Sunday, 29 May 2011

Girls Night Out

On the last Saturday of every month me and a few girlfriends and our gay side kick get together and drink way too much. A lot of the time we just stay in and watch a film, screw around online and bitch. But this month we decided to go to bingo.

I had free tickets because of my birthday so we decided to go and try and get rich and drink cheap booze. I swear the booze is so cheap so you can’t play your cards right.

When we got there the guy that took our cards recognised me. It wasn’t till I looked at his name badge I worked out who he was. His name was Ross he’s someone I went to college with. He was a second year when I was a first.

The second we found a table the talk turned to whether or not I slept with him. I don’t think I did, I’m actually sure I didn’t. Some of them remember him flirting with me at college and bumping into him at town a few times but minus a little texting nothing happened.

He was actually calling the books and I blame him for us not winning. He came up and chatted to me for a while. Turns out he has a kid and asked if I had a family yet. My brain wasn’t a fan of that question. I just turned 24. Call me old fashion but I want a ring on my finger before I even think about having kids. Hell I want the ring before I think about having pets with anyone.

You can say a lot of things about me but I have my head on straight, unlike some of the people I know.

Anyways my dears I have things I need to do. As always stay safe.


The Honest Bitch


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