Tuesday 10 January 2012

Predictable Pigs

I was checking my Facebook the other night when I came across the above image. It kind of me laugh so I thought I'd share the humour. I didn't really think about it and went back to chatting.

When I looked back a few minutes later only guys has commented on it and they were all doing the same thing, trying to guess my bra size. My boobs are flattered but I was a little miffed. I have no problems with my boobs being a topic of conversation but I do have an issue with the fact none of the guys were single.

If I were their girlfriends I wouldn't be pleased. It just not an appropriate conversation. It's one thing if their girlfriends were in on the conversation but to randomly start guessing a female bra size, that's not cool.

After I commented trying to blow their comments off as “boys will be boys” they continue to try and guess. I knew what was coming next. I was so sure I even made a comment to my friend Jon that I was waiting for the inevitable inbox message.

And right on schedule there was an inbox message from one of the guys. It was a really sweet message but at the end of the day he has a girlfriend and he shouldn't be hitting on me. Not only does he have a girlfriend but said girlfriend is listed on his Facebook page. I'm not sure why but that makes it worse in my books.

It's just so slimy and not just slimy, predictably slimy.

There's nothing wrong with flirting, it actually has many health benefits but there is a line you need to watch when you're not single. When someone goes to the effort of moving a chat from somewhere public (e.g. Facebook wall) to somewhere private (e.g. inbox) you know his intentions aren't pure.

My biggest problem with the whole thing is how predictable it was. Would it kill someone to be original? Honesty would help too but that's as likely as Pinocchio's penis being longer than his nose. So I'll just settle for original.

Anyways my dears, that's all for now, although there is more to come. As always stay safe.


The Honest Bitch


  1. Guys can honestly be the biggest creeps. I love the bra size chart you have. I was almost falling off my chair laughing.

  2. You realize this is involuntary, right?

    Yeah - I own a car. But I'm going to want to look at other cars, guessing what sort of engine they have. It's just what you do. Tits are the same.

    Unless you friends are blindingly retarded, they were only debating between two cup sizes. If they're trying to add measurement in as well, it's a bit more of a challenge, and likely where the fun lies.

    So yeah. This has nothing to do with dating status. Except that your single guy friends aren't saying anything because they don't want to offend you out of sheer hope you'll one day let them stick it in your butt.

  3. Oh God, boys,...they really are so dumb sometimes,lol

  4. The bra size chart is too funny, but sadly so typical for the guys to respond that way!