Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Great Escape

I escaped and sadly there was no pink bus, or pink train or pink plane involved, actually I was involved very little in the actual maybe the title should be “I’ve been freed!”

What actually happened is I had a conversation with the job centre and the woman was asking about my hours and what I had been doing at this place. I told her I was working 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and that I hadn’t been doing much, apart from typing some stuff up word for word. When she heard that she was instantly unhappy. I thought I was unhappy she raised the bar.

She then asked me to speak to a manager who asked me the same questions and she wasn’t happy either, she was also a little frustrated by the fact the company I was working for and the company on their records wasn't the same. She then passed me on to another guy, who took some details and explained to me what they were told I’d be doing and what I was actually doing weren’t in line so he was pulling me from the placement, I wasn’t to go back and he’d deal with them. My hero J Shame he wasn’t wearing pink.

I’m strangely in two minds about this; I hated the “job” with a passion. I was pretty much doing busy work the whole time and there wasn’t even much of that to do. I enjoy being busy at work, a love a challenge, I love dealing with people, that’s why I’ve done so well in my past jobs. But this job has been the complete opposite. And in all honesty it was slowly destroying my soul....If I have may have been removed to make room for more sarcasm.

But on the other hand, I loved the people, they were fantastic. They were all creative which is always a huge bonus, we had acting, music, photography, throw in my writing and we had it all pretty much covered. They were an awesome group of people. (And I’m not just saying that because they may or may not be reading my blog)

Even the managers weren’t bad; they all seemed nice and approachable. My problem was purely the job or lack thereof.

I’m going to miss the people; the job on the other hand can suck my.......big toe. And then pay me £1000 because apparently that’s the going rate (never job search on Craigslist).

Since there isn’t really a question in this blog, let me know the strangest thing you’ve come across on
Craigslist. And as always stay and play safe.


The Honest Bitch

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