Friday, 12 April 2013

2nd Enigma

Why do women get mad when men don’t notice they’ve had their hair done? 

Thoughts:  Women take great pride in their appearance. You only have to look at the effort they make in
comparison to men. As if to prove the point, every item of clothing I am wearing as I type this was the thing that was on top in each respective drawer. Between that, deodorant, aftershave and a touch of gel, I, like most men, have made an effort about as sophisticated as a crayon. Whereas a women does her hair, puts on various kinds of make up, tights over shaved legs and then walk on shoes with stilts attached at the back. It is a daily masterpiece that shouldn't look out of place on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel!

This is why I think a woman gets angry when we don't notice that she has had her hair done. It is her art, her work, her passion and we have been apathetic about it. It is like seeing the Mona Lisa and then sneezing on it. While Da Vinci was there. And he had just finished it. It is a royal kick in the teeth.

You see, women look good for three people. Other women, because it is a competition, sometimes friendly, sometimes vicious. They will notice that a woman has had her hair done because they know it is important. Then there is themselves. A woman takes pride in her appearance, something that men increasingly embrace but irritatingly to excessive levels. And indeed, men are the third group. Yet this shift from obsession with sports and beer to hair products and clothing labels hasn't taught us men an appreciation for the vanity game.

Women seem to think we should be more aesthetically savvy but we're not. That is why they get irritated more and more. They think we should know by now. That we should appreciate their effort to impress. So why do they get angry? Because they have forgotten that men are not that fussed about a woman's hair. After all, the question "Are you shaved?" isn't asked because every man is after Sinead O'Connor. You get me? (By Joel Sparks) 

Reality: There are a few reason why we get mad when you don’t notice we’ve had our hair done. The first being we assume you haven’t notice because you’re not paying attention to us. In our minds it’s hard to understand how it’s possible not to notice our hair is a different colour or that it’s 6 inches shorter. I mean if something was 6 inches shorter on your body I think we’d notice.

The second reason we get mad is because we partly do it for you! We don’t roll out of bed looking this way. It takes time and effort.  And when you don’t notice it feels like that time and effort was wasted. I swear the reason women post so many self pics to Facebook is because they spent 4 hours getting ready (hair, makeup, waxing, creams, sprays, lotions) and their other half barely looked up from the TV, so they settle for thumbs ups and comments from jealous women and horny men.

The third and final reason we get mad is, it’s not cheap. The average cost of a women’s hair cut is $45 and for some reason there is no exchange rate because in the UK the average price is £45. And that’s just to get it cut, if you want it coloured you’re talking a 100+. How would you like to spend over $100 on something that's attached to you and have nobody notice? That’s not a great feeling.  (By The Honest Bitch)

Enigma?: Apparently not, men seem to understand women on this one. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not about to change but at least they seem to understand what the fuss is about. Which I have to admit, I didn't think they would

So once again no enigma here, men do understand why women get angry when they fail to notice their hair. 

(I’m sorry for the delay in posting this installment of The Enigma Project, hit the link to check out the project so far. Also be sure to check out my writing partner’s (Joel Sparks) blog. Keep those questions coming in and thanks for reading)


  1. I got to say, I still don't get it. If I spend 100 on something to make me feel better about how I look, so long as I am happy with it, I could care less if others notice.

    1. What if you dyed you purple and your husband didn't notice? Wouldn't you be a little pissed?

      Money is the smallest of all the reasons, but it's still a reason. It's a lot of time, effort and money for your loved one to not notice.

      Yes we do it partly for us but it always feels better when someone else notices. You can say "damn, I look hot" when you look in the mirror but when someone else says it you got to admit you it feels better.

    2. He never noticed when I got my tongue pierced, I was talking with a heavy lisp. Believe me he would not notice if I dyed my hair like a rainbow. He's just not observant like that. But if someone pissed me off three hours before he'll know. Amazingly enough the "spidery sense" does not work when I am pissed at him.

  2. Men seem to tell me I look good when I haven't done anything different. When I have done something special-and feel like I look amazing-no one notices.

  3. I might be weird but I just do it for myself. But if a guy doesn't notice the cute underwear I bought, I want to kill him.