Thursday 26 May 2011


A moonlighter is someone who only sends messages in moonlight, for whatever reason they only send and reply to messages under the cover of darkness. Moonlighters are not to be confused with “lights out texters” who are generally motivated by their nether regions. Moonlighters aren’t always nether regions driven.

Moonlighters messages can be about anything and yes sometimes they can turn a little spicy but the difference between a moonlighter and a lights out texter is a lights out texter will message whenever horny comes a knocking and a moonlighter will only message when it’s dark out.

It kind of begs the questions why only in the moonlight? There are different theories out there. Some are quite basic like they’re in a relationship or they’re married. Some have suggested they’re murders or crooks. I’ve even hear stories about these people being under a witch’s cure. However my favourite theory is it’s a werewolf type syndrome and the moonlight sends their thumbs into over drive.

I don’t really trust moonlighters, there is just something creepy about them. They popup out of nowhere, send you messages while your asleep and then when you reply in the morning, they’re gone. They’re like living ghosts who leave a text message footprint.

I remember stories from my childhood about things that go bump in the night and they rarely turned out to be friendly; the only difference is instead of going bump moonlighters go beep.

Be careful guys, and stay safe.

The Honest Bitch

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