Sunday, 1 May 2011

Why I blog

               “Keep a diary and one day it’ll keep you” – Mae West

I love that quote by Mae West. It isn’t the reason I started keeping a diary but it is the reason I continue keeping one. And hopefully one day my collection of lessons learned the hard way and things that would only happen to me, will pay off for me.

I started keeping a diary when I was younger because of a therapist. I use to have really bad nightmares, I would cry and scream in my sleep and no one could wake me up and when I would wake I wouldn’t remember anything. So she asked me to keep diary so she could work out what was causing the dreams. We never did work it out but by 4th grade I pretty much stopped having them. By then the habit of writing about the day’s events was ingrained in me.

It’s become something I turn to. Some people turn to family members or friends, when things get to me I turn to my diary and now my blog. It helps me sort my head out and deal with whatever is bugging me. Sometime all a person needs to do is vent and a diary won’t think less of you if you change your mind 5 minutes later.

10 years ago I went from keeping a handwritten diary to keeping it on my computer and then 3 years ago I made the decision to post them online as blog. I thought someone else may be able to learn from my mistakes. I figured it would good idea to share my thoughts and feels with other people who may or may not feel the same way I do.

I don’t post a blog every day however I do keep a paper based bullet point “diary” on a daily bases. I write things down as they happen, how I feel and small things and then at a later date I use those notes and turn it into a blog post. The only problem I have with that is I have to match my post to my mood. I can’t write about being happy when I’m sad.

I don’t always post that way. Sometimes I sit down and write what I’m feeling. If I’m really upset or confused I like to work that way because if nothing else it helps me sort my head out. It helps me work through things and figure out what actually happed and how to fix it or in some cases make it worse.

When I went from paper to blogging online I said I wouldn't treat it any differently but that didn’t work so well. I blog under The Honest Bitch so I can be blunt and honest and keep some privacy for the people I write about. Sadly that hasn’t worked so well for me. I’m still learning how to balance being honest and blunt with not slandering people.

I don’t blog to hurt people and I am sorry to anyone I may have hurt through it. Anyways my dears I’m heading off. As always stay safe guys.

Love Always

The Honest Bitch



  1. I'm glad you turn to your blog. It's always entertaining when you're mad at someone. You don't hold back and that's why I continue to follow you.

  2. They'd have to be pretty thin skinned to take what you say as slander. It's a personal blog not the evening news.

  3. I have the right to remain silent. Anything I say or do can and will be held against me... lol