Thursday 30 September 2010

Looking back

Hey Dolls,

It’s Thursday night and I’m home alone doing some thinking, about decisions I’ve made and people I’ve chosen to date. The list of these occupations is sad at best. I always pick the wrong guys, for the wrong reasons.

I’m single because I decided to break the pattern of me dating guys who are clearly losers. I also really couldn’t stomach getting hurt again. There is only so many times a person can bounce back from being squashed before they just stay flatted.

It’s said you only get two great loves and I’ve had both mine, I don’t know if that means I’m destined to spend my life alone with a million cats or if I’m just special and will have more than two great loves that shaped and change me. I guess knowing at my age I’m out of the normal amount of chances to find love means I’ll just have to be enough for me. I’ll have to catch myself when I fall, I’ll have to be the understanding person who says it’s ok to mess up and I’ll have to look after myself and give myself all the love I can because there is no grantees there’s a Mr. Right out there for me.

I know the tone of this is a little sad and not my normal playful self but sometimes it’s important to take a look back at where you’ve come from so you can see where it is you’re going.

In better news the Leafs looked very good in last night’s game. There might be a little hope for them making the playoffs this year. Fingers crossed.

Anyways dolls I’m off to bed. Sweet dreams and as always, stay out of trouble.

Love Always

Queen Bee x x x x x x
(The Honest Bitch)

Monday 27 September 2010

Another ghost hunts me

Good Evening Dolls,

I hope everyone is well tonight. Thanks to the start of the preseason I’ve been having a lot of late nights, I’m not knocking it, I’ve missed hockey. However being up later means a change in the people I talk to. This lead to a not so fun conversation.

Do you remember Daniel S? In case you don’t he is the guy I lost my virginity to. He messaged me on facebook last night. When I saw he’s name popped up I knew I was in for trouble. About every 6 months he pops up in one way or another. He wants to hook up but I feel if I end up with him, I feel like I’ve wasted 10 years of my life. Plus he has kids now and we all know my feelings on kids. Back to my story, last night he sent me a message asking how I was and I was kind of hoping it would end there but he then asked me how my love life is. Why do exes have to ask that question? I don’t like talking to exes anyways and my love life is my least favourite thing to talk to them about.
In other news I have way too many ex boyfriends. I’ve also slept with a few too many too but hey that’s what makes

Its bed time guys, sweet dreams.

Love you

Queen Bee xx

Friday 24 September 2010

Another one bites the dust

Hey Dolls,

I’ve managed to break another guy, that’s really shocking seeing as I’ve been ill and not really chatted to anyone. I won’t even go into details, but I’m a little hurt by the whole thing. I didn’t even fancy this guy and I’m still getting blown off.

I’m use to own company so whatever happens in my relationship I’m always happy just to be me. Guys come and go but I’m forever. I bet those words put the fear of god in all my exes.

Anyways I’m focusing on me right now, guys are just too much of a headache and they always turn out to be losers.

I’m going to go and relax before the hockey tonight. Go Leafs Go

Love Always

Queen Bee x

Sunday 19 September 2010

Another Ghost Returns

Hey Dolls,

Just another quick update, I thought you’d like to know yet another ghost from my past has returned. This ghost is named Lee M. I doubt you remember him, hell I hardly do. I change man on nearly daily basics. He’s a sweetie but a little on dumb side. He’s also not the look I normally go for. I’m feeling a little a lonely at the minute so I think I’m more welcoming to these ghosts then I’d normally be. In all honesty he messaged me yesterday and I’m already bored of him so I doubt anything will happen there. It makes me smile anyways knowing that at least these guys remember me.

I have a busy day tomorrow so I need some sleep.

Love you

Queen Bee x

Saturday 18 September 2010

Quick update before bed

Hey Dolls,

I hope you’re alright. I just thought I’d give you lovely people an update. I’m not sure Daniel B but he’s someone I slept with about a year ago, we were really flirty but after I slept with him I got bored and we fell out of touch. He started messaging me again the other day. I’m not sure if I want to go back down that road or not but it always feels good to be wanted.

Anyways my dears I need to get some sleep

I Love You All So Much

Queen Bee x

Monday 13 September 2010

Questions Answered

Hey Dolls,

I’ve been a little ill this week so I don’t have a lot to talk about. So I’ve decided to do one of my favourite things and answer some your questions.

Question: What ever happened to Mr. X

Answer: Nothing happen to him, he just found god again and become boring to me. I always said I just wanted him for sex and no one believed me, this dear friend is your prove. Mr. - Sex = Next

Question: Are you seeing anyone?

Answer: No. I’m currently not seeing anyone. I’m enjoying being single. Men are just too much drama right now.

Question: Who are you?

Answer: That’s a question I’m just not willing to answer. I’ve very open and honest about things and to save hurt feelings or me getting into a fight it’s just easier not to tell you my name. However I’m more than willing to answer questions about myself without actually telling you my name.

Question: Have you ever been in love?

Answer: Yes I have. I bet you wouldn’t be surprised to learn he started off as a fuck friend and over time and a lot of orgasms we fell for each other.

Question: How do guys react to you having a male point of view on relationships and sex?

Answer: That’s actually really question. It depends on what the guy is looking for from me. Guys quickly aspect me as one of the guys. In that scenario they’re fine with me, they don’t find me shocking or un-lady like, I’m just one of the guys.

Guy’s that are looking to get they’re leg over are happy I have a male point of view. Guy’s like that I don’t have emotions, they dread that next day call and with me they don’t get it.

Guys that are looking at me as future girlfriend or someone to date don’t always react well to me. I can be classy and respectable when there is a need for it but I’m also a girl that drinks beer, plays poker and loves watching sports. There is nothing lady like about me when I’m watch rugby or hockey. I speak my mind and have my own opinions and some guys just don’t like that. I’m use to it and it’s all for the best.

Anyways I’m heading to bed; feel free to ask me more questions. Stay safe

Queen Bee x

Monday 6 September 2010

Thinking about love

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is alright. I’m currently snuggled up in bed thinking about love. Is anyone else shocked? I’m well aware that when people talk about me love isn't something that would even cross their mind. I’m well known for going through men on almost a daily bases. I’m not the falling in love type.

Saying all that I did fall in love once upon a time and the hard part for me is I haven’t be able to morn that relationship because it didn’t end on bad terms. We both love each other but sadly we had to end things because of his work. I always believed that if its meat to be he’d come back to me but it’s been a long while and now I’m having to realize I’m really alone.

I don’t really believe in happily ever after, I kind of figure at some point in your life you decide why the hell not and just settle for whatever you have at the time. You live in the same house for years wondering what the hell went wrong, and then you die. That’s the story Disney won’t tell you.

Before you ask I’m not sad or feeling upset, I’m just someone who believes that if you aim to high you can never truly be happy. I’m also someone who has for many years said she plans to a bingo spinster and possibly owning a few cats.

Anyways dolls I’m going to go sleep now.

Love you all and please stay safe

Queen Bee xxx