Sunday 21 April 2013

Honest Reaction

I wasn’t going to post a blog today because in the wee hours of the morning my beloved Toronto Leafs clinched a playoff spot for the first time in 9 years. As far as I’m concerned today is a holiday......and possibly a sign of the apocalypse.

But then Mr. X announced over Facebook he’s engaged! In my opinion that calls for a blog.....and tequila not necessarily in that order. Hell I promise not in the order J

My initial reaction was lovely, I said to my friend “I wish them the best; I hope they’re blissfully married for 40 years” it didn’t stay lovely though, I followed that up with “then she runs off with the pool boy, breaking his fucking heart into millions of tiny pieces.” To quote myself exactly I followed that with “cheers”.

I never claimed to be nice, I’m making that clear but I’m honest. And my honest feeling is I hope she emotionally fucks him, the way he fucked me.

I know you’re not meant to say that out loud, I’m sorry but that’s how I feel. I don’t wish him any actual harm, mainly because that shit heals. I want something emotional that way every time he thinks he’s fine, some fucker can pull that scab off and bring it all back up to the surface again.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some drinking to do, like I said my team made the playoffs and Mr. X is engaged, I’m pretty sure the apocalypse is coming. 


  1. Drink more .. it will make you feel better, at least until tmrw.
    As for her breaking his heart, he would need to actually love her, which I don't think he does. Plus he is not even being honest with her - I doubt that she really knows the kind of guy he really is, so altogether, you don;t have to worry. They wll both have a pretty miserable and boring life, if that' what you want :)

    1. I like you, hell I like anyone who suggests drinking more :-) And if I keep hangover lol

      You're right, I don't want that at all, they're welcome to that boring married life. I'll keep my single, care free one :-) with awesome friends both online and off

  2. Actually, I'm blissfully happy.
    She knows what I'm like and has tamed me in a way that makes me a better person.

    1. You do know that tamed and happy don't belong in the same paragraph, right? As for the blissfully happy, I don't believe a word of it. Sorry. Not saying you are a liar. You might want to think that now you are tamed and blissfully happy, but if you really were, you wouldn't have felt the need to justify yourself. Hell you shouldn't have been reading this post at all. You should be busy being blissfully busy with your fiancee.

    2. I'd respond to each point but I'm too busy being blissfully happy with my fiancée in my newly tamed state.

    3. Again, I want to believe you dude, but you making it so hard for me. Between the fact that you are still reading her blog, and the fact that you replied to my comments, especially to this last one, all you are showing to me me is that you are trying too hard to convince me that you are blissfully happy when all you should be busy doing is focusing on your relationship and your engagement. Instead you are still reading her blog ... The day you really stop caring, you will stop reading. That's how I see things.

      And I am not sure what points you are talking about. I didn't really ask any question for you to answer to. So to be honest, I am just not sure what was the point of your reply.