Monday 30 January 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

In recent months I've been flirting with a new guy, let's call him Jon. He's not my normal type. For starters he doesn't have any ego issues and he's younger than I am. Normally that would be grounds enough for me to write him off but since he's such a sweetheart I decided despite his age to give him a chance and see what happens.

It's not like the older guy thing has been working out so well for me anyways.

Despite him being a sweetheart a few weeks ago he started blowing hot and cold on me and instead of asking Jon what was up, I decided to fall back on an old habit.

I contacted Mr. X. He's what you'd call a safety net. If things turn bad I can always fall back on him. Sounds horrible I know, but he does the same thing to me. We flirt for a few hours or days (depending how bad the damage is), and once our confidence is fully restored we go on about our lives.

This time was different though, instead of trying and failing to separate him from his clothing, I decided to treat him like a failed science experiment and see what I could learn from him.

Despite the fact I want to strangle him a lot of the time, he's helpful in his own twisted way. He took the time to explain to me why guys blow hot and cold. He wasn't so useful in explaining how to fix the problem though. He suggested murder but blood makes me queasy so that idea went out the window.

I managed to sort the issue without following his bloody advice. I did what I should've done in the start and confronted the guy. But Mr. X gave me a lot to think about. Despite being an ass I'm grateful for his advice and ability to lighten the mood. He may be a jerk but he's proven himself a good ally.

As always stay safe, Love,

The Honest Bitch

PS Just for future reference how would you handle a guy (or girl) that was blowing hot and cold?


  1. Can't decided whether Mr. X is fantastic or an evil bastard

  2. I'm with both of you on that one :-)

  3. I would be cold-hot too with someone giving me that and Mr. X sounds like a good friend.

  4. I'm with you guys I don't know what to make of him. He kinda sounds like a boyfrienemy

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  6. Hey babes,

    Sounds like Mr. X is going to cause you further complications. But, that's just because I can relate. ;)

    Btw..f*ck off your escort spammers in Mumbai!

  7. lol I'm going leave that spam there because you made me laugh.

    Do you know this because you were the Mr. X sort in a past life... of past months as the case may be lol

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