relationship nothing will. Stay safe guys.


The Honest Bitch