Wednesday 4 May 2011

Post-It Communication

I recently had a following out with someone because of lack of communication or miss communicate I think is a better way to put it.

He felt I didn’t share my feelings with him; instead I turned to my blog. I don’t share that opinion. I feel I did tell him how I felt but he just didn’t hear it. This has left me thinking would the world be a better place if we communicated via post-it notes?

I’ll admit I didn’t tell him in the most straight forward way. Females rarely do. I like to throw things like that into the middle of email or just into a casual conversation. I don’t want to show weakness and if I can bury it in a message, I will. It makes me feel less of a failure. I still have said it. I’ve just didn’t said it with arrows pointing to it. Looking back it would have been easier to stick a post-it to forehead saying “I feel neglected”.

Just think about how many less fights there would be if you could just make your point via post-it notes. There would be no saying “you didn’t tell me” or “I didn’t know”. I mean if it’s stuck to their body nobody can play dumb. How easy would breakups be? “We’re over, you’re a cheat, Take your stuff”. No tears, no guilt, just stick it and leave.

I may take to leaving post-it style messages. I just like the idea of ditching the bullshit and being straight forward. Not sure if that will keep me out of trouble or land me in more. Who cares, I’m always in trouble for something. Can’t please everyone or in my case anyone.

Anyways I’m heading off guys. Stay safe.


The Honest Bitch


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