Friday 5 December 2014

Bipolar Relationship

So despite my better judgement things with Mr. Block continues; and I can’t decide at this point whether I’m truly interested or if I’m a woman on a mission to find out what he’s hiding. It changes by the minute; half the time I want to cuddle up to him and spend a romantic evening and the other half I want to punch the creep in the face. The whole relationship is kind of bipolar.

I tried to feel him out in the conversation, and I do feel like I know him a little better now but it’s a work in progress. I did learn he’s been single 6 months and he says (like all men do when asked) that he’s after a relationship or to quote him directly “I’m ready to find someone to hold and enjoy life with”.  Call me a sucker, but I melted a little when I read that.

However, I’m not stupid, my guard is still up. I mean the man did block me. And there are other red-ish flags, he invited me over, which sounds sweet, but he knew I’d be working so either the thought was there and it’s sweet or it was just a gesture because he knew I couldn’t. And then when we finished our incredibly sweet conversation he said he’d message me when he was up. He messaged me at midnight; I messaged him back and didn’t hear from him again for 24 hours. So take that as you will, he did message me, he kept his word, but then he vanished leaving me more confused than ever.

I just don’t know what to make of him, and as we all remember from the Mr. X saga I don’t do well when I don’t know. I’m also having to bear in mind I work with this guy so whatever I do I have to do it in an adult way…. I don’t want to be an adult.

Anyways, my dears, I’m off to make some more poor decisions and see where this twisted tale leads me. But before I do I want to leave you with a question; have you ever made a decision you thought was bad that turned out to be good? Let me know in the comment box below and as always stay, and play safe.


The Honest Bitch 

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