Saturday, 13 December 2014


I’m going to do something that I would never recommend anybody in their right mind do. I’m going to tell Mr. Block I’m a blogger. I do have a reason for doing it, however, I’m pretty sure my self-rationalisation is utter bullshit and the true reason is sabotage.  

My thought is if I can be completely honest with him from the start about my blogging, and he can accept it, I should be able to overlook the age thing. The problem being he won’t be able to accept it, no guy can, so this is just my way of writing him off without having to be the bad guy or looking petty because I can’t get over the fact he’s a crummy 7 days my junior.

Admittedly the age thing isn’t my only problem with Mr. Block so I could justify fleeing the situation, however, I was willing to overlook them and give him a chance before I found out he was a child, so surely if I flee now, there really is no saving face.

I know this whole thing sounds crazy, but deep down aren’t we all a little crazy? I’m just more upfront about my craziness than most. I also know what I’m doing couldn’t possibly end well for me, but I guess if I’m going to go down, I may as well go down in flames.

Anyways, my dears, I’m going to go and watch the world burn, but before I do, I shall leave you with this question; what little thing flips your crazy switch on? Let me know in the comment box below. And as always stay and play safe.

The Honest Bitch 

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  1. :DD love it coz n one gets other crazies n accuses like....wtfff just got into her???:PPP

    -exes who come up out of nowhere! it just makes me nuts!!!wtffff are they thinking????why do they even think there s any point talkin to me after 2 years silence??? like just a girl who never talks to her exes, few words mumbling maybe but thats already inconvininient....i mean like....if they didnt have any business with me before then whats up now??:SSS

    other thing. people who are soooo stupid they dont even realise their own stupidity. it might drive nuts anyone though i guess:PP

    superneat people who think everything should be in order, in plan, etc.... oh and surely, shoes ought to be lined.:PP:D

    guys who beg money from women. it just doesnt feel right....... playing on the empathy button:SSS

    real jerks in public. who enjoy being rude to girls n acting like *ssholes.....

    spitting on street in front of me. not crazy but....surely a biiiiig turnoff

    oh yeah. smokers:P

    and people who talk to me as if i were stupid....when in reality i just dont wanna talk to them...or whatever it is that they want:SS uhhh

    ---hope i got ur question right!!!!:DD