Saturday 10 September 2011

Purity Rings

I recently got into a big debate about purity rings. I’m categorically against them; they’re just a stupid idea that leads to stupid and reckless decisions.

Let me start by saying I have nothing against people who wait to have sex until marriage, I wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it but each to their own. My problem is with that stupid silver ring.

The people who wear these rings make a pledge to God to remain abstinence until they get married. By placing that ring on their finger, they’re attaching a stigma to sex. Which is pretty much the worst thing you can do, these people are too ashamed and guilty to seek advice on sexual health issues.

Furthermore after causing teenagers to feel too ashamed and guiltily to seek advice, these abstinence groups don’t teach anything more than abstinence putting these kids in unnecessary risk for STD’s and pregnancy. Everyone should know about safe sex whether they plan to use that information or not.

Case studies have proven teenagers who wear purity rings are just as likely to have premarital sex as teenagers who don’t, but they’re substantially less likely to wear a condom or use any other type of birth control.

These rings just don’t work and all it does is shame and guilt teens into having unsafe sex.

Unless you accompany a purity ring with a chastity belt it’s not going to stop anyone who having sex. So stop pretending it will. Educate teens so they can make informed and smart decisions. And if they decided to have sex they’ll know how to protect themselves and we won’t have to watch show like “teen mom” and “16 and pregnant” anymore.

One of the other things this person ask is if women for aren’t virgins should wear white. Personally I don’t think the whole wedding party should be able to tell the brides sexual history based on her dress. But that’s just me. The person said it’s like wearing a cap and gown at graduation. You should only wear it if you put the work in. I call bullshit. You stay a virgin or “pure” because its god will not so you can wear white. Plus women will do and wear whatever they want, that’s just a fact of life. There is no point caring if it’s right or wrong because she’s going to do it anyways.

The other issue that came up in this conversation was the idea of born again virgins. This may be the most stupid idea ever, even more stupid then the ring. Dear world, once it’s gone, it’s with it. This is why you should be smart and educated before you start having sex so you don’t became some idiot who thinks they can think back their virginity. News Flash Einstein it’s does work like that. That’s like me saying if I wish real hard I’ll become the tooth fairy.

Anyways I'm off to wish I was the tooth fairy and that Elmo was president of the United States. As always stay and play safe guys.


The Honest Bitch


  1. Big Bird would make a better president

  2. I'm willing to bet that these stupid bitches with purity rings have a shit-ton of butt sex (pun most definitely intended). Because you can "keep your virginity" that way. And they probably get 30% of their protein from blowjobs.

    And as a society, I think we should make a commitment to rape all people who claim to be "Born-Again Virgins." Just to eliminate such ridiculous behavior.

  3. father's give their daughters those rings and their boyfriends take them away.

    As for born again virgins that's just a whole new level of stupid

  4. I always thought the idea of abstinence till marriage to be kind of counter productive. What ends up happening for sincere teens who want to remain abstinent is that sex becomes one of the main reasons they marry this person. Well, once you have sex with this person, then what? What else have you married them for. It may seem silly but hormones blinds a lot. Sex is not the ultimate reason you marry someone. Yet it unconsciously may be if abstinence is one of your de facto priorities. Interesting blog. +1 following

  5. Honestly, I wear a purity ring. I chose it. I asked my parents to get me one. It's so pretty and it says true love waits. Im so happy with it.

    Wen u marry someone, its one of the most special things u do. And u show each other ur love to them by having sex. How bad would it be to know that uve given that love to someone else.

    I think u need to hav a bit of respect for people like me, because we go through a lot of shit like this blog. I mean sexual problems, std, that's so unfair to say that.

  6. I started the blog with and I stand by I have no problem with people who choice to wait . It isn't a choice I've made but each to their own.

    My issue is with the stupid ring. When you make a choice it's a you thing not a ring thing.

    Also I'd like to point out sex and love are two very different things.

  7. People who wear purity rings aren't more likely to get std's and all that. It's al the people who weren't taught about safe sex and std's.

  8. @ "Anonymous"

    Go get your tubes tied already. We don't need anymore ignorant people passing off their sacrimonious beliefs onto their children.

  9. Our choice to be Christians is just that, it's a choice. We also allow our daughters to choose to follow Christ or not. My 10 year old daughter asked me for a purity ring last night and I will give her one for her birthday. She understands about safe sex and abstinence, and she has chosen to be bold in her faith and live as a witness to other girls her age who are under so much pressure to be sexual at very early ages. I am very proud to have a daughter who leads prayer for her classmates and who chooses to follow God's will for her life. She knows what I have personally suffered as a result of my choice to rely on my own strength and understanding, as opposed to trusting and believing in God's perfect plan for my life.
    In my teens and early 20's, I felt exactly the same way that you do. I hated Christians and their silly faith and their purity and everything else they stood for and talked about. It seemed so holier than thou. Now, I am truly a believer, and I would encourage you to start praying for God to move in your heart and for him to teach you the true meaning and depth of His perfect love. His love covers each and every area of your life that you are unhappy with. And His peace surpasses all understanding. LeannHAlabama

  10. Let me quote myself from this very blog "I have nothing against people who wait to have sex until marriage"
    And now let quote the second blog I was forced to write on the subject because people skipped that part
    "My problem is with purity rings, virginity pledges and abstinence only teaching. NOT the actual act of waiting to have sex."
    I don't hate Christians, I was raised going to church every Sunday I hate stupid rings that have proven themselves useless

  11. The real difference in what you are saying versus why we as followers of Jesus teach abstinence is our view of sex. You see sex as a "thing" that two people can do casually. We see sex as a demonstration of love and commitment as the Bible teaches. Have people that have worn promise rings failed? Sure they have. But you shouldn't judge us for wanting to teach abstinence as the only way - that is what we believe. We don't believe that sex should be part of the "try it before you buy it" mentality that you do. That is your opinion and wanted to give you mine.

  12. I'm a born again Christian with a purity ring.

    First, I'm not a retard or have "sexual health issues". I know everything there is to know about it and just because you choose to have a purity ring doesn't mean you're clueless about sex. Obvious youre the cluless one. When our parents give up purity rings OBVIOUSLY they talk about sex. Honestly growing up in a Christian home, it was talked about all the time.

    Its offensive how you act like Christians with purity rings are retarded and don't realize what stds are or you assume if we choose to not have sex we have "sexual health issues"....honestly, do you realize how ridiculous you sound?.. maybe in your Christian home growig up it wasn't talked about but please don't go around saying the rest of our family's don't talk about it, because we do.

    I don't understand why you even care? I like mine because when ever I'm in a tempting situations it reminds me. Plus when I meet a guy, he sees my ring and knows what its for. It filters out all the "players" that try hitting on me. It makes me feel better about myself, gives me a sense of self worth. And last but not least, my mother gave it to me and it has sentimental value.

    I don't understand why you even care? Honestly, if that's their thing, then let them be because I can be the first to tell you, you ain't changing any of our "purity ring wearing christians" mind.

    1. The problem is not everyone has your parents sweetheart, study after study has proven teenagers with these rings are less educated about sexual health then teens who don't wear them and they're actually more likely to have sex. That's a fact not me assuming a damn thing.

      2 other things, there is actual a subset of guy who target girls with those rings, because it's challenge. It doesn't weed out anything and second if you need a ring for a "sense of self worth" you're going to spend a lot of time in therapy as adult

    2. I disagree both of my daughters have purity rings ages 16 and 13, they both know a lot about sex and std's and pregnancy and really want to wait. Not that they will wait til marriage but that is their goal and we talk about it often. I believe that communication is very important and I know that the ring is a reminder to them of their purity and their faith in God when temptation comes. I on the other hand had great parents but they did not educate me and my 4 sisters about sex very much nor did they introduce us to purity rings. All of us were sexually active at a very young age. I contracted an std and 3 of my sisters became pregnant as teens. I love my parents very much and I know that they did the best that they knew but I try to counsel and guide my daughters in a way that I wish that I would have been guided. When they have a question about sex. I take them to God's Word. It is not the ring that keeps you pure it is what you believe and if you believe it in your heart and soul, it won't matter who tries to challenge you or tempt you. Your faith will be strong enough that no temptation can challenge it